~ afternoon tea -Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong ~

Thursday, December 8, 2011
         Hi everyone! I had a hard time decided which post to post today but I decided to do the afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong! Sorry I didn't get a chance to take a shot of the exterior. The hotel is really easy to get to as long as you reach Tsim Tsia Tsu station, there are huge signs stating where each tourist attraction is. I just did one final today and have another one next week which means more studying for me but after that Im free!......to do Christmas shopping hahaha which is actually more tedious than it sounds =P But I'll try to make it fun!

        FYI you can NOT make a reservation for tea here and get there early! I mean early! I got there about 15mins before the "official" time which is 2pm and there was already a nice big line up! As for attire, I think business casual or smart casual is alright. Don't wear anything that is too revealing or sporty. So no short shorts, flip flops etc. There is a sign that states the dress code but I'm not too sure how reinforced it is.

         Oh and my Bf went to Europe for a week! Gosh, it was such a last minute trip with his friends but I'm sooooo jelly!!! I rolled around and pouted like a baby! Europe! I want to go to! He said if we don't go to Egypt in the spring we can always go to Europe, fat chance that's happening! (Actually that seems more realistic since the tension and revolts haven't gone down in Egypt T_T) I told him to get me some Laudrees macrons for me as I think Paris is his last stop (soooo jelly writing this right now!) =D

I tried to wear something that was more "formal" but still comfy for me to be in for the rest of the day.

~ decor ~
The decorations were beautiful. I kept staring at the ceiling which was completely lined with gold wooden motifs. I never got a chance to ask if it was all hand made or not.

A close up.

~ the menu ~
The tea list was a bit of a disappointing. I guess it's just like any other tea place but I was expecting more choices of teas here.

~ interior ~
I took this photo to try and show you guys what the inside looked like LOL It felt a little awkward to just lift the camera up and shot =P

~ chilled jasmine ~
I think my tea was either chilled jasmine or early grey, the day was soooo hot there was no way I could have drank hot tea! I was also very disappointed that the tableware here was made of plastic! I mean the handles of the knife, fork, spoon were all plastic! Is it really that expensive to get some real table ware with metal handles?

~ the three tiers ~
Our three tiers!

~ the savory ~
The savory tier was alright. Nothing really too impressive, the bread with the ham tasted like bread with ham and that weird looking piece...I don't even remember what it tasted like -.-

~ the scones ~
I felt like the scones looked really weird like some sort of bun LOL But Bf really liked the scones! I thought they were not too bad but not the best either and when I have pastries like these I tend to only eat the top half (this also applies to muffins a lot too, I swear the top half tastes so good!)

There was also devonshire cream (clotted cream) and strawberry/raspberry jam. I felt like the cream really like taste even though it was nice and airy.

~ the sweets ~
On the left is some fruit cake....like the ones from Christmas except it only had orange peels in it -.- The chocolate piece was alright and I remember really enjoying the citrus piece! =D

They handed one of these to every customer. Some jelly thing on top of marshmallow like mousse, yum!

~ the surprise ~
After you asked for the cheque they actually give you macrons to top off your meal! I'm not sure if it's only customers who order afternoon tea that get it or any customer but I thought it was a sweet gesture and a great surprise!

          All in all, the experience of tea here was really for the atmosphere. The food is nothing to rave about, it was nice having it once in this hotel, but I probably won't be coming for a second time. Would I recommend this? If you're someone that likes having tea at new places then yes. Depending on where you live, you might not be able to have tea at this type of place, in my home city the Fairmont is the closet thing and it doesn't even compare to the grandeur of the lobby at the Peninsula. 

Till next time!

P.s I'm still having problems commenting on lots of peoples blogs! >< Im not ignoring you but I just can't comment! This is only happening on the blogs which have the comment box at the bottom of their page. I'm having no problem commenting on blogs where the comment page pops up in another window OR it is the full page style. You can easily change your comment settings in the comment section of settings on your dashboard!

Unless otherwise stated, I always reply comments after I put up a new post! So if you don't get a reply from me in a about a day or two after a new post, Im not ignoring your comment! >< It's also really frustrating when I was to leave a comment to appreciate the blogger but I just can't T_T
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  1. =O sad to hear the food wasnt anything special but the place looks absolutely breathtaking! I wana try Laudrees macaroons aswell hehe they look so luxurious but i hope the taste matches the quality of pretty packaging!
    I love the pork buns at yumcha! But i also like egg tart :)


  2. wow! I've never tried Macaroons but they're all the rage these days. The last time I went to Hong Kong we had to save more because you know, family and all, so naturally we'll end up spending more. :s

    Anyway, I think I passed by the Peninsula. Where'd you stay while you were in HK? I always stay at Disney cos it's the only hotel that allows my whole family to squeeze into one room like a whole can of tuna. The other hotels would strictly force us to get two rooms. Heh.


  3. Yum! Afternoon tea! :) You look fabulous!

  4. It's so nice to read about your travels, I look forward to seeing lots more photos (also enjoyed your big photo post before this one ~!) Too bad the high tea wasn't that impressive ^^ actually I haven't had a really impressive high tea so far ~

  5. what a lovely place for tea, and your outfit is simple but elegant. The food looks fantastic, too bad they weren't great.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. It's a nice place ;D
    I love your cute cardigan :D


  7. ohhh what a cute place!! what a cute surprise to bring out macarons at the end.

    loved your outfit too, super cute :D

  8. Hi Suki :D wow how could a nice place only serve with plastic cutleries? No it is not expensive to get proper metal ones lol, I do work in the food department :)It should be a must to serve with those, I think plastic cutleries reminds me of cheap cafeterias and take outs, hard to eat anything with thosee btw I hope your blogging problems are resolved soon

    and hahah you have to post the unibearsity soon its soo cute O_O!! love haul posts xD and how does your bf travel so much??! I am Jelly too lol!!

  9. YUM!

    But what is that piece of meat sticking out in that savory tier? Looks like ham... did they just not place it in the sandwich properly? LOL!!!

    AND I AM FRIGGIN EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS. I bought my mom a Christmas Duffy so we can match lol.

    I am very eager to see your haul for Duffy stuff. Sigