~ afternoon tea at wedgewood hotel~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
           I've tried a few tea places during my absence on blogger and the first one I want to share is the afternoon tea at Bacchus in the Wedgewood Hotel. They only offer afternoon tea on the weekends and it was rare for me to be here on a weekend, since Im usually up in the interiors, so I took advantage of my freedom and had tea here the day after my final =) Remember to ask for a window seat when you make reservations!

I completely forgot to take a photo of the restaurant itself, sorry! ><

~ The three tiers ~

When I was taking this photo I thought it looked funny and I realized it was because the size of the plates do not differ that much from one another, so it looks like just three plates of the same size at different levels lol.

 ~ Finger Sandwiches ~

The presentation is a bit plain here but the quality is a bit better than the other places I've tried. There were no surprises and the sandwiches were the normal selection you receive at any other tea place. Cucumber, chicken, shrimp, salmon rolls and tandoori chicken.

~ Sweets ~

The sweets there were very nice, not too sweet in fact. There were lemon chiffon with white chocolate ganache (my friend said it tasted like lemon meringue), English fruit cake, fruit tart and a mini bakewell tart.

~ Scones ~

Scones were served with chocolate eclairs! The scones had raisins in them and were just okay.....and the elairs tasted like the regular frozen ones from the supermarket....sooo disappointed! 

~ Tea and rock sugar ~

The tea was served in a tea press with rock sugar. I personally don't like rock sugar too much because it takes longer to melt in your tea and when the tea is luke warm, it doesn't melt at all! Not to mention, we didn't know how these tea presses worked and my friend pressed her tea so low that her tea became too bitter lol

         Well that's all for now, Im still studying for my two other exams so I probably won't be updating for the next little while again =( 

Thank you so much to those who wished me luck on my exams and leaving me comments!

Till next time ~
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  1. Nice to see you're back! Was just wondering about you awhile ago coz I haven't seen any updates when I was looking through my blogroll. Lol. Good luck on your finals! The nude shade looks good on you. As for me, I miss wearing my red lippies.

    I've seen the quite cute collection. Not too keen about the glosses but I love the lipsticks!

  2. Wow~ another afternoon tea! you seem to be a real fan of them!
    good luck on your last final! I have one tomorrow morning >,.<
    Yes i know that technique, but my nailpolish colors don't suit that style, becasue i don't have any pastel colored or white nail polishes. need to buuuuyy >,.< but thank you !! after finishing finals i will do more difficult designs.

  3. those desserts look so cute and yummy! u look beautiful in that picture!

  4. Your blog is so sweet. I am hungry!



  5. That looks like a lovely place, and it's always nice to take a break from studying >.< Good luck!

  6. Good luck on your last two exams :)! I still have a TON of papers to write for the rest of the semester too :(

    I love your tea pictures! Those lemon tarts look good! Is it really expensive to go to?

  7. Ahh that all looks so lovely! I love tea time~

  8. suki pooki!
    Hey what did you buy at Sephora's? Share share!
    Yeah japanese candy are so expensive, thats why i limited myself to 3 only haha, i wanted the whole isle! :(

    I love your blog, it's always so yummy haha.
    Good luck on your last two exams, after that...you're freee!!

  9. Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!


  10. everything looks so yummy! you look so cute in your photo of the day, love your make up and hair!

  11. hey pretty lady, that looks so yumm!
    I haven't been to one of those Tea party places yet!! I should really try it out :)

  12. OO looks like u hv tea time all the time.. ^^ nice!!!

    looks so yummy * drool* i’m hungry now.. >_<

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  13. All those mini sweets look really indulgent! Making me feel like a cuppa tea now... but with shortbread biscuits... hehehe.
    Oh also thanks for passing me that lovely blog award =)

  14. Your FOTD is so pretty :) I love going to afternoon tea haha I love eating tea sandwiches! Every time I go when I sit down im always like omg this is not going to be enough food for me hahahaha but I always end up leaving stuffed!!!! The tea always gets me hahah

  15. All the best for your last 2 papers!
    Ah as usual those cakes and sweeties look so good. I need to go for high tea soon!

