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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
          Hello everyone, Guu is guuuud! <-- the slogan for the Guu Izakaya's that are scattered around the city =) For anyone who is wondering what an izakaya is I believe it's basically a bar type restaurant that serves small dishes of food, though the food is really like tapas, appetizers but they also serve things like udon and oden there too. Guu is one of my most favorite "restaurants" EVER! There are 5 locations across Vancouver and the one I frequent most is the one on Robson! Now don`t be fooled, there are two located downtown, one is on Thurlow and the other is on Robson, I know it can get a bit confusing! I also know they have other locations such as Toronto =)

Now onto the food!

~ Guu Sign ~

The large wooden sign outside the door.

~ Entrance ~

Door way! It's located on a corner and there's a Starbucks right across it. It's pretty small and may be easy to miss if it's your first time trying to find it. I apologize for the blurry photo since I was moving while snapping it lol

~ Sweet Spot Prawn ~

My absolute favorite dish!!! Once I ordered about 4 or 5 orders of these, at one time LOL =P It's also a seasonal dish so it only comes around during the spring/summer months, it's just sooo yummy but people who are not fond of raw seafood may not like this dish too much. If you want you can also request for the shrimp heads to be deep fried afterwards, it's a tasty addition but I usually don't do it because there's an extra charge for that =(

~ Green Salad ~

This salad is soooooo yummy! I always get this when I go, lucikly it's available all year round =P It's actually not on their menu but if you order it they have it lol, odd right? The presentation varies too but it usually looks like this. Im not sure what type of dressing it is but it's delish!

~ Beef Tataki ~

Hmm....there's nothing spectacular about this dish, I personally favor the beef tataki at Kingsway Sushi more but that's just my personal preference! The beef is nice and chewy and the presentation is always nice.

~ Kabocha Korroke ~

This is basically a boiled egg covered in a thick layer of yam and then deep fried! So it's a croquette with a tangy mayo sauce poured over top! 

Here's the croquette cut in half, I liked it quite a bit! I thought the mayo was too tangy compared to the sweetness of the yam so I ate mostly the egg and just the yam part lol!

~ Deep Fried Spot Prawn with Chili Sauce ~

This was one of their temporary dishes. Guu has a staple menu plus a separate sheet of paper with their temporary/seasonal items on it and this was one of them! It may look super spicy but trust me, it wasn't! In fact it had more of a ketchup taste than a chili taste! It wasn't bad but I wish the prawns were peeled as it was really hard to peel the shell so I ate the whole thing, shell and all!

         Well that's all for now! I've been conjuring up items and buying things for my giveaway =D It's my first time doing this so it might take me a while to get all the things together >< The sun was shining today and it was a beautiful day! I hope it stays that way!

Till next time~
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  1. wow! i love japanese food so much , esp sashimi! :)

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    From Catwalk to Classroom.

  2. Omgosh I love GUU!!! That was on my ust list when I visited Vancouver last year it was so yummy!! And I loved that all the drinks had fruity colored ice balls hahah I just thought that was the coolest thing ever!!!

    Umm honestly since it was my first time in Paris we mainly focused on sight seeing so we kinda just ate whenever we were whenever we were hungry so i can't speak to much on the food I will be def trying out all the yummy restaurants this time though.. From my. Understanding there's a really famous restaurant owned by Joel robouchon.. He has restaurants all over the world intact I'm eating at one of his restaurants in Vegas next month.. Apparently he's been named the chef of the century so I would def check out his restaurant when you guys are in Paris

  3. =O yess there is one here in Toronto!! I have yet to try it because my friend told me we have to test our luck because we might have to wait hours for tables T_T. How much was the shrimp, u order soo many plates too!?!?! Do you guys have any Diana's Seafood, they sell really fresh seafood that you can eat it raw s2 sooo yummy and the price isnt bad at all!

