~ reminiscing tokyo ~

Sunday, June 19, 2011
           I reminisce about my travels a lot, probably why I just can't keep my feet still and stay here in Vancouver (locals sometimes call it Vancity) and even though it's beautiful and gorgeous here, with our mountains and ocean view I just want to get out and explore! I've been reminiscing about my Tokyo trip from last year 2010, partly because I won't be able to go back for a while due to the wishes of my parents and bf who are fearing the radiation there and partly because I just love what the city has to offer, perhaps I can convince bf to go to Kyoto or Osaka =D

Oh and I decided not to frame these photo because I feel like they add more feel to the photo. These photos were also taken with my regular digicam and not my newer camera, so many images are not as clear and sharp as I would've liked them to be.

P.s If you've been a follower of my blog from the start some of these photos might look familiar haha

THIS IS AN EXTREMELY PHOTO HEAVY POST <-- warning for those who are viewing on small hand held devices!

          Overall this was a once in a lifetime experience, the city was exciting at night but everyone was extremely polite, the food was awesome and for those who think that Tokyo is an expensive city, let me tell you, it's not! I wouldn't say it's cheap but I would say it's about the same as here, in Vancouver =) If anyone is planning to travel to Tokyo and would like some tips or help planning Im all open! =D One thing I regret not taking a photo if is the electronic motion sensor noise machine inside the bathroom stalls, it's to cover up any "noise" that you make!

Till next time!

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  1. Awesome photos~ I've been to Tokyo as well by myself for about 5 days early this year. Sadly because of that I didn't get to see as much of the place as I'd have liked ^^ May I ask where that big spider-like statue is located?
    I'm actually going back 30 July and will be staying in Tokyo for quite a while! I'm not scared of radiation, no idea why.

  2. awesome set of photos dear, i've not been to japan, so these photos are really eye-openers & really present me a 1st view of japan! i notice u didnt take pics of those vending machines? i heard there's like pocky & even french fries vending machine!! oh n i read somewhere that japanese do not hold a can of drink or a sandwich & eat whilst walking along the streets; they usually finish it all up infront of the vending machine. not sure if that's true? did u notice anything whilst u were there??

    omg an electronic motion sensor noise machine in the bathroom? that's so interesting & really thoughtful creation! although it's just all girls using the toilet, sometimes we still feel weird to just freely release any "noise", dont we?! ^^ amazing creations. i saw elsewhere that after the earthquake happened, japan had portable toilet bowls for sale! i found that interesting.

    hope ur internet is up & running soon!


  3. Beautiful pics of Japan!! :) I hope you get to go back soon!

  4. LOVE IT! I have never been to Japan and so I really enjoy this. It also makes me want to post up my pictures of Switzerland when I was studying abroad a few summers ago.

  5. wow! great post!!! i know these places especially 109 where i went this weekend. lol

    i like this kind of post, suki!!!

    anyways, i hope your internet come back soon :D

  6. i love picture posts!! :) so i dont mind u posting more of these types of posts!
    japan looks so fun!! so much to see and so much to eat~ it kinda sucks how we cant go there as trips anymore.. well.. technically we can... just do we want to? sigh... i hope in a few years we will be able to not worry about radiation and be able to go again!! coz i really relaly wanna go!!!!!!!!!
    and i love takoyaki hahaha and u posted them twice! i want i want!! i bet they taste delicious there!!!
    hope u get ur internet back soon!! coz i miss u posting!! :)

  7. the photos look wonderful! i wish i could go there once in my life.

    please join my giveaway

  8. those are beautiful pictures!!! japan is such a wonderful place, can you believe that i still haven't been there? I was going to go to japan this fall when i take my trip to hong kong, but now i can't because of the radiation thing going on, and no one wants to go with me anymore. I don't know when i'm going to be able to go now :( But i'll defiantly ask you for tips when i go =p
    I love these kind of posts, as i love looking at pictures=)

  9. dang... japan looks amazing. i wanna visit it one day. seems like you had so much fun there, but yeah... the whole radiation thing... i dont dig that! lol!

    ohhh go to italy instead... go explore places that you haven't been before :]


  10. Nice pictures!! I think you put just right amount in this post :)
    Radiation is not too bad in Tokyo, but I'm sure Osaka and Kyoto is much better.
    Aw I hope you can revisit Japan!!! And I hope you get the internet back asap!!

