~ catching up ~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
         Im BACK!!! Im finally able to put up another post! I've been working, schooling and putting things together for the giveaway! It's been a while but Im finally on it lol This post is just going to be a catching up post of what I've been doing lately (the fun stuff) though the majority of it was actually the opposite! Thank you for all your sweet comments!!

~ Tea at Fairmont ~

Got to go have tea at the Fairmont, thanks to dealfind I managed to purchase 2-for-1 coupons! I bought two since that was the limit, I've often heard that they give you bad service if you use dealfind/coupons but the service I recived was as good as always =) I also noticed that there were a lot of other people using the coupon as well, you could easily tell because the food came straight out, since it was already pre-made.

~ body shop purchase ~

I normally don't frequent the body shop but I heard that there was a  vitamin E spray there so I decided to drop by, luckily they were having a "spend 40$ but get 50% off "  So I also purchased their mud mask since it says for oily skin, I haven't a chance to try it out but once I do I'll do a quick review on it! 

~ Outfit of the day ~

Since summer has finally arrived I decided to do an outfit shot! I feel like Im really lacking in these lately so I'll try harder to incorporate them into my posts! =D

~ Richmond Night Market ~

Summer means one thing.....the night market opens again! Basically it's an area that's marked off with loads of stands from various different types of food to stands that sell pirated-dvds, accessories, clothes, stationary etc.! They're only opened on the weekends and during the summer only!

Takoyaki Stand!

 Takoyaki! My favorite is the octopus kind! =)

Unfortunately, the takoyaki was eaten before I got a chance to take a photo of it, not to mention it was deathly crowded to just stop and take a photo!

Hurricane Potatoes!

Basically....french fries on a stick!

The stand! The wait was about 20-30mins long!!!

Basically they take a small potato and skewer it onto a stick, deep fry it, then you get to choose a topping of your choice! Toppings range from ketchup to just plain salt, cheddar or sour cream and onion! Oh and again, it was way too crowded to stop for a photo, but I'll probably be heading back again sometime so I'll be sure to stop and take a picture then!

~ An Obsession.....~

Tee Hee Hee! What's in this box?! I'll reveal in another post so stay tuned! =D (I tried to make this photo more "vintage" looking hahaha don't think it turned out that way though =P

         Im very very sorry I haven't posted as much as I've wanted to lately! Thank you for being soooo patiently lately! The weather has been gorgeous this week and I hope it stays so (though they foresee rain already!!) Life's been busy lately since Im still in the interiors on the weekends and going to class on the weekdays, but I'll be posting my giveaway in my next post (or at the latest the next post after that...=P) Im heading out tomorrow to collect the last of the surprise*finally*!!! I'll then be posting up the "rules" etc. It's my first time doing a giveaway and I want to do it right! Please excuse the grammar mistakes as I didn't have much time to edit this post properly since Im so eager to reply all you're lovely comments!

Till next time~
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  1. wow!! my eyes were glued onto the last picture. haha, waiting anxiously for u to reveal what's in them!! was it gifted or did u buy them to pamper urself??

    hurricane potato fries sounds yummy. i love fries with all my life^^ i never get tired of them; bf is amazed @ my insatiable appetite for them!

    i dont usually shop @ the body shop too, but i do like their White Musk fragrance, nice! i find their body butters way too oily & the tub packaging makes it way too messy! i used to fancy a lipstick colour frm there too, i think it was "Honey", a sweet apricot orangey-brown colour, but i dont think they have it anymore:(

    bagels sound gd!! is it difficult to make? i like the blueberry ones & the ones with poppyseeds in them^^ cream cheese & bagels is such an enjoyment! make them mini sized, they'll look so much cuter when arranged on the plate!

    i finally know ur name frm ur email add!! haha, have known u for quite sometime now & just realized i never really asked u what ur name is. nice name by the way:) oh i previously set up my blog @ tumblr but reckoned it'd be hard to follow since there's no google friend connect whatsoever button. so i've shifted it to blogspot, here's the address --> http://iloveheartsandcoffee.blogspot.com

    Will love to have u visit sometime soon amidst ur busy schedule!

    looking forward to ur next post:)