  4. I have always wanted to try. Was supposed to go on a date with someone there lol but I got sick. :(

  5. o wow i think i'll LOVE that egg/yam croquette!! i've only really tried those eggs that are wrapped up in minced meat, so having it with yam sounds quite interesting. especially since i'm not much of an egg lover; the yam will compensate for it all:) or maybe i can give bf the egg & i'll reserve the yam for myself *——* hehe~

    btw, i've decided to set up my personal blog @ tumblr, but i've locked it, & am making it readable only to some at the moment, so leave me ur email in ur nxt comment & i'll email u the password:) the blogspot acct will just be all about the food i cook:)

    til nxt time!

  6. i loveeeee guu! i've been to the ONE in toronto twice determined to try all my favorite dishes, but then they opened up a new one recently and i haven't even been there yet. so much to try! haha
    i like the yam dish too, i personally love yam. the takoyaki and the pancake was also yummy, but so filling.
    i crave sushi now hahaha

  7. Yum! This food all looks SO good! There's a Guu in Toronto that's SOOOO hyped up and I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but I really should get around to it. Your photos have convinced me!

  8. Suki!

    OMG! the food of this restaurant looks so good! it's Japanese right? the Japanese food here is so nothing special anymore=P because every Japanese restaurant are almost the same with their dishes wahaha! Wahaha yes I love ikea too! We can spend so much hours there wahaha and lot of things are so cute and cheap XD and yess we also got hotdogs here! In the end of my post you can see the ikea hotdog wahaha! It’s really really cheap! What kind of food do you have in your ikea? And is the Ikea also very big? Did you started with your architect course already? =D how is it going? =D I will miss reading your blog and talking to you too! But I will try to blog when I have time! =D this summer I’m going to work but I also will design t-shirts for fun! wahah kind of ‘my own clothingline’ if people like it I will sell it maybe wahahaha XD actually I also don’t like sales people who pushing me or always ask me: can I help you? Do you like it? It suits u well BLA-BLA-BLA wahah but the most stupid thing is I am one of those salespeople sometimes whaha because my manager wants me to do that in my previous clothingjobs. But H&M is a lil bit different I think =) and before I met my boyfriend I also don’t know anything about cars , didn’t like cars at all XD I was very girly girl =P whahaha but in this 5 years I learned a lot from him and get more interest in it. So the same as you! =D we go girl! Wahaha do you have your driving license already? I don’t have it yet! I failed for my 3rd time! Wahaha cars and me don’t go together =( I think Vancouver have a lottttt more Chinese people than in the Netherlands wahah the Netherlands is such a little country so actually all the Chinese people know each other XD the ‘Chinaworld’ here is very small. However I think it’s fun, because everybody knows each other. Ok not literally EVERYBODY knows eachother =P whahaha yum cha here the prices are ok and if we are not able to eat all the dishes we can pack it en bring it home, we call it ‘da bao’ do you have that too? It’s nice that we can share our country experiences with each other wahaha! =D xx

  9. Hi Dear~

    ooo that Kabocha Korroke thing look so good! I dunno~ I wanna try it! hahah Man~~ u always have food pixx! makes me want to edit my food pixx now! but I just realize I still have photos from the new year that I have not edit.. & we’re almost into June now! omgish! where did 2011 go?! ^^”

    anyway.. LV from ur bf?! U so lucky girl~~~~~ now when I get gift from my hubby that’s over $50 I cry already . lol ( ok no, I don’t really cry, but I would b so surprised!)

    & * aww thx ^^ yeah I know ~ sometime it sux to think we can’t get the items from the magazine~ but I guess that’s what online shopping is for! Also~ it’s always nice to fancy pretty things anyway~ haha

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  10. everything looks so delicious.


  11. This place looks and sounds totally amazing. I'm jealous that you have such awesome food places around you. The restaurants here are so damn boring and traditional. Yawwwn. I need more excitement than the Midwest can offer.

    Thank you SO much for you kind words on my blog. I'm happy that you enjoy reading it. :) You're the sweetest. <33

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. WOW YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! I was just there yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGG hahaha^^ It's so damn good. :D I love it there! What a small world~~

  13. um so AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My stomach totally just grumbled. It looks SO
    x 10000

    I'm a sucker for seafood, but my sibling's allergic, so it's kind of a rarity in my life! Mmmmmmmmmmm.


