~ Klip & WE Coffee ~

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
          Hi everyone! I hope you've all been doing well! It's paper churning week with exams coming right after that so Im afraid my posts might be short/boring/ not updated very often LOL But I will try! In the Asian community there is a coupon book called Klip, it is handed out around the malls and stores in Richmond, but I usually get mines from Daiso, it's updated monthly and features restaurants, salons and other various things with discounts etc.

~ Klip ~

I love Klip! It features many restaurants/cafes/salons, some new goodies and some old goodies, it even has nail salons with some coupons attached! So I spotted a nice lil cafe I wanted to try.

~ WE Coffee ~

Menus! WE has a very classy, sleek white and black look. Despite it's interior design it's actually quite a grab-and-go place too, when you walk in the counter is right there.

Hmm what to eat?

Matcha Latte! This was fabulous! It was nice and creamy and sweet.

Strawberry waffles with ice cream and custard! Yum! This was a half order and I think the full order would've been four waffles instead of two with more ice cream etc.! This was my breakfast that day hahahaha =P Sorry for the poor lighting in these photos ><

Ham (or was it Turkey) Panini with Salad, the salad wasn't bad and had a very savory taste to it but there wasn't enough meat in the panini (one SLICE of ham/turkey only!)

          Overall the cafe was very nice! I wouldn't mind coming here with girlfriends to just grab a drink or  snack to go =) Here's their website! Yes I know, it's only a facebook page LOL But it was the only thing I could find, if you google WE coffee you will find their cafe being reviewed on various sites like Yelp! In case anyone is wondering, I refuse to convert into a foodie even if I show lots of restaurants and food on my blog!

Till next time!
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  1. ooh I'm first!

    I LOVE Klip too! It's awesome for discovering Asian restaurants and food places. hahaha.

    I also discovered WE coffee a while back and their drinks really were yummy. I didn't try their food though so I'll prolly order a waffle there next time.

    And thank you for the blog award!^-^ I always love your blog awards as your 7 random things really were random. hahaha.

    I can't believe you turn the dreaded time of the month into something as cute as strawberry. ROFL! I don't think I can ever call mine anything but "drug induced" t.o.m.

    Laser hair removal is something I wanna do too^-^ I hate waxing every month =.=

    Good luck on your essay! lol, I'm so amaze that you finish them so ahead of time. I also replied to your freelancing question below your comment too^-^

    p.s. You're look too adorable in the pic above!

  2. I like free magz too. hehehe.. They're free and very informative(:

    I love WE coffee! Seems like a cozy place and the food are also tempting..

    Haha.. so funny that you call your period-> strawberry. Maybe I can try to call it like that so males won't notice anything xp

    I hate chang my bedsheet too. It's so tiringg...@,@

    Thanks for the award, Suki!(:

    P.S: You look lovely in the pic, and I adore your hair!!

    Dreamy Princess

  3. I come across your blog and I LOVE it..pink..refreshing to my eye:) goodluck!


  4. oh em gee... FOOD PORN! Love it =]

    I was going to put up an A&F haul that I received last week and purchased yesterday BUT I think I should just hold it off now. lol. I'm going to make you to temp to buy more! They are having a 50% off on their sale items and 30% off on dresses for both kids and fitch. Just letting you know so maybe you can order it online (I think they give you the discount at checkout) and I'm pretty sure you mentioned there is an Abercrombie kids store there. Luckily, I still fit in kids and some of the items, I prefer at kids then Fitch 'cause their dresses got pockets but if the length is too short then I just go for Fitch.

  5. Don't you hate that when the lighting is so horrible in a place and you need a photo for blogging. :C It's 2AM here and with all these food photos, you're making me hungry. = n="

    OMG, I hate that with any store, where the sales clerk follows you. I rarely walk into Sephora now when it's empty, it's so awkward.

    I think your photos are the perfect size. I actually dislike it when blogs have huge photos, takes forever to load. :C

    And thank you for the award. n____n

  6. thank you for the award sweetie =D i have received this one a while back, so i won't post about that on my blog anymore. but i will add your name to it ^^ ! x.