  2. awww i didnt find any grammars at all!! =] it a perfect and sweet blog!!.. the LV photo actually looks cartoonish to me I dont know why!!!!! but its cool looking!!.. excited to see whats inside!!.. I can never afford anythign soo expensive thats why i wish i can really wint the $100 from shopbop =] hehe.... im soo hungry rihgt noww so im glad u didnt post a picture of those yummy snacks!! or else i'll be starving!! ><

    btww thank you soo much for preparing a giveaways!! thats soo generous of you and anyone in blogger that takes soo much time and money and effort to prepare one =]hehe.. seriously a lollipop wiht mickey mouse on it would be an equally great givewaway!! =] hehe

    btwww.. I totally agree iwth u on luxe box.. i rarely use shadows but its great to still get my money worth with cush great products adn i got two full sized items.. I really loved the consonant soap bar soo I was soo happy they sent a full sized cleaser from them =] Im excited to try!! hehe and 120/year seems alott but i just love the surprise of opening hte box =] I've always like those things and always like mini sized products =].. I still havent signup for the year but im MIGHT...>< still deciding!!! ^^

  3. omgosh so much love for this post!

    1. umm hello you know how much i love high tea.. haha we've had multiple discussions on the topic!

    2. i LOVE your outfit! the black and white polka dots and the pale blush pink cardi such a cute combo!

    3. I LOVE TAKOYAKI!!! omgosh if we lived near each other i can tell we'd totally be foodie buddies!

    4. umm fried potatos.. and you can get cheedar on top!!! can you also get chedder WITH sour cream and onion?? hahaha <--- fatty hahah



  4. Your outfit is lovely and ...there you go making me drool again with tea and treats, argh. Haha. That night stand sounds REALLY interesting!

  5. I adore your outfit, so lovely! :) And your blog design is very cute! I love! ♥

    xoxo, Dominika

  6. Wow, 20 to 30 minutes for french fries on a stick?? Must have been good :)


  7. your dress is really cute, love the dots. can't wait to see what you reveal is in your louis vuitton box!!

  8. aww looks liek you had fun, and i love hurricane potatoes! lol! can't wait for the unveiling of that LV item <3

  9. Suki!! I’m still not back from studying whahaha one month to go I guess! But happy that you finished all your school stuff! =D ENJOY girl! =D whaha the Hello Kitty Vans I bought the high black one XD because then I can wear it when the weather gets colder in the Autumn whaha! And yes I’m going to design t-shirts for fun! =D but still need to finish my schoolwork first -_-‘’ I will definitely show it at my blog if it’s done! =D and my new job is nice! But so busy! There a tons of people in the row at my cash desk! And I mostly work from 9AM till 6PM. It’s tired but worth it! Because with the money I can GO SHOPPING!! =D wahaahha sometime I think I’m a shopaholic XD whahahaha and how are you? =D what are you gonna do this summer? The night market looks so nice! We don’t have any night market here XD and omg LOUIS VUITTON! big spender! =P wahahahahah just kidding =P it’s good to buy things that you like =D muahah or did you get it from someone as a present? I can’t wait to see what’s in the box! Still haven’t went high tea with my boyfriend waha but I think I’m going to eat some Korean food soon first! xoxo

  10. I think some places indeed pre-make the stuff for coupons. I used a groupon for high tea and literally EVERY other person there was also using one XD;
    Yay for body shop - I can really recommend their body butters since they smell delicious and are so nice for your skin too!
    I looove streetfood, so all those snacks look really appealing to me! xD;
    Ohh, Louis Vuitton? :3 I'm curious!

  11. I miss going to the night market in asia. Too bad they don't have those in where i live :(. They are so fun and cheap!

  12. helooooo dear! i always look forward to your high tea posts and pictures haha! i love your outfit, it's so cute!
    And i love going to asain markets also! i think i'm going to miss the one this year in toronto because i'll be away on vacation :(. Have you ever tried stinky tofu? every year i go that booth always have the longest lineup! it's crazy!, i don't like it though...
    and omg...your last picture....omg OPEN ITTTTT!

  13. Tease. I want to know what is in the LV box, dang it.
    I'm so glad that you are back. <33 I missed your lovely face.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. can't wait to see what's in the box! how do you find this year's night market? i love it. i was able to find (and buy) a lot of cute stuff. i'm planning to go back again next payday lol.

  15. hi suki!

    i was reading this post on the train and wanted to make a comment but i am not good at iphone txting stuff, so i finally using pc. haha

    very interesting that you have many jap stuff around you!!! you like octopus in takoyaki?! i don't X( so i always remove it from takoyaki... hahaha i think i am not eating tako, but only the batter?! anyway, i enjoy :D

    i have the same feeling about the body shop, so i understand the way you bought. i heard that the vitamin E products are good, too! good choice!!!