  14. Hi suki!!!

    I love Izakaya!!! Can you eat raw shrimp?! Actually, I can't X( yes, i am Japanese, though... I like the fried one, which you can eat entire shrimp with it's head, something like soft shell crab :D

    This korokke is very creative! If you like such creative izakaya menu, there are tons of them in Japan. You would love them :D Actually izakaya is pricey if you drink a lot but I am a cheap date, so we just enjoy eating foods and sometimes lot more cheaper than cooking at home. hehe

  15. MMM YUM!! I still haven't visited the Guu location in Toronto yet! But I've heard nothing but good reviews! Some people say it's a bit overrated and overpriced for what they serve but I still want to try it at least once!

    And super congrats for reaching 100+ followers! seriously, who wouldn't want to follow your blog?! you are so super sweet!!

  16. This restaurant sounds really good! Too bad it's only located in Canada :( Your food pics are making me so hungry right now hehe

  17. That looks so delicious! The yam with boiled egg thing.. Is a little strange. But hey, I won't knock it 'til I try it! Maybe I'll have my coworker go there and bring me something because. She goes to Canada (to visit family) all the time :)


  18. Never been too fond of raw seafood but darn...this looks so appetizing!! I love your posts of food. :)

  19. I always love Japanese food! What I love about this restaurant (from your pics xp) is the presentation makes ppl want to eat them, or not to eat them. They're so beautifully served!(:
    Kabocha Korroke seems very unique. Want to try it..

    Oh, how I wish to be able to wear boots all the time. But Indo is so damn hot! I can't stand to wear it for a long time. lol

    I never knew about tint moisturizer. What is that? (cosmetics dummy xD). It suppose to be good right? because it contains moisturizer..
    Bobbi Brown is so famous since I always heard about it in Oprah. But I never try it..

    Really? You don't have personal room? Wah.. that's bad. But maybe you will feel alone if one of you have to move from your shared room. Sometimes it's so good to have a company at night, we could share stories till we fall asleep, or something and especially after we watch horror movie, I need accompany! hohooo...

    Dreamy Princess

  20. I am so inlove with Japanese food that it's not even funny!!! :'(
    I'm gonna blog soon about my eating adventures too! ^___^

    Well, since I live in Aus and EVERYTHING is ridiculously overpriced here, I saved so much by purchasing all of my cosmetics over there and was able to buy so much more, HAHA! :D
    But since you live in Canada, I think it would either be the same price or a tad bit more expensive but by only a few dollars or so?

    I hope all has been well, love. xx

  21. I wonder if they have one here in Japan -- or is it only in Canada? I'll check it out next time I'm back home.

  22. Wooow~ That food looks GREAT! Did you day Robson?? I am going to Vancity this weekend for David Guetta show and I might go to this resto and see what it's like!
    Omg you're so skinny!! I wish I was that skinny lol Yes I know you bag is LV I can see that :D I am a huge fan of that particular one, but I dunno how many years need to pass before I buy one of them XD RIhgt now I still got no job, so I am not saving for anything lol but once I start working I'll try to save up for an old car to study driving.
    Honestly, I don't feel like useing Etsy or Ebay because you need to pay a listing fee and then I'll have to ship the product to the seller.. It adds up to the price. But I am thinking aobut it :)
    Actually... I changed my hair in January, and I got some kind of purple color by mistake, but I don't wanna dye my hair again cause it's already damaged.. But the color gets lighter and lighter with time as it washes away and shoes my ex-blond haircolor underneath XD Looks quite ugly but I don't wanna kill my hair anymore do I just walk like this lol

  23. The food looks yummy! I think we also have a Guu in Toronto as well :P My friend went there, but I haven't tried it yet! I will do that one day n.n

    You should! The blushes are well worth the price :) Aww that's sad :( I don't see why they have a private zoo if they treat the animals poorly! The Toronto Zoo is pretty nice :) Lots of animals! But I think African Lion Safari is cool too. You can drive along this pathway and get really close to the animals (ie have monkeys go on your car LOL, etc) :D

  24. I've never heard of Guu, urgh, come on London what's wrong with you, why don't we ever get any good places to eat?!
    The food looks delicious!! I love Salad too and the sauce Japanese restaurants always put in it. I can't believe your BF doesn't eat potatoe, i adore french fries!! The Yam egg thing looks really interesting, I really want to try it. Thanks, this post has made me really hungry lol!!

