~ afternoon tea at the fairmont and ramen ~

Saturday, September 10, 2011
         Hello everyone! School has once started for me and it's nice getting back into the grind! My class schedule is still incomplete and Im on a wait list for a few of my courses, I hope I get in! I've also been catching up with friends now for some food porn....

~ Afternoon tea at Fairmont...again...~
I came here with a friend, who I normally have tea with and she had never tried it at the Fairmont Vancouver before. Honestly, after coming here for tea a few times I could never recommend it to anyone who wants to try tea. I guess if you really want to sit in the nice decor etc. But the food is sub par and is ALWAYS the same! The only exception would be special times of the year like Christmas. Shangri-La and Fairmont Rim still rank as my top two choices for now.

It was a hot day so I decided to get chilled tea or have my tea chilled. The one I ordered was Angel Fall Mist and it was a really pretty pink! Think passion fruit iced tea at Starbucks LOL BUT it was really lacking in flavor which really disappointed me since it stated on the menu that it could be served hot or chilled. When teas are served chilled it needs to be made stronger than usual, which is what our waitress said she did but the flavor was lacking and it needed a punch of sugar.

 ~ The tiers....~
Which is the same as my previous post on the afternoon tea at the Fairmont....

 ~ Kawawa Ramen at Metrotown ~
I love this ramen place. I think it's really a hit or miss for most people. Some hate it and some, like me, love it. Im especially liking their tomato flavored ramen right now, perfect for summer! In the winter I order their Chashu ramen! =D Im actually not a huge ramen fan, in fact, I would go as far to say as I almost DISLIKE it, this is really the only place I would go for ramen....no jokes!

 ~ Ramen Egg ~
The delicious ramen egg I order every time with my ramen and can barely finish because Im usually so stuffed! I hear that the "golden" ramen eggs are quite hard to make, though I can't say if this is true since Im no cook myself LOL But it's delicious Y U M! (Not to mention nicely located in metrotown haha)

          That's all for now, hopefully I get to do more interesting stuff now that Im back in Vancouver regularly! I did a trip down to the states about a week back but resisted buying anything since I have to save like a mad woman!

Till next time!
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  1. Whoa, I just posted a food post too! Haha. Tomato flavored ramen?! What? Impossible! But the golden egg looks absolutely delicious. I really wonder how they make it-it just looks like a hard boiled egg but a lot cooler.

    Flamingos can fly? Haha, I hope I come across a random trivia question about flamingos sometime soon! :)

  2. those eggs look yummy! wonder how they managed to make it perfectly

  3. Mhmmm I would love to eat "real" Ramen... In Switzerland you don't find good restaurants which serve yummy Ramen. I am fed up with these instant ramen. (´へ`;

    I already knew that famingos can fly( ´∀`), furthermore I find it interesting why flamingos are pink♪(it depends on what they eat). And about the question why they don't escape from the zoo:

    I have heard about that they cut or remove a part of their wings so the zoo flamingos cannot fly. You can do this process with all birds...
    Poor birdies (/TДT)/

  4. Food looks so so delicious :x
    And I kinda knew that flamingos can fly , I've seen them flying once in a documentary show . :P

    Bisou :x

    Doudinou <3

  5. Afternoon tea <3
    Looks like you had a great day!

  6. You make me feel like going for afternoon tea now hehe I also didn't know flamingos can fly... wow learn something new every day hahaha! Looking forward to your trip plans too. I'll be going to Paris next weekend. Only for two days though cos its part business trip!

  7. Hi Suki! I like all your food pictures omg I want to fly to Canada hahaha, I have seen flamingos up real close, literally behind my grandparents house, they like to migrate around if they don't find food in their place if not, they'll stay there for a very very long time :D

    And yeah I agree, if something is so expensive and doesn't work then it'll be such a waste of money :( girll you should seriously luuux with all your foodie pictures :P

  8. Lol, did we thought of the same thing? I went and bought tea yesterday which is a big deal for me since I don't like tea. For the Opera cake, I won't be buying them anytime soon since I am supposed to be in a diet and I bought them that day to celebrate the bday of my friend who came to Mtl. I really wanted her to taste the Opera cake :( Next Time!

    Ahhhh, I want to go to the zoo too.

  9. awh i can imagine the conversation of the flamingoes being quite cute and then leading to a heated discussion and i wanna try ice afternoon tea ^^

  10. i loveeeee reading about your high tea posts and seeing pictures haha! omg i love ramen! I always go to a place call ajisan ramen, don't know if you've been before. I love that soupy goodness lol
    you are so cute with the flamingo conversation. I always thought they couldn't fly because they were so big. I really want to see one in flight now!

  11. i love how ur posting a lot more now :)
    its great to see you posting!!
    i have been so busy with brother's wedding!! we had so many family dinners and gatherings.. its been really tiring~~ but the wedding was yesterday and it was great :) it was such a nice wedding!!

    anyways.. i love ramen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but we dont have anywhere in calgary that sells good ramen... i wish we did though~~

    and i had no idea flamingos can fly! haha thats kinda interesting
    i wonder if the ones at the zoo have been clipped so they cant fly!?

  12. OH it looks so delicious :O***

    I haven't had ramen in a while. Your picture makes me want some. NOM!


  13. oh god. food!!!!
    so so so so hungry!!

    WOW COOL, didn't know that either! haha. go flamingos!