  16. Your outfit is so cute! Love the polka dots. I've a thing for polka dots, lately

    Takoyaki!! I LOVE Takoyaki!! Back home (in Malaysia), I used to eat them all the time and they were yummy! I can't find any in my current city except for this one Japanese stall that opens like 4 times a year during special food fairs. And it doesn't even taste good, but I crave it so much that I eat it anyway :(

    How can you tease us like that with your LV purchase? Haha only kidding, can't wait to see what's inside!

  17. Sounds like a lot of fun ;)

    And this is gonna be my second trip to Italy and after my summer vacances i'm going to visit Italy for the third time, haha and i totally love Italy, as much as i can tell because i just have been only in Roma once. So i guess i have to say, that Rome is love! And if you get to Italy, i promise, you definetly enjoy your time!


  18. Such a great post! I miss takoyakis! I haven't had those in forever. I can't wait to see your post about what's in the LV box! Haha. Great blog. New follower. Check out my blog.


  19. Hi Suki! I can't wait for your reveal. I <3 LV :D

    OMG! I heard about Hurricane Fries on tv. How was it?!?!



  20. SUKI!

    I have been dropping by to read your posts lately but Blogger isnt really working well for me so I can't post comments which made me so frustrated!!

    I havent been posting lots of stuff on Blogger too due to this computer virus or somethin'! I love this post. I love takoyaki too <3 I didnt actually eat octopus till I tried takoyaki, and I fell in love with it since then. I missed a takoyaki party my Japanese school organized, and it was devastating cos its been sooo long since I ate takoyaki D: dearly hope to eat them soon :)

    A GIVEAWAY! wow, I will definitely be joining ;) Can't wait for your next post. I hope this comment gets through, I've been trying so hard to post comments lately :P


  21. what a great lovely post. love your polka dot top!

    Find me on:
    From Catwalk to Classroom...

  22. Whaaat, Body Shop was having a spend $40 get 50% off sale, and I didn't know about it? Sigh.

    Can't wait to see what's in that LV box!

    Style Soufflé

  23. Ooh do tell how the Body Shop Vitamin E spray turns out ^^ I heard that that line of skincare is good but I haven't tried it yet, although I have tried the seaweed mask and hmm :x I have combo skin but it seemed to make my skin even oilier than it was before but maybe it'll be different for you. Oh and Takoyaki! So jealous :( They're just so yum~!

  24. i am sooo jealous of the fact that you live in Vancouver~~~here in Toronto, our asian cuisine especially Chinese food sux sooo bad...but over at Vancouver you guys have much better asian restaurant~~~i really like the body shop~~~i luv their aloe line and their body butter~~~~its the best~~~~


  25. my comment got deleted for some reason and it's
    trippin' me out! anyway... ill try to remember what i said as much as possible.

    LV is the only obssession i have on brand names. too bad it's so expensive. anyway, i can't wait
    to see what you have in the box!

    a giveaway? i'm definitely joining that! is hello kitty gonna be in it? hehehe!

    also, i was trippin out the first time i saw pho.
    i didn't even know what it was. i was 14 when my
    friend's fam took me to a vietnamese restaurant.
    i stuck with the most familiar food of them all..
    i ordered a sandwich. when i saw that they ordered soup in which meat was cooking in the hot bowl...
    i was happy to have ordered a sandwich! i thought that their was something wrong with the food. but little did i know, it was the style.

    so, when i was 21, chris took me to eat pho with
    him. apparently, i was more open to eat international food because i wasn't trippin out when i ate it. but yeah... i get what you mean, i would think that the food is contaminated too! hhahaha


  26. High tea is the best! :P :) Curious about the box! XO

  27. i LOVE nightmarket! Looks like youve been having a lot of fun, sorry I havent gotten to talk to you much lately... grade 12 has been so busy! Anyways, hope to hear from you soon :) ♡, Rosa T.