    I think it's fine to be picky with scarfs!! I have this one grey scarf which i had for years and it's still my absolute favourite, scarfs are things that don't always go out of fashion, and you can wear them in so many ways and to compliment outfits! I hope your white scarf survives!! I always note to self; never eat with a scarf on as i'm such a messy eater! >.< xX

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  26. OMG i'm getting so hungry reading on your posts these look super delicious! there's nothing better than asian dishes i absolutely love it.

  27. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  28. Thanks a lot! And yummy yummy pictures you have there, guess i'm getting pretty hungry by just looking at them, hahaha ;)


  29. Omg, I love izakayas! They're so cheap and yummy. Those prawns are raw? I thought you couldn't eat prawns/shrimp raw, but who knows, I don't know too much about raw food cause it makes me sick :X

  30. This looks very yum! Like a ton of foods I have never tried before.


  31. =] I can't wait to see ur Luxe Box.. I wonder wat colour nail polish u got =].. and yea I've used the soap bar.. I actually like it(I'm a shower gel girl). I study environmental science so I really like that it is natural... I don't like how the bar melts quickly when it gets wet.. and its hard to rub the square on my body and don't like how after you rinse ur body will feel squeaky clean!! >< soo it feel dry as well BUT once u're out of the shower ur body feels moisturized (still need body lotion) but I mean like..u know how some shower gel/soap leaves ur skin dry that u have to put on body lotion right after you towel dry urself?? this doesn't.. my skin still feel comfy when toweled dry...and I hate the EG serum lol it feels weird (only tried it on my hand tho) it feels very tacky ><..I love the dermalogica exfoliant.. leaves my skin soft and love how it foams from a powder base!! wat about u? do u like these products?? actually maybe u will discuss these in ur next post =] I was in such a rush to sow u guys wat i go that I didn't do a mini review like I did on my previous box =P

  32. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  33. omg - this all looks SO delicious. I love izakaya! It's one of my favorite things to eat :) So glad I found you...just followed your lovely blog! <3

  34. really nice blog!! :)
    If you want follow me on blogger I will do the same!

  35. heyy just answering your question on my swatch post :D

    its winter over here now, so i dont think i have to worry about it being sweaty :P
    but its like soft rubber so i think it should be fine hehe.

  36. Restaurants on Robson always look so pro inside even when they seem small from the outside!

    about my trip --
    I was in a town called wales? (i think that's how you spell it. or wails?) its SUPER small, like the size of metrotown, but the inn we stayed at was actually pretty nice and cute. We went there as a annual school trip to see a historical town called Barkerville that was built during the gold rush and is now a tourist site. Honestly the town wasn't all that interesting but going with friends was! They had restaurants with cute names like "Wake Up Jake" and "Bear Paws". There was still tons of snow there but it was like the same temperature as vancouver o_o I think a trip to whistler is a great idea, their hotels/cabins are sooo cozy.

  37. Hehee I have never heard of croquette but it looks amazing. Kinda looks like fried ice cream to me from your pictures lol. I love raw sweet prawn. Its definitely one of my must-order dishes if I go to a legit Japanese place (unlike those Chinese owned "Japanese" Restaurants :P). Its Sunday morning to me right now and I am glad that the world didnt end and able to see this post haha!

  38. ouuu they have this in toronto, but i never tried it yet. SO SAD...everyone raves about this restaurant! I'm such a sucker for food though and i heard that you don't go to GU to get full. =( Id probably shell out a couple of bills to keep my belly satisfied. hahha

  39. Oooh, the pics make the food look yuuuuum. I used to like Guu a lot. Esp. the one on Thurlow. But I now like Gyoza King more ^-^ Have you GK yet? Maybe next time I visit Guu again, I'll order the ones you suggested. The croquette looks really delicious.

    I really hope Mr.Sun is here to stay and that Spring or maybe Summer is finally here. Did we even have Spring this year? =.=

    And just in case you didn't see my reply, let me know when you're done w/ all your exams so we can go shopping together!

  40. wow you're so lucky to have an authentic Japanese Izakaya!! Here in Canberra, Australia, people cant even tell the difference between korean and Japanese food D:

    Nice blog btw!

  41. this entry makes me hungry! grh! authentic Japanese food:)

  42. GOODNESS. i'm so hungry now! that might be more fancy than the izakayas i go to here. hehe i would love to try that fried boiled egg! although, it may be past my calorie intake range -x-

  43. Ah beef tataki is SOOOOO hard to find in my area. Only a handful of restaurants will make it & often it's not a listed item *cries*

  44. Mmmmm.. everything looks delicious! Yummy :3

  45. this makes me so hungry :3 and i don't like prawns XD

  46. suki where r u? missing u! hope to c ur update soon:)

    xoxo, mica


  47. Hi, how are you? i haven't talked to you in while :P

    and woow the food looks delicious ❤, i wish i knew a place that sells that too, but than in holland, so i can go there and eat it xD , because it really looks delicious on the photo's.

    and thanks for your comment about my cooking skills, infact i actually can't cook, well i can, i mean i know how to cook, but i never ever cooked a meal or baked something untill this year. My mom and boyfriend keep saying i can't cook, but i can, i just never tried it, so that's why i am now trying to learn how to cook and bake :P
    If i wanna make something, i just get the information and recipes from the internet and i just try to make it and put some other ingredients in of my own to make it kinda my own creation and it works.
    most things i try to cook turn out really well,
    I am a girl that learn things fast and most things i try turn out good, so i am very lucky with that (skill?) <<< not tying to brag xD

    Now while i am typing this, i am baking a chocolate cheesecake xD haha
    First time i am baking it, i hope it turns out well... I bake it, because on a friends birthday, she had a chocolate cheesecake and my boyfriend likes it, so he wanted me to bake one :P haha. I will put the recipe on my blog, IF it turns out well .

    Oh and about the tea mask, I didn't feel any improvement, but you never actually can tell by using it once. I just do it, because it's organic and that's good for your skin, i also find it a very fun thing to do with my boyfriend xD .
    But do feel a difference if i make a lemon mask,that mask is much better, it makes my skin very smooth, so i will upload that soon, to share
    it with you and everyone else.

    .....oeh i see that i have talked to much nonsense xD

    so i think i will stop now xD
    I always enjoy reading your comment, they are so long and intresting ^^ Your definitely are my favorite follower/friend :D , if i ever reach 100 subscribers than i will definitely get a gift for you. << i just honestly feel that way :)

    ♪ hope you will have a lovely day!
    and i also hope you don't mind me talking ramdomly here on your blog :P (hope everything is readable xD)

    okay bye!! XOXOXXOOXxx
    Amy ^_~

  48. Hey! thanks so much for always leaving me a lovely comment! I really appreciate it and always makes me smile! Ya negative comments suck, it wasn't so much through my blog but my personal life. You know how Van. girls can get, 'drama, drama' but only...IF you are part of the wrong crowd. Never the less I'm trying to cut that shit out, and bring new and better things! lol. but seriously your comment meant the world. I just can't believe that the bloggin world can be super supportive ! love it.

    As for your post! I LOVE GUU! lol being all japanese and all, I'm always at Guu or the izakaya's in town! I'll let you know what is good and what is not! haha but I am so glad that you had a good time and you enjoyed the food


  49. i'm pesco vegetarian, so I LOOOOOOVE Japanese food. u make me envy and starving too in the middle of the night, lol :p

  50. the food looks good, i want to go back to Guu to try out the sweet spot prawn. i've been recently trying to open up to new types of raw food (i feel like i'm missing out if i dont haha), and those prawns look like a good start :)
    the yam also looks quite delicious...i'm getting all hyped up thinking of what i'm going to eat when i visit Guu again!!