~ afternoon tea at the fish house ~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
      Hello everyone! I hope all has been well! Recently, I had afternoon tea at the Fish House in Stanley Park. We got a seat by the fireplace but I would have (and always) preferred a window seat!

~ The Fish House ~

I know it may look a bit gross now because spring hasn't set in but trust me, it's lovely here when the weather is more pleasant!

The enterance!

~ The set up ~
The afternoon tea menu! I chose the Imperial Oolong  =)

The teapot was *heavy* terra cotta pots!

A peek at the leaves! The tea wasn't bad, but I can't compare since Im no tea expert and I usually drink Earl Grey.

~ The Three Tiers ~

~ Finger Sandwiches ~

Cucumber with cream cheese, salmon swirl, ham salad and egg salad pinwheels! Nothing new but they all tasted very nice =) though I always wish they'd put more cucumbers into the cucumber sandwiches!

~ The scones ~
Currant scones! This was my first time eating currant scones! Honestly, I usually like anything currant flavored but I just could not taste it in these scones!

~ Sweets !

Lemon tarts, raspberry mousse cake, and I can't remember what that other thing was, but I do remember.....I didn't like it too much lol The lemon tarts here were delish!

As mentioned before, I came on a gloomy day but Im sure it would be lovely on a nice day! I might even pop back to have lunch here on the patio when it gets warmer!

       I wish it would get warmer sooner! I don't mind the cold but lately it's been really windy and rainy, more than my poor umbrella can bear! I don't mind the rain so much but my umbrella is taking a beating lately! (and yes I am super paranoid about it flipping on me in public!) 

Till next time!
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  1. okay i have got to try high-tea-ing this summer! you make it look so good!
    did a bit of reserch and Toronto only has a view places (hotels) that does tea time. boooo

  2. This really reminds of the Princess Cruise trip a had in Jan. They had a tea time too and had these really nice setting like the three tiers!! I miss my cruise trip...

  3. Your outfit looks very nice and chic. and the pastries and fingerfood looks tooo adorable to eat...

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    follow me if you like my blog and i'll do the same~~~

    btw i luv your blog its soo girly and cute~~~

  4. I love your outfit and the food looks delish! I want to try it. I've always wanted to try a whole afternoon tea experience. I'm just not very familiar with the good places to visit.

  5. Well first of all, I am glad to see you back and thanks for visiting my blog ^^
    You know, I also use Shiseido toner and just finished the bottle :) I love Shiseido!
    Do you think boyfriends making trouble are not so bad? Cuz we can get gifts after all! lol

    You found another afternoon tea place! Those little treats look sooo teasing >,.< And the pots are cute!
    I really hope to be able to go to Vancity with my girlfriends for one of those places.
    And I really like your outfit, you always look so pretty :)

  6. I'm always envious of you and your tea time! You're bf is such a sweetheart!! He goes to have tea with youuuuu <3

    I saw parts of your nails in one of the pics, so cute! I think it's lace? Love love love, did you do it yourself?

  7. Those high waist short look great on you! I was looking at the same pair earlier today...Haha. Gotta wait to lose some pudge ~ That place looks so amazing! I cannot stress how bad I want to go to a place like that...I think I'm gonna go on a mission now to find one. Maybe in D.C.!

  8. Hi suki!

    Haha! I know! My darling sometimes just shoots pictures without paying attention! Especially when he is hungry. LoL

    We don't arrange foods on tiers in Japan, but it looks gorgeous in that way!!! I know some hotel does that but pretty expensive...

    How many tea places are there around in your place?! I have seen more than 3 till now. hehe

  9. Oooh I think I might try to recreate some of those sandwiches. They look so good. And at this rate, I'm never going to be able to go to the tea place downtown. Okay! That will be my goal for this quarter! I will visit that high tea place before my school quarter ends. It's the only one in town, so I hope it's good.

    Well, I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the pictures. And thank you for the replies to my comments. I really do enjoy them. And thank you for visiting my blog too! ^__^

  10. that all looks really delicious! hope you had a nice day :D

  11. For me this film was also good;) I learnt for biology, and to the school and this way I am not going, because I am ill: (

    Jami! this food looks splendidly!
    Sorry, my English is weak :(

  12. you are so thin!!! or should I say slender! lucky :P
    btw i love those pictures. and i really want to go to that place. >< tea and cute desserts. what more could you ask for? hehe
    and my slr is a lumix df1. there's a df2 out now that i would recommend more ><

  13. Wow nicE! i like !!

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  14. Heey Suki! I love your outfit of the day! & also love Zara! =D yummy delicious food again! =D it looks very tasty! here we have also high-tea (in hotels) but i havent try it yet! i like to drink tea! but i'm not a big fan of too much sweet food XD wahha! but a friend of me is going to invite me for a high-tea noon in May because of her birthday!^^ i'm looking forward to your next tea time! =D and ohh don't forget to pay for parking next time! =P wehehe