  28. Haha I think everyone on here is most curious about the LV box (myself included) :D

    Your polka dot top is really cute! :)

  29. Hightea at Fairmont looks reaaally good *o*
    I love The Bodyshop & sales haha x
    Mmhmm streetfood are the best really ^^ I never had takoyaki before but I will eat them someday D: I hope it was worth waiting 30 min for the potatoe skewer! It sounds so good ^__^
    OMGGG I want to see what's inside the LV box D: xxx

  30. ur tea excursions make me so hungrie!! i love ur outfit u look so adorable welcome baq <3


    My comments have gotten increasingly shorter as the frusturation gets bigger and bigger!

    Basically. I can't handle the suspense. WHATS IN THAT BOX GAHH? Also, night markets = sounds way awesome.

    Sheesh. This better post!


  32. I love high tea!!! something about cakes and sandwiches in small form just makes it so much more adorable and exciting to eat LOL and can't wait for the reveal!!!

    i am obsessed w/ takoyaki too! except i cant seem to find them anywhere near where I live >.<

  33. I love Takoyaki! and body shop is one of my trusted brand with comes to make up especially the bronzer it works great on my skin:)

  34. PLEASE REVEAL SOON! AHHHH. It's been awhile since I got myself a goodie to reveal...Hmm, I shall go look after this comment.

    And Night Markets are the best. Takoyaki <3

  35. thanks for your lovely comment suki! :)

    oOo these pastries make me want to go get some tea! cute outfit~ <3 ..ooo takoyaki, yummy! hurricane potatoes? O_O on a stick, i want! haha

    btw do u live in japan? or korea?

  36. ahhhh richmond night market! i still havent gone before.. but i really wanna go!! seems like lots of food to eat :)
    i love takoyaki!!!!! its my must order item when i go to japanese restaurants! but they're usually really $$$... but soooo yummmy!!!!!!!
    and i saw those potato things when i was in korea last year.. they look really pretty.. but i didnt eat any~
    i like products from body shop... im using a few of their products now too.. and im liking them! :) i actually just bought their vitamin E cream cleanser coz i saw it onsale haha so its just sitting in the washroom till im finished my current cleanser :D
    you have really cute clothes! i like the polka dot tank ur wearing!! its too cute~!
    aaahh~ you must reveal whats in the box now!!!!! haha :) please post please post soon! :)

  37. Well, i WASNT freaking out until your comment! hahaha! just kidding! Ahhh! I can't believe i'm a week away from becoming a MRS!!! Eeek! Anyway, i can't wait to enjoy summer once all this wedding madness is over. Go to tea with friends, go to the night market!!!! Ahhh, i miss those potato swirls and the takoyaki and the fish balls, the bubbletea, the deep fried cheesecakes!!! haha!

  38. I bought that dealfind for fairmont high tea..haha I need to use it soon! can't wait!

    as for the body shop products, they should be decent now that they have been bought out by lauder. Also the vitamin E line is great! I have used it myself (the eye cream) hope it works out~

    Night market huh? I haven't gone this year yet...last year was pretty boring so we will see about this yr..I mean the weather is still pretty cold. esp at night :*( boooo..
    but the takoyaki! did u know that I'm an expert at making them? I own like the machine (for in-home use) since I'm japanese, for the festivals I actually used to work at them when I was younger! so I'm pretty pro-sauce! LoL

    I do like the hurricane potatoes! mmmm makes me hungry lol

    your outfit is very cute, polka-dots are comin bak this summa! with the dresses and all! cute cute! <3

    AS FOR YOUR LOUIE! my gawsh I can't wait to see what is inside, actually my next post will be about LOUIE bags! so stay tuned! can't wait for your next post!!!!


  39. omg LV!! cant wait to find out what it is...my guess is...wallet? lol the photo does look kinda vintage-feel...i think the gold brings it out :P

  40. Takoyaki balls <3 I love them to death
    sooo yummy <3 <3 <3

    and the louis vutton... I guess thats a long wallet?
    HAHAA really dunno, wait for ur next post =D!

  41. HI SUKI!!!!! I missed ya!

    your blogposts are never complete without a post on high tea!! and you always have such the cutest japanese inspired outfits! such a cutie :p

    i used to really enjoy night markets here in toronto! but now its been overpopulated by gangsters O_O

    and OMGOSH! whats in the box what's in the box?! how dare you keep us waiting!! can't wait to read your next post :D

  42. I wanna see what's in the LV box!! Your outfit is always so cute and I'm glad you're posting them up again!

    I haven't returned to night market since my last visit. It's so incredibly busy this year. But your pics make me wanna venture back out again >.< I need to eat hurricane potatoes!