  7. Oooh the matcha latte is so pretty! They made it look like a flower! :D
    And girl..I understand that shopping habit. It's so hard to stop altogether! Lol
    I think the picture sizes are fine the way they are :)

  8. the food looks yummmmmy!!!
    im your new follower hoping to be followed back by you :)
    and dont forget to enter my international giveaway

  9. I love matcha! Oh now you’re making me crave for matcha. *pouts*

    Referring to the red tide as strawberry makes it sound so cute and a lot more pleasant to tide over.

    I hate changing bedsheets due to the heavy pocketed spring matress too. And yes, I’ll often break a nail or something.

    I usually prefer bigger pictures. Big as in same width as the main body text of the blog. I’m not so sure if you know what I mean. I think it looks more pleasing to the eye and also bigger pictures means better for us inquisitive folks to snoop around and scrutinise the pictures. Hehe.. Ok maybe good for the readers but not the blogger.

    Thank you for your long and sincere comment on my blog. =D
    flower for you @>---

    Hope we could continue to keep in touch. As for now, I’m hitting the follow button coz it makes it easier for me to come back for more. =D

  10. Congrats! The latte looks so yummy. I never had matcha before but I want to try it out. The food looks so yummy and pretty :)

  11. Agree with 5 and 6! lol. Changing the best sheets is a pain!

    The food looks lush aswell btw :o Making me hungryyy >.<


  12. Hi Suki,

    Klip sounds interesting!!! And I just went to their company site (Loopp) and found it's published by Japanese. Very interesting!

    Haha! Lighting for your bf looks perfect! This happens to us once in a while, too, so don't worry. Sometimes we shift the seats when it happens. BUT when one side is sofa, we don't :P

    Thanks for posting the award!!!

    Why time of the month "strawberry"? That's why you have a lot of strawberries on your blog design ;)

  13. Hi suki again,

    The size of the photo, I prefer them way they are. I usually see posts with my phone, so if they are too big, I can't view them all. But I can view them with my PC, so it's not a big deal though.

  14. Soooo... I just had a huge dinner. I am super full. Like, my stomach has gotten at least 6 feet bigger. Yet, albeit all this, this post definitely succeeded in MAKING ME SO HUNGRY GAH. Haha. All of these photos coupled with your words = ahhhhh.

    And I'm loving your facts, haha. The first one especially made me giggle! "Strawberry" - what a wonderfully optomistic word haha.


  15. Oh that looks like a restaurant i would want to try. Looks so comfy and that greentea matcha looks YUM!
    Also congrats on the award!

    Yeah i'm always on the lookout for more face products, never satisfied.
    No i never tried the dior one, tell me how it goes. What are you using right now? i need suggestions haha. I think asain brand works the best on me so far.

    Oh the H2o peel is pretty good. It's just a clear runny liquid that comes out and you apply it all over your face. after that you just put on your normal night moisturizer. It says it helps with acne, and in a way it kinda works!

    still no afternoon tea time for me yet :(

  16. The matcha latte looks yummy!

  17. i never had macha latte b4, this one looks yummy!

  18. YUM! that matcha latte looks really good :)! and this place looks so nice! you're so lucky your bf takes you to all these places! hehe

    and thanks for the award missy! i love your blog too!

  19. Hellooo Suki!
    Omg i'm so busy with school almost exams -_-'' got to study XD omg the restaurant and food looks very nice! =D thankyou for the blogaward! =D

    ahhw and so sweet of you that you hope that me and my bf will end up marrying eachother =) it’s not weird that you are saying that don’t worry=P waha cuz we already have plans to marry in the future after graduating and after a couple years of working =) and you? You and your bf are also a sweet couple! =D so your bf speaks Vietnamese? =) and you?=P do you have learned some Vietnamese from him? ^^

    That building of my last picture is a normal apartment I guess =P but I thought no one is living there anymore, or maybe they use it as an office uhh I don’t know actually wahah! I will try to tie my hair up for you next time =) so u can see how it looks like XD I’m studying Sinology btw=P it’s fully focused on China like the economy, politics, languages etc =) and I’ve got a minor business administration. Art history sounds interesting! =D I’m bad in history XD wahah xoxo

  20. really? strawberry? why? or u think it's just cute?! XD haha

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
    giveaway ends tmr~

  21. the latte looks so pretty! *u* and your strawberry dish too ;A; now I'm really hungry! <3 you and your bf look super cute together, you two stay happy and in love!