  14. haha how cute Suki :) I've always wondered whether Flamingos fly too. I always forget that they can, I saw them fly in the television at Animal Planet :P They're so pretty!

    Yummmmmmm! Oh gosh, I really need chilled tea. Especially in this terrible weather in Malaysia, it's really hot and hazy here. I keep visiting the fridge for something refreshing but all we have at home is Ribena or Apple Juice :/ boreddd! :P

    Tomato ramen? Never heard of that before but I'd love to try, I love tomato, but very weirdly, I don't like it raw :P bleckk so I guess you can say I like processed tomato if that makes sense :P


  15. I didn't think that flamingos could fly... Good to know.

    You've made me really crave ramen... Too bad the kind I'm probably going to get is the unhealthy kind.


  16. wattttt.. they can fly??? huh?? LOL i never kneww!!!.... and omg i have a hate and love relationship with food post because everythinng looks soo yumm and i CANT have it T_T how painful is that?? good thing i just ate so I'm quiet full now soo im not soo much in pain as suppose to when im reading food post with an empty stomach! lol

    btw u are soo cutee on the comment u made on my blog!! i can kinda coook but not perfectly lol ohoh nad i double checked with my friend she doesn't have the G3 she has the GF2...okk the prices would probbably be outrageous for G3 lol didnt research on it lol but by the way u're reacting is probbaly $$$$$_$$$$$ lol...I thought GF2 was really expensive already but i guess its totally worth it!!


  17. That afternoon tea looks amazing! That is one of my absolute favorite things to do! Ya flamingos can fly! Pink birdies in the sky so cool! xo -Taj

  18. Yummmm tomato flavored ramen!! That sounds so good. And I've never heard of it before. It's definitely a good summer dish for all the tomatoes that are in season.

  19. the ramen looks soo good!!!! I gotta try it out when I get back to vancouver!! I have missed bloggin! I promised myself to do it more on a regular basis when I get to Japan.....

    thnx for your lovely comment...as always! yes but it is true Japan fashion is definitely more affordable than Vancouver, I can't wait to go visit Van to see what is new over there....esp aritzia!!! haha you just can't hate that place!!!

  20. nice food woh~

    http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  21. Omg ur killing me here with these food pictures chica! :P ..i didnt get the backpack kind of need to get rid of some stuff i dont use.. :/ i have a lot of stuff i don't use.. haha.. it's so bad..


  22. Thanks for sharing! That ramen looks freakin amazing! So hungry now.. & you're blog is absolutely adorable! Love! ^___^

  23. hi suki! sounds busy starting a new semester but fun ;D i know. going school is much better than having no schedule. hehe and the same for the work! but i quit since my schedule was full (creating videos). LoL but i think i worked enough... and now is time to seek what i can do by myself.

    i always like your afternoon tea time!!! and how exciting having plans for trip :D

    keep up your diary, since many don't update these days :'(

  24. The tea place sounds like a dream! I love how everything is presented there too!

  25. Love ramen, even bad ramen, and instant too. lol!

    Oh gosh you have a thing for flamingos too? Me and my sis are obsessed. We are hunting down films with flamingos, we take pictures of flamingos and we want a pet flamingo.

    Of course they can fly, they are migrating birds.

    They don't escape the zoo because of the food! They are not stupid, and they love to eat!!!

  26. YUMMY. This post is totally make me stomach grumble yiiiipppppeee! Have a good school year - work hard, have fun, etc etc! Haha.

    And that's really neat. I actually never thought about whether flamingos could fly or what not, so thank you oodles for the informatioN! Hah.


  27. The food is just absolutely delicious! Honestly, I did not know that Flamingos could fly. That's intense!

  28. So jealous of you and your many planned trips! hehe!

    So note to self, don't go to the Fairmont Vancouver for tea! I definitely did enjoy the atmosphere and the food at Fairmont PR and i like it better because it's bright and inviting (not so much the case at the FV) ... plus I hear FV is haunted. haha! By the way, i went to the Urban Tea Merchant on the 9th and i quite enjoyed it! The food was just okay (FPR was still better in my books) but my tea was deeeeelish! I tried the "Alfonso" which is a black mango tea and i couldn't get enough! I think i finished my whole pot and still had room for more! haha!

    Oh and good to know about the Flamingos... adding that to my random facts in my head. :P

  29. I never knew Flamingos can fly. lol. You guys have adorable conversations. I love Ramen. I am so surprised that you don't! I also love all your foodie posts. hahaha.

    I'm no longer doing temp jobs, yay! I've started my new perm job and it's been going well. It's very down to earth there so I love it. I don't have to dress like an OL anymore.

    I would love to watch videos of you reviewing products!

    To make your photos less blurry is to set your camera's file quality to be "fine" or something higher (Go into camera's settings to do that).

    If your image is only 50px by 50px (for example), and you blow it up to 100px by 100px on the computer, you're not adding more pixels, you're just making the pixels larger = blurry pics.

    To sharpen pictures: I use photoshop's "unsharpen mask" but it's best to take high quality pics w/ your camera instead of having to to this.

    Your parent's restaurant's so far away 0.0 Do you live on your own in Vancouver?

    Don't worry about not knowing what to do w/ a history degree, there are lots of things you can do with it! Tell your parents you can still go to Law or Med school w/ a history degree and they'll be happy. hahaha

    I will someday go visit the Boss very soon :) I've been cleaning up house since I'm back @ my own place and practicing driving!