  16. This looks so yummy!! You look really pretty in that picture!

  17. Hi suki!

    It reminds me of my school time!!! I used to talk with my friend over the phone till the wee hours while sharing exam info. haha

    Wow! Again gorgeous tea spot!!! I envy you have many tea places!!!

    I think your photo came out nice with the day light!!!

    You still have more exams?! GOOD LUCK!!!

  18. add oil on ur up coming exams!!! :)
    im glad i dont have to go through that stressful time anymore!
    summer is near~ do u have any plans after ur done ur exams?

    ive never been to a target before~ so i think i will have fun shopping around :P my friend said she usually gets lots of snacks from there.. the ones that canada doesnt sell..
    and yesss i will be getting some mickey stuff!!! for sure! :)

    i think ur photo looks great! i like taking pics in natural sunlight :) it makes my skin look really nice!! :P but u seem to have really nice skin normally~ so lucky

    i dont think i like anything from the quite cute collection... it is definitely quite cute.. but i dont think those colors work for me!

    anyways.. good luck! study hard :)

  19. Omg it looks like I'm in a doll house with cute tea and bread. So cute!

  20. Camera pictures sometimes really deceive us xD

    I love the sweets and the scones. They seem very very sweet and delicious. And also make me feel guilty after eat those xp

    I love your nude lipstick. You don't look pale at all. I always look pale when I apply nude color. I have to trick it.

    Go Go, Suki!!!

    Dreamy Princess

  21. so very very true!! tea merchant is so cute and nice!!! lol ur posting about tea tooo! i love tea time! I did not know wedgewood did high-tea...I got to go! I actually only been to tea merchant....so I must go to other places too! ESP the secret garden! I just finished a exam today too! got two more to go too!! oh being a student sux sumtimes! I got a groupon for fairmont high-tea! so can't wait to check that place out too!!!!!
    have u been?

  22. ohh it looks so good! ^^
    You have a really cute blog!

  23. Oh all those lovely food :D making me hungry hehe
    Yes having exams can be so hard -___- !!
    I like your lipstick and gloss!

  24. I've never been to an English style tea place before but the food looks so yummy :D You're really pretty; I love your hair btw ^^

    And thanks for visiting and for commenting!

  25. Freaking jealous of all your afternoon tea times. :C I just don't have the money (or rather, can't bring myself to spend money on that) for luxury like that! LOLOL. (L)

    I just finished a final, 3 more to go. :C Yep, think I bombed my first one. Hopefully I can end up with something above C. =_____= (Low expectations)

    About your nails always breaking, MINE FREAKING BROKE YESTERDAY. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. It wasn't even like one of those nails you can fix with some glue.... So I went out and bought some fake nail tips. >:C

  26. I love how I can go to your blog and show bf pictures of foodie places so he can get an idea of what we're eating. lol. I showed him the WE one for waffles today.

    Nude lipsticks are the best non? and that color looked great on you. It made your eyes stand out more. I almost bought the peachy blush from the Quite Cute collection but I refrained myself. I actually want their lip concealer and studio something concealer very badly >.<

    Good luck on all your finals!! I'm sure you'll do very well studying till the wee hour :)

  27. you're so right about the excessive lighting at MAC and the customer service. They need to change both :(
    gahd you're so pretty! that nude lipstick looks great on you! i need to find one too >< my natural lip color is too red :(]

    good luck on the rest of your finals! :3

  28. i love your background on ur blog! and i love the nudelipstick too :3 i love tea aswell :3 (yes i abuse the word love) :(

    the cakes look so nice and yummy aswell!

  29. Suki! i'm finished all my exams already! so finally got some time to update my blog XD really need some rest! so tired.. but there are still lot of homework to do -_-'' did you finish the other two exams already? if not, good luck! yummy high tea! looks nice again! remember i told you that a friend of mine will celebrate a 'hightea' birthday, she tried it but didnt like it XD so we are not going anymore wahha we will eat some pizza instead XD but ok i think i will go hightea with my boyfriend then=P because your posts made me wanne try and go=P hope you'll be back soon =D x0x0

  30. Cute post :) The food look yummy

  31. uugh the foodies look so appetizing!! and omg you look so lovely in the photo, so sweet :3

  32. Ahh!!! Why why why do you always post such lovely pictures of your tea? I always crave for such tea whenever I view your blog. I reckon that since you’re such a tea person, I would be seeing more tea photos to come.

    I hope you faster get it over and done with your exams so you can relax soon.

  33. Hi deari! I love having high tea ^__^ you should totally shoot some photo's of the interior next time!

    @Reply: yes I do edit half of my photo's altho I only brighten them up and making some color extra 'sharper'. The Pen is really good camera, if you manually set your shutterspeed and ISO right you can really shoot great pictures ^^
    I thought about to get the NEX but I end up with the Pen :) xx

  34. THnx so much for the wonderful comments <3

    have you tried out Aldo? like the outlet on granville? they have some nice boots! I got a pair the other day! so nice :)
    and if ur a student and you got the spc student mc from bmo! that give u extra 10% off!!!

    :) thanks always for commenting! ur uber sweet!


  35. wow that tea tier looks so drool worthy!!! so pretty as well, making me hungry :3 Also like your FOTD, very clean and natural :P
    Great blog, followed you! :)

    Feel free to check out my giveaway at http://msfoblove.blogspot.com/2011/04/100-follower-giveaway-join-now.html


  36. The nude lipstick looks really good on you!

  37. YAY!!! Only 2 more exams to go - you can do it!!! I'm sure it doesn't help so much that it's been sunny lately huh? (except for today).

    Man, so many tea places to try, so little time! I did a double take on that photo as well b/c the plates DID look funny being all the same size!!! haha!

    Btw - my sister in law who went with me to the shooting range - she also asked the same question. She wanted to put a pic of her co-worker as the target. hahaha! :P

  38. i've had a browse of MAC's Quite Cute collection on their website but nope i haven gotten any frm that collection. What's wrong with the fashion fanatic lipgloss u bought? Y u might not be keeping it? I wanted so much to get prdts frm their Wonder Woman limited edition collection but im a tad too late n all the really nice colours (there was this really nice pink coloured lipstick) were alr out of stock by the time i realized the collection was alr in store... disappointed but i guess cant be helped, blame it on my delayed action. i like that self-portrait of urself, very pretty, n the the glare from the sun enhances ur beauty:) oh n i LOVE nude lipstick colours too! mainly cos my lips are so bloodish-red, it's gd to get an orangey-brown/nude to neutralize its redness. n i find earth colours suit me better than pinkish/reddish tones;)

    til nxt time!


  39. wait.. was this in vancouver too?! i think ive finally found someone who loves teatime as much as me :$ p.s. that nude lipstick is amazing!

    HAHA you're so sweet. thanks for the compliments! I really like photography & i'm lucky enough that my dad just let me play with polaroids, film, and digi cameras growing up hehe

    LOLS im so jelly your dad has a darkroom! (and no, i dont think raptors lvie in photography darkrooms!!).. haha silly! but definitely face your fear and go in there one day cuz the experience is so amazing, love love love.

    wow your mommy uses benefit too?! my mom only uses shiseido and brands like estee lauder cuz she believes they're more suited for "her age". she always makes herself feel older than she should really! kudos to your mom :)

    ♡, Rosa T.

  40. AH THIS IS JUST ABOUT THE CUTEST POST EVER. I don't know, but I suddenly had flashes to childhood tea parties and stuff. It was lovely. We used to sit around with our dollies and sip fake tea. You know.. Just in case you wanted to know.

    Actually, I have to say, visiting your blog has made my stomach grumble a little! It's probably this post, combined with your delicious header and background. Haha. Nonetheless, 'tis great.

    And you look gorgeous! And GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS. almost there! You can do it! WOoohoooo.


  41. O I tired a really expensive serum before. I think it works but it kinda made my eyes uncomfortable so I didn’t used it too much~~~~ =(

    Of course ~ I do hope the serum works ^^

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo


  42. I've never been to a tea place before. But your pictures look amazing! Thank you for finding my blog so I can find yours :D


  43. oh my, food porn! looks so yummy!!! you have a very lovely blog. Definitely going to follow you! :D