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Sunday, September 4, 2011
         Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates! School starts next week so hopefully I'll be making steady updates by then! Not to mention I finally have some time to myself so there will be some foodie posts too! Anyhow I hope everyone's had a wonderful summer and are ready to get back to school or for those who work, ready for the fall/winter weather! (I, for one, am not!)

         I was able to head to PNE for a night! I missed all the interesting shows during the day but entrance fee was only 5$ past nine but it was hella expensive to do anything there! I wanted to ride the ferries wheel until I found out it was 7.50$ per person per ride!!! Am I just cheap or does that seem a lil steep for a 3 min ride?! I rather save my money and ride something at Disney! (Hey, every dollar counts!) It's probably the mentality of saving for the trip that makes me the cheapo I am currently LOL Anyways, just some random photos from the night!

~ The humongous cow ~

Look how big these cows are! I think they originated from China, I got to pet them and they're super warm!

~ Piggies ~
Momma pig and lil piglets! There were more piglets and every single one of them was adorable! Not to mention pink and clean!

~ Chickees ~
So fluffy and they do make those cute *chirp chirp* sounds!!!

~ Incubator ~

~ Older duckies ~
I have no idea why this photo turned this way....hahaha that duck looks like he got stuck but he's actually just eating from the hole.

~ Horses ~
When I first saw this I got so excited because I thought you could get really close to the horses but there was actually  a fence in the way =(

 ~ Blondie ~
Dino liked this horses mohawk haha and I thought the blonde horse beside him was really pretty!

~ Strange? Food ~
I didn't buy one but I think it's the same as hurricane fries but they didn't seem too popular....

~ Old Fashion Candy Stall ~
I even love the yellow vintage glass!

Once again, everything was pricey!

Greek food and scones?! Really? Are scones really a traditional fare at....fairs? 

~ The overpriced Ferris Wheel ~
I decided to just snap a photo instead of riding it....

~ Fool the Guesser ~
This was one of the most interesting game stands ever! Basically, you pay 5$ or 10$ and let the guy guess your age or weight and if he's right within three years or three pounds then he wins, if not then you win! 

Well that's it for now!
Till next time!
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  1. aww... i love piglets! they're so cute!

  2. i love those animals especially the little "clean" pigs!!! so cute!

    jos xx

  3. Hi suki! Glad you're posting again, I love the pictures of the cute chickees and horsies !!haha at the mohawks! :)

  4. so cute!
    btw, i love your hair! :)

  5. So cuute , I'm so glad youre posting again , I I'll be waiting for you newt posts :x
    The chickees and the duckies are so cute :x

    Bisou :x

    Doudinou <3

  6. Nice! You also met some animals ^^

    oh, the weather in Switzerland looks bad... I guess we had our last summer day yesterday! The rainy season has started and it seems that it is definitely getting autumn >o<

    I wish you a good start at school (*゚▽゚ノノ゙☆

  7. carnival food is always overpriced anywhere. no fun, but the tummy gotta eat. your disneyland trip would be more exciting since you're saving up for it :)

  8. Looks really interesting! That Fool the Guesser really sounds fun. I presume you'll have to show some sort of proof if he's wrong? An ID of some sort?
    This is a bit random, but I find candy apples so messy to eat. I've only had one in my life and I thought to myself, Never again. It's pretty and all, but so hard to eat.

  9. Awwww the piglets are too cute! I want one!

  10. Ahh good luck with school starting! It feels so STRANGE to get back into the groove of studying and running around campus. I love campus life but sometimes I think I'm an old lady who can't handle all of the frat daddies and sorority girls partying every Thursday - Sunday. It's madness!

    You can do it! I'm slowly but surely getting back to running. I'm just an average girl with a pudge. Evil pudge... Haha. These pictures are so adorable. I'm glad you had so much fun! I would have just sat in a corner and pet the ducklings. So cute :)

  11. ohmygoshhhhh, look at all of the baby animals!!! So cute. I would have squeezed all of them. Okay, maybe not squeezed them ... I did that to a guinea pig once, and it pooped on me.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Love the chickees, horses, and junk food...hehe. XD

    (Oh yeah, I am all about those HK drinks! Btw, is that Duffy in your profile pic? So cute :)

  13. awwww the piggies look so cute!!! after i see pics of these animals, i always feel kind of bad for eating meat haha

    gl w school, hun!! :D

  14. yayyy finally a post from you =)

    oh wow! is PNE the same thing as CNE kind of? looks so awesome! aww i love the animals, the pigs are so pink. And the chickies are so cute, i would love to pet them! I miss going on kiddie rides, everytime i go CNE i always wish i can still fit on most of them hahaha.

    ooo i still haven't tried tornado chips yet, i've seen them almost everywhere from festivals this year!

