~ petite afternoon tea at the urban tea merchant ~

Saturday, October 8, 2011
           Hello everyone! I can't believe it's October already! That means Halloween is coming soon! =D....but then again it's not like I do anything special for Halloween hahaha I want to hand out candy but no kids come to my area of the neighborhood.....=( I guess I'll just have to harass + humiliate my dog and get him to wear bunny ears or something.

~ Petite afternoon tea at The Urban Tea Merchant ~
It was my first time trying the Merchants petite afternoon tea! I highly recommend this for everyone! The amount of food was perfect and my friend and I both got individual tiers!

~ Top tier - Sweets ~
The best tier! A plate of scrumptious goodies loaded with fruits, a macaroon, a petite cake and a large chocolate dipped strawberry!

~ Middle tier - tea buddy ~
A large cranberry(?) scone! With devonshire/ clotted cream and jam! I love the clotted cream! I really can't eat a scone without this, it's not possible.

~ Bottom tier - finger sandwiches ~
Delicious finger sandwiches! I think there was a smoked salmon one, a cucumber one and a chicken one. There was chicken salad inside the waffle cone! It's like a savory sweet treat!

          If anyone is interested they also have a limited time Harvest Afternoon Tea right now and until Nov.16 you receive a free packet of tea (50g)! They also have a Chocolate fondue tea set! I haven't tried it before but it sure sounds good!

Till next time ~
26 comments on "~ petite afternoon tea at the urban tea merchant ~"
  1. wow that mini meal looks soo cute and delicious! and I love that floral print scarf!

  2. you're so cute!
    that finger food looks so delicious!

    jos xx

  3. Hightea looks so yummmmmy!!!
    Your outfit looks great

  4. you look so dolly and those mini meal looks cuuteeee!
    everything is so adorable

  5. Hey Suki! Sorry, haven't been visiting lately :) I blog less now that I have to focus with my year-end studies :)

    You look super pretty in your OOTD! I love the scarf, lately I have been into scarves:P The tier looks so yummy and cute. I like the petite cake the best, it's so cute like a little present box ^^ I haven't tried a macaroon before, it's so popular these days. Wonder how it tastes like :P

    Well, wish you all the best for your midterm! :)

  6. I like your outfit of the day, the scarf is so prettyyyy! I wish there were more places over here to have afternoon tea so that I can make it a regular thing of mine too hehehe the tiers look soooo delicious (omg macaron!).

    And nope I haven't tried the new Harvest Moon game, I hardly have time for games nowadays! However, BF was wanting to sell his PS3 the other day and I begged him not to because I like playing Mushroom Wars and Pixel Junk Monsters and Little Big Planet.

  7. No kids come to my neighbourhood on Halloween too -_- The number of them have been decreasing year by year :(

    Good luck on your midterm! :)

  8. Thanks for making me hungry XD haha! Btw .. I like your socks XDD

  9. Pretty outfit, you socks made me giggle! Where did you get your beautiful scarf? The food looks so cute!! I miss afternoon tea, especially the desserts.

    Hahaha! I don't think I'll ever, everrr get sucked into gaming!! Argh, eye bags are such a pain, mine are really bad too :( Due to stress and work, and too many movies...

    Hope you are well my pretty! xX

  10. You must post pictures of your dog once you get him into a Halloween costume or into bunny ears! That would be hilarious! You could always buy a bag of candy and eat it yourself. It's definitely something I would do whether or not kids came to my neighborhood. I love the scarf you are wearing and I love your straight bangs! They really suit your face and I think you look adorable! :)

    OMG............ little cakes......
    <3 <3 <3

  11. u look so cute!!! love the floral scarf & your super warm & fuzzy looking socks hehehe
    and the tea treats look so yummy, esp that waffle cone hahaha

  12. wow...the food really made me hungry... i want it so badly now... but alas! :(
    and yes sure you do look like a 13 year old here :)

  13. wow! those look really good!!! is salad inside the waffle cone-kind popular over there?! i once saw kym having it, so i wonder. hehe

    anyways, i love your style! very cute and you don't look too young but gorgeous cute ;D

    it seems like the weather there is getting cold. please take care!!!

  14. I hate you blog, it always makes me hungry after I have read it. =______= JUST TRYING TO MAKE ME FAT, AREN'T YOU!!

    So lucky that you can wear that little out, I've been wearing at least 3 layers to school these days. I even carry gloves with me just in case.....

  15. LOL. You're so sweet. You are pretty much the only reader on my blog who comments and wait for my post. I can't really accept that you think my writing's any good. :blush: But THANK YOU anyways^-^ Good luck with your midterm! Take home mid term isn't too bad now is it??

    I'm semi-back! as in I read other ppl's blog but not update mine. hahahaha. But I'm planning on getting back to full time blogging soooon^-^

    I love visiting your blog and the posts always make me smile! That outfit looks very chic w/ the flower scarf. There is nothing wrong looking as young as 13^-^ Trust me, you will appreciate the young gene later on in life.

    And yummmm that petit cake looks too pretty to be eaten.

  16. mmm yummy! i love all the food in the arrangement!

    p.s love ur floral scarf!

  17. You look really good. It's now colder here in the mornings but still around 100F in the afternoons so I'm not sure what to wear. Your outfit sounds pretty nice right now.

  18. YUMMM looks so good!
    Your scarf is really pretty :)

  19. hi Suki! That looks absolutely delicious, where is this place? :)I might fly to Canada just to try this hahaha! *bad timing to look at a food post :p

  20. Your scarf is so beautiful!! and your bag love it! which brand is it ? And omg you went high tea again!! =D yummy as always !

    yeahh the cupcake cafe was so cute! The food some cupcakes were a lil bit too sweet! And the green one was GREEN TEA flavor! But I didn’t taste any green tea?! XD The rainy weather started here already XD I already bought a winter jacket XD the tripod that we have isn’t that heavy =D luckily you can fold it and it’s also not that big =D whahhaa! Sometimes can put it in my bag XD (if I got a BIG bag ) whaha

    I have so many deadlines for school XD and the same here with readings! Some readings are soooo boring!! I’m going to my bf brother’s wedding next week XD pics will come soon! But omg I think next week is so cold! xx

  21. Hehe, I love your scarf! AHH all that cute looking food. :3

  22. hi hon!!! i've missed you!! how are you?? omgosh this tea looks AMAZING!! especially that chicken salad inside the waffle cone?!?! that's crazy!! omgosh i know what you mean about devonshire cream i LOVEEEEEE devonshire cream it's def not the same when you go to a tea place and they give you butter.. you can tell it's a real tea place when they give you devonshire! it's so nommy on scones!

  23. oh ps. i love your shabby & chic rose scarf! so pretty on you :)