  11. Oh wow! I would love to visit Tokyo some time... its the flights + hotel thats expensive to book! Which hotel did u stay in? Did you join a tour company or get around yourself? I love travelling and seeing other people's adventures abroad!

  12. omggg sound sensored in the washrooom? sooo cool!! ive always wanted to go to japan but im in soo much debt right not that i dont no when i can travel =[.... man i hate it when there is no internet it's sooo frustrating and boring lol...... btw these are awesome pictures of amazing places and thingsss it soo tempting to book a flight and just credit everything to my visa lol but that's not good right?? ><

  13. oh wow, this post just makes me want to rob a bank and get the first plane trip to tokyo! guh, such a beautiful place!

  14. wow! I wish i could ahve gone with you, you seemed to have a great time with plenty of photos! I hope u have internet soon :)

  15. Wooaahhh.. I love Japan. I've never been there, but why everything looks so beautiful there??? XD

    I love this post. I love that you captured the modern and traditional life of Japan. I also love that you made the pictures bigger(:

    Aah,, I've posted my revamp room(:

    Dreamy Princess

  16. I can't wait to go to Japan. Your photos make me want to go.... NOW! Takoyaki looks soooo delicious :O*** I want to visit their vending machines. Haha


  17. Nice picture. I really want to go to Japan. Maybe one day I will. I'm surprise you said it's not expensive because I heard so many things how in Tokyo specifically everything is cost way much more than here. I guess it's because I don't live in Vancouver.

  18. wow! there is a beautifully! amazing places! I dream about this trip! I would like to go to TOKYO! <333
    visit my blog :))

  19. I want to go to Tokyo/Japan soooooo badly!!! You're so lucky that you can afford to travel to so many beautiful places. :')

    HAHAHA, yes! Prices in Australia for beauty products is just ridiculous when compared to US prices... that's why I'm always shopping online for my makeup. HAHA... hopefully I can travel to America or Canada one day and pick up even more affordable makeup! HAHA, one day! :$

    I hope all has been well. xx

  20. o, thank you for your comment on my blog. Yes, is it a bed frame on the picture. :) But i bought this bed in jysk. ^^ I had the old bed from ikea.
    I unfortunately don't have a sister or brother. :( only cusin. I don't speak English well, but i learn. hehe :p I hope that someday I will go to tokyo.. :] ah..
    kisses ^^

  21. traveling? well, at the moment no. i'm going to cali on wednesday but i don't consider that as a trip. hehe!

    but i really would love to travel! there's this girl on blogger who is currently in italy right now and im loving her photos and how much fun she's having! i never knew that such a pretty place can exist! ohh and let's not forget the gelato! lol!

    paris?! oh em gee you guys are not college students right!? because me and my husband are haha! all we can afford is to go out locally xD internationally... maybe in a couple of years! :D


  22. I've never been to tokyo >.< awee..I've been wanting to go to shibuya 109. my fren post a lot of vids on youtube bout her shopping spree in shibuya 109 and I'm dying to be there! thanks for the post anyway =)


  23. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures!!! I miss Japan!!! I haven't been to Tokyo yet! But I love takoyaki so much >w< Osakas takoyaki is the best !!! Ichiban~~~ ^o^

  24. MEEE TOOOO. Almost a year since I went to Japan and I'm missing everything about it!! (cept the heat) The cramped small drugstores full of adorable items, the beautiful neon lights, the fact that there's vending machines everywhere, the freaking good food, the mass amount of people just about everywhere, even the confusing train system. T______T OH JAPAN, HOW I WISH TO GO BACK SOON.

  25. Great pictures suki! I think you captured japan very well. Many tourism companies would gladly use your blog for advertisement. LOL!

    But seriously, I don't know if you knew I was Japanese but I went to Japan in 2010 too! I know almost exactly where you stood to take those photos, but I am glad you had fun there. I agree with you it is an exciting place and there is so much to see everywhere you go. I even still get amazed everytime I go back (and I try to go every year or 2 years)
    you really like the octopus balls huh? so funny!but yes I like em too.
    Hey this post also reminded me I'm actually moving to Japan in 2 weeks! I was born here, but I thought since I'm fluent in Japanese to go over there and scope out the working world! I will post TONNES of things from Japan k!

  26. Have you been in Disney Sea ^^ ? I was there too, but it's already a long time ago.

    I love the way you took the photo with the tower - the bottom-up perspective looks nice!