    Your boyfriend just born in Vietnam? or he's Vietnamese? =) i guess love springrolls the most of all the Vietnamese food waha! Pho is also nice! but since i have a allergic for cow i haven't eat it anymore XD but most of the time i just eat the noodles with chicken instead XD wahaha bom bom noodles whaha you are so funny! XD but i know which one you mean! =D yeahh lots of restaurant here looks very nice! my family got a Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto! But Vietnamese food isnt very popular here XD SUSHI! that's the most popular food here right now! we've got so much sushi restaurants here! all opened by Chinese people! i will make some pics next time! =D we have also ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi restaurants here! so you just need to pay 25 euros which is about 35 Canadian dollar (waha yes i converted the euro in dollar for you XD wahahha) and then you can eaT so much as you can wahah!

    Btw I haven't seen any photo yet of you and your boyfriend TOGETHER in 1 photo! =P I've been already 4.5 year with boyfriend now =) in september is our 5th anniversary how about you and your boyfriend? =D how old are you actually? i'm 22 XD

    And omg yess i also hate too pinching shoes! and yes everyone got its own priorities and my priority is CLOTHES XD mostly i will spend my money more on clothes than on HelloKitty wahahaha! What are you studying actually? =) xoxo

  15. WAHHAHA omg my comment is superrrr LONG! XD

  16. Your outfit is so cute :) and the food looks so yummy. I would like to have tea time but I don't really like tea :P

  17. i heart your outfit sukii (: great idea though dragging bf to tea...i think i will try it haha~ but @ least he can take good pictures of you~ omgsh when i ask my bf to take a pic of me he doesn't know how -.-

  18. @ Suki Pooki: I really want 2 dress like them 2~ but i love slp too much~ hahha dont hv time !

    OOO no yesterday I was just talking abt dieting with my co workers... n now i see all this food.. ahhh * drool* =P Diet is such a pain in ass...

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
    *deco mirror giveaway ends soon*

  19. I love your outfit! especially the high waist shorts ... they're so miltary-style :) and teh top is adorable!
    looks all so delicious ... I wanna be there :D <3

  20. omgoshh that Afternoon tea looks so NOM NOM NOM!! LOL .. I must go find this place and try it out sometime!! Thanks for the post & for leaving a comment on my blog ^__________^" ♥

  21. That really looks delicious =D i'm sure that you had a great time ^^

  22. Hello stalker! jk jk! :P

    Fish house does tea too!??! Man, so many places around town do tea and i never even knew this... and it's quite shameful since i used to be in the Tourism industry. Hahaha!

    Ohohohhh guess what I found out today? You might know this already but i found out that when people clean the tea cups at places that do high tea, they don't clean them with soap! They just wash them in scalding hot water but that's it... because the soap changes the taste of the teas!!! Anyway, if you didn't know, now you know... and i hope you're not a germophobe like I am. hahaha! Oh well, as long as the water is hot hot hot, i'm okay with it being cleaned w/o soap.

  23. teehee, tea time! Love the pictures =]

    Thank you for commenting on one of my blog post. I used to work at Hollister. I wear from Abercrombie kids to Hollister to Abercrombie & Fitch and although they are all part of the Abercrombie company, the store "Abercrombie" have better fabric quality... at least from what I noticed. I still wear Abercrombie kids c[= They really should open an A&F over there! Or at least have free shipping or something. I just recently splurge on A*F website last week. lol. Teddy used to hate taking pictures but I don't know why he wanted to be in it that day. lol

  24. i love your blog :D good job in dragging ur bf to tea :D im following u now :D ^^

    come by and visit me? im holding my first giveaway as well


  25. Love your outfit! Your babydoll top is cute :D Wow, this place looks fancy! I've only tried raisin scones before but I've never touched currant scones. They look yummy. But honestly, I'm kinda sick of scones these days :P There's a reason to that. There was this time where my mom was in love with scones, she was just crazy about it. She tried recipes after recipes and she made a thousand batches! So my sister and I ate and ate and ate till we got really sick of it! Can't wait to see your next tea post, you give really good reviews :D The pics are lovely, as usual ;)

    I think 83%'s a good score too but it's kinda average because the passing mark is 80%. But I'm happy with my marks so far :) You look like someone who scores high marks to me :)

  26. u look good in that high waisted shorts! i bought a brown leathered 1 whilst back home in s'pore holidaying, n i love it heaps:) i can c y u'd rather a seat by the window! it's glass windows yeh?the view outside must look v gd with all that blossoming flowers. did that sushi-like sandwich taste gd?it stands out quite abit on that tiered platter. i not only wish they'll b more generous with the cucumber slices; i wish they'd have 3 tiers of finger sandwiches of various other fillings! hehe~ but i guess that wouldnt b considered as authentic aftn tea? >_<

    (p.s. my umbrella flipped on me in public n it was really embarassing! so i can understand that paranoia u've got. haha~)

    oh n thanks dear for catching up on my bulk updates! i replied to some on my blog n will do the rest later on:) thanks for ur unwavering support all this while too, it really means alot to me too :)

    signed with love,

  27. You can pull the high waisted really well! Very adorable :) I heard the Fish House in Stanley Park is a great restaurant. My friend's been wanting to work there for a while now!