  22. That green tea latte looks yummy! was the diner expensive? oooooh gosh i'm gettin hungry right nowww T___T

  23. Oh. My. That Matcha Latte looks soooooo delicious. I really like the pink/blush colored top/cardigan you're wearing! Personally, I like huge pictures :)

  24. the food looks great!

    nyc hotel prices are pretty pricy, personally i'm too scared to stay in cheaper areas that i'm not farmiliar with like queens (more so because i was planning on staying out late too) that also have higher crime rates. booking through an asian agency, they have the best deals (better than online!). hope you have a great time if you decide to go to nyc (:

  25. ;O oh cool i just noticed that your vancouver too! yay! lol

  26. ok im really upset!
    theres obviously something wrong with me and u :( i wrote u a long msg again and i got error when i pressed post comment :(
    maybe it took me too long to write it? and it kicked me out??? i dunnoo!! but ahhhhh :( so sad so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyways... gotta think about what i wrote again haha

    matcha latte! i never had one before... but i always wanted to try.. so i bought a box of those instant ones from T&T.. i havent tried it yet though! hopefully it tastes good.. but bf said he will drink it if i dont like it.. coz he drinks and eats almost everything haha :P

    the tokidoki lip balm is a waste of money actually! its just REALLY cute! but its the exact same formula as the nivea strawberry lip balm... they smell exactly the same haha and kinda look the same... cept the color is a bit different... i'll prob do a comparison review on my blog soon :P when im less lazy!

    and thanks for the tag!! i will prob do it later after my lazy phase at the moment..

    i heard about those tea MBD masks! they look very interesting! they have ice cream ones too haha~ i like doing masks.. but im always too forgetful and dont remember to do it after my shower! and once i put on moisturizer and everything i dont want to do it anymore.. but i probably should do them more often coz my skin is getting a bit ewwy

    actually j and i didnt purposely move in together... its just coz we both got a job here.. and we were gonna rent 2 apartment units (coz our parents dont want us to till we're married) but coz we were unable to rent 2 units... and rent is a lot cheaper if we shared.. so thats how we ended up living together... and it took our parents a while to accept it... but yea.. thats how it happened hahaha and wedding?? HAHA not yet!! prob not till another 2 years or so...
    how long have u and ur bf been dating??
    j doesnt mind marriage... he just wnats everything to be perfect before it happens... like... having money for a house... and a steady job... which i totally agree :)

    and yes u do look chinese!! i always assumed u were coz you look like u are! :)

    well.. hope u have a good weekend :) ttyl

  27. lovely blog i am following

  28. Oooh~ Congrats on getting the award! I think you totally deserve it! In fact I went through other blogs you gave the award to and even subscribed to some of them ~.~
    You often go somewhere with your boyfriend - that's so awesome!
    Again I here in Nanaimo is nowhere to go really haha
    I like Klip too! But unfortunately its only useful in Vancouver, so I threw tha issues I had.
    I will probably visit Vancity next month or even this month, all depends of when the semester will be over... (my school is on strike lol)
    Again thanks for reading my blog, with you I dont feel so lonely haha

  29. Hi Suki, can you recommend a good tea place for me to try? Somewhere affordable too. :) Thanks!

  30. Thank you so much for the award!! :D

    haha you're so cute calling that time of the month as strawberry :P I'm having my strawberry right now and it's definitely not enjoying :(

  31. Big pictures! How did you come up with using the term "strawberry?" It's way more pleasant that way haha.

  32. the food looks so yummie! And I saw a picture of you in your post and I think you are pretty.

    xoxo http://lovesljd.blogspot.com

  33. Congrats on the award~ the café looks lovely and the food looks even lovelier x3 I do love coupons and groupons a lot <3 <3

  34. oops! suki!!! i now realized what you mean X( my poor english capacity...

    but everything in strawberry is cute :)

    i love hello kitty with strawberries the best, btw!