  15. ohhh and forgot to answer you question, i'm going to HK at the end of this month for 3 weeks! can't wait to go shopping, but not looking forward to the heat :(

  16. hi suki! i know you are busy but thanks for stopping by and remembering me. hehe

    wow! i always think you love nature-kind! my darling loves this kind of place, too. i wish we have it in japan, but not really. we don't even have street fairs and i miss those in ny. hehe

    i'm excited to know about your next trip!!! when and where are you going?! for us, one trip (to ny) per year is only the trip we go... so i envy you <3

    oh, btw, next recipe, i am using enoki mushrooms!!! how come you know that!? you surprised me. hehe

  17. cool post Suki! :D

    I love the piglets! I've never seen them up close before, only on the TV. They're so pink! I thought they would be brownish a bit, but they looks so pink and clean ^^ The chicks are adorable but I find ducklings cuter (how odd :P). I love the vintage glass too :)The horses are so beautiful, I have an obsession with horses :P
    There are so many food there :O scones? That's new to me :O I didn't know they actually sell scones in fairs O.o Hope to see your award post soon :)


  18. omg i went to a really similar place on saturday! My city has like a carnival every year for a weekish and yeh each ride was so expensive. Some were around 10$ as well @_@

  19. interesting! looks like you had fun and the cow is sooooo BIG! O_O and the piggies and little chicks are just so adorable! :3

    i guess i could try the guess the age thingie LOL! x) people often tend to think i am younger than i actually am.

  20. Those little chicks are soo adorable! Best of luck starting school! :)

    sorelle in style

  21. omg this looked so fun - best of luck with school! And those PIGGIES were my favorite - I love pigs and am so jealous that you got to play with piglets! Adorable...!

  22. It looked like you had lots of fun :] The chikees and ducklings look so adorable. It's been a while since I went to a carnival but they didn't really have any animals. And that's so overpriced for a ferris wheel O.o

  23. Those chicks and piglets are soooo cute!! XD

  24. This makes me miss my hometown haha
    I love all the baby animal pics <3

    p.s. About my Acne boots~ I usually hate the gap around the ankle too but these aren't so low cut that I mind it. And I usually wear them with pants anyway.

  25. heyhey~~ :)
    yups :) my real name is kitty :P hehe thats why i use the name meow for blogging :D

    is pne kinda like the calgary stampede? from your pictures.. it kinda looks like it!! i love looking at those farm animals when im at the stampede!! they are so cute!! especially the piglets hehee makes me want to have one as a pet~ same with the little chicks ! they look so fluffy and tiny~~
    and of course... food at those fairs are usually delicious and tempting!!!!! but also very fattening!!
    speaking of fattening.. haha i cant believe i gained weight within a week of coming back home! hahahaha im eating too much now that im home :P i must control myself :)

    what kinda TM do you use?? 55$ soo expensive!! i just use bb cream~ i feel like TM is too light for me..

    if u ever come down to calgary... let me know! and maybe we can meet up :)

    my new job is great~ im seeing some of the people i went to school with hehe so its really nice :) and the people there are nice!! makes me feel welcomed hehe :)
    i hope u have fun in school~~ i'll talk to u later! :)

  26. Oops I forgot to tell u that the soup was as good as it looked!! :) and yes!! I got the juicy at an outlet too!! Cept I forgot how much it costed me! And almost forgot I had it haha good thing I see u wearing it! I should probably take it out and wear it again!! Okies thats all! Hehe ttyl :)

  27. aww little chickies!! too bad they don't stay that way for long..:( scones at carnivals that is pretty random haha but they are good if their made right.. :)


  28. seems like you had a wonderful time there :) best luck for school :)

  29. I'm on the fence about visiting PNE :P But you looked like you had fun! I like the horse's mohawk too. lol.

    I really wanna try the "guessing" stand though. That seems really fun. And someday, I will go to the Psychic one just for laughs.

    If you see a chubby, tall, cute voice Asian girl @ the Henna stand, it might be my sister!^-^

    p.s. I have visited The Boss yet. No one's willing to go w/ me! =.=