    I really like the teapot and the desserts looked delicious. I'm not much of a scone person so that didn't appeal to me. hahaha. But the sandwiches made me drool :)

    I'm sure your bf love being drag out for tea time!

    About your nails, I know what you mean about loving your nails :) It was hard to go back to regular nails for me too. I liked have pretty nails w/out all the hassle.

    You can always think of it this way, you can still get a manicure to maintain their look and health. With the bare nails, you can try out new nail colors and even deco your own nails.

    You get to be creative and still have pretty nails w/out going broke.

    Oh and if you use Witchcraft nail hardener, your soft nails will not break ^-^

  28. another high tea outing!! i wish i could go with you! my bf would totally be dragged into a situation like this lol. i love the foods on tiers!! maybe i need to get one for my future house LOL

  29. i could chow down on those finger sandwiches in just a few seconds!!

  30. You and your boyfriend are so cute having tea together :3!! I wonder if there is a place like that around here. I'm not a huge fan of tea but it looks fun drinking tea and eating those small yummies~

  31. Hey Suki :) What a beautiful high tea meal! :D I love anything w/currants too! The place just looks so pretty and exclusive and full of nice little desserts :)

  32. the pictures are amazing!

    the cakes *_* delicious :D


  33. Hi Suki Pooki :) You're the sweetest for leaving that comment on my blog. It means a ton to me and it's very inspiring. You have such a cute pink dessert filled blog with great pictures! Those lemon tarts look delicious. I've never been to a tea house, but I like tea lots, particularly jasmine tea. Mmmmmm.

  34. I love the terra cotta pots! And those bite-sized desserts are making me drool.
    You look good in those high-waisted shorts. Hehe my bf isn't very good at taking photos of me either. Some of his angles make me look like I have things growing out of my head!
    You've a very cute blog, by the way :)

  35. This reminds me of the Afternoon Tea places in Japan that I was obsessssssed with haha. I love your blog, it's lovely. Can you please check out mine when u have a moment? It's a makeup blog <3


  36. Thanks again for your lovely comment, i like your outfit on this post too <3

    hmm You live so far , or else we could be good friends =p


  37. What a verryyy nice place to go!!
    And I adore the food and sweets. Aahh.. they're too lovely to be eaten!!

    Dreamy Princess

  38. hihi!!
    i finally have time to blog after coming back!! i like ur outfit! :) ur lucky u look good in baby pink!! i dont look too good in baby pink... thinking about it. i dont think i own anything baby pink? i have darker pinks though~~ and i cant wait till summer comes! then i can wear dresses and shorts and tshirts :) but its warming up A LOT here! i hope its warming up in vancouver too for u!
    My parents might come down to visit me in June and we might make a small trip to Vancouver.. coz she wants to get some chinese pastries for my brother's wedding haha... (its just an excuse for her to go there and shop haha) i am looking forward to it! coz vancouver has such great food!!!!!!!!!!
    I never had a chance to ask u... are you chinese? coz i remember reading one of ur posts where you posted ur real name.. and i think i remmeber ur last name was yip? so i kept assuming u were chinese :P
    j and i actually met in Calgary (my home) and we moved to BC together.. so whenever we go back home.. we just live at our own parent's house.. and rarely see each other when we go back hahaha coz he usually has gatherings with his friends and family... and i have my own :P its a good little break for us haha :)
    well i hope u have a good day!!
    i have updated my blog... please check it out when you have time keke :) THANKS~!

  39. This is one of my favourite tea places of yours. Everything looks SOOOO good. The three tiers is to die for, okay? Esp the tarts and cakes...Ah you are making me want to go to Vancouver even more!! >< That looks like such an amazing place, (and of course because you have great company too :)) I think it looks amazing even in a raining day! Is it far from the city??

  40. Sukisukisuuuki! I did it!! I had SUCH a great time having Afternoon Tea... if it wasn't so expensive, i'd probably go every weekend. haha! Check it out on my latest blog post! :D

  41. I tag you: http://bit.ly/hmerDL
    hope you enjoy it(:

    Dreamy Princess

  42. Aw... you look just fine in your outfit post and I didn’t notice the hanging plant till you mentioned. I love high tea. All the food looks scrumptious and exquisite on the 3 tiers set. I feel like eating scones now. The place looks lovely, not gross at all. I can imagine how beautiful it’ll look in Spring. I would always imagine such fine tea as a get together with the girls so it’s really cute that you’re having it with your boyfriend. I may pop by here more often coz your blog looks saccharine sweet.