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Tuesday, September 6, 2011
I'll let the photos do the talking...

~ Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts ~
My sister brought these back as a gift from her trip to Hawaii! Apparently the guide said that he doesn't even know why these chocolate covered nuts are so popular in Hawaii, especially as souvenirs, since the nuts aren't grown locally! According to Wikipedia they're from Australia! 

 ~ Hello Kitty Mooncake Set ~
For all those who follow the Chinese tradition you all know it's moon cake season!......but honestly...Im not a huge fan of moon cake lol It just doesn't taste yummy to me! So when I saw this set at T&T I jumped on it!

Adorable packaging! The ones in the middle are marshmallow filled with lotus paste and the ones on the sides are dry biscuit filled with lotus paste!

I haven't tired these yet but Im desperately hoping they're candy or something sweet.....

 ~ recycle....~
Look at this adorable shopping bag!

And the best part? It folds up into this adorable small parcel! Convenient and CUTE! I carry this around in my purse now and for those who are interested I got this at the Richmond night market for 4$! I think you can get something similar online (ebay) for about the same price! =D

Till next time!
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  1. The Hello Kitty Moon Cakes are soooo adorable! I would just buy it for the packaging! I want that Pooh Bear shopping bag too! Hehe.

  2. whaaaat HK mooncakes?!?!? i gotta go look for them hehe and omg that Pooh bag is so freaking cute!! idk why every1 who goes to HI comes back w those nuts! i think 99% of the ppl i know who visit HI come back & give them out as gifts lol

  3. So cuuute D: I would do the same thing, buying it even if I wouldn't eat it XD
    The Pooh bag is so handy :D

  4. <3 Winnie the Pooh! I was just at the night market a while back! So glad other bloggers like it too. I should look around for this next time!

  5. So cuuute :3 , Those choclate look delicious , and I love that shopping baag :D So adorable :3 <3

    Bisou :x

    Doudinou <3

  6. I'll read your about suki post!! OMG hello kitty moon cakes looks good, did that one taste good though? I think most chocolates like to deceive people lol!! :D!

  7. i luvvv chocolate covered macadamia nuts! mMmm.. and you got hello kitty mooncakes?! i want some!! :P


  8. uaah, nice to see your cute souvenirs ^^

    When you love the packaging or the design of something, whether the content you do like or not, nobody can resist - right ^^ ? hihi I know it from my own experience |≧∇≦)οΎ‰

    the quote on the pooh-bag is so lovely (^^ )♪

  9. omg those mooncakes are so awesome! i want hello kitty mooncakes! gotta see if i can find them haha.

    that winnie the pooh bag is the cutest thing! so handy dandy!

    can't wait to hear about your travel plans!

  10. WHATTTTT I want a hello kitty mooncake set! I'm so jealous!

  11. *run to TNT*. I'd get the Hello Kitty one just for the packaging! ^-^

    I only eat the duck eggs in the mooncakes. I've never really like them either. I wrote a new entry *just* for you. hahaha. What kind of work were you doing all the way up in Squamish?

    Welcome back to Vancouver ^-^ I really hope this gorgeous sunshine last until November or something.

    My bf's dad is surviving. lol. I think he misses his wife's cooking and I've starved him a few times. Heck, even I miss his wife. I love bf's dad but I am not ready for the house wife life style.

    Good luck w/ your studies! What courses are you taking this semester?

  12. hi suki! the hello kitty mooncake is really cute! we don't eat mooncake here so i think i cannot find that here in japan... but i wish i could have that!!!

  13. ohh you bought the hello kitty set haha i saw those at t&t and was lusting over it. and that pooh pouch is so cute!

  14. I'm also not a fan of moon cake but those Hello Kitty ones look scrumptious! I've got one of those eco-bags too but mine turns into a strawberry hehe

  15. such cute stuff; love them! Love your blog as well.;)

  16. sooo cute! i love the mooncakes!


  17. Loving the treats but most of all the chocolates. I grew up in Guam and macadamia nut chocolates were my ultimate favorite. It sucks though that I'm allergic to them now

  18. After I saw this post I had to buy small pieces of cake at the bakery store. The guy gave me the wrong cakes :( I wanted an Opera cake and he gave me a Chocolat Noir cake. Still want my cake T.T

  19. HK mooncakes! I want 5 boxes now....

  20. this is such a cute, pink post! love it! that hello kitty box is super fantastic!

    jos xx

  21. Your gifts/buys are so cute :] For mooncakes, I either liked them or hate them depending who or what company baked them.

  22. Cuteness overload!!!! Hello kitty & winnie the pooh? Too cute!

  23. omgg winnie the pooh my love!!....and I love macadamia nuts(w/o the chocolate)!! but they are soo expensive! lol

    P.S u should totally try out glymm!! u will love their glossy pink box! and the jelly beans and the amazing samples! i cant wait to get september's box tomorrow!! (but i cant open it till monday because I wont be home) =[.. but anyways if u do want to signup I would love it if u can use my referral link so I get some poitns for referring u =]... www.glymm.com/share/alexandra_mo you can also earn points and when u have enough u use it as money for future purchases!! they have full size items as well =D

    btw the lumix G3 is nice!!!! my friend has it.. i think its the same one or it might have been the GF2? I forgot yes maybe buy it from HK instead.. save some tax?..btw thanks for the tinted moisturizer suggestion.. but i find that they dont give enought coverage... recently I jsut love concealer and powder =]


  24. omg the hello kitty moon cake set is amazing! hope you're okay :)

  25. That Winnie the Pooh bag is just too cute. I love it!

    Also, those mooncakes are far more appealing than the ones I've got in my fridge.


  26. omg mooncake! ahhhhh! i miss mooncakes so much but can't eat it cos i'm in the UK ... hahah

    anyways youtube DOES suck time! You put it perfectly!

    visit me if you want!

  27. mooncake!!!
    and hello kitty toooooo
    i dont remmebering seeing that hello kitty set of mooncake at my T&T... we have a different one with a tin can in the middle full of candies i think and then the same mooncakes on the side
    i havent had a bite of mooncake yet this year.. they are on the kitchen table though.. will probably eat some tmw haha.. :)
    and that pooh bear bag is so cute!!
    i love how they have all these cute recycle bags now.. i have one that can fold into a strawberry :) i think i got mine free from sasa hehe when i ordered stuff from them a while ago :)

  28. Aww, I just love the winnie the pooh eco bag ^^ We don't get eco bags that cute over here in Malaysia. MUST check it out on Ebay. Looks even better folded up :D

    Hawaii Host chocs!:) My dad went to Hawaii few years ago and brought back some, I never got to try :( I have no idea why?! :P But the chocs he brought back ain't got Lilo n Stitch on it :( Packaging is so cute :) Talking bout both the chocs and mooncake. I'm not a fan of mooncake too, only original ones but I hate how people try to make crazy mooncake flavors like Gummy Bears, why can't they stick to the original? :P

    I WANT THE HELLO KITTY MOONCAKE SET! Sounds delish too, glad it's the original lotus paste :)


  29. Hi! So cute goodies ay! ;) Love Hello Kitty too!!!

  30. chocolate Macadamias are my favorite. ahh, yes, it's mooncake festival. you got the hello kitty ones... I envy you. I madly want that eco-friend bag. soo cute. I barely log in to my blog, thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment on my new post


  31. Wooow love it !! i want i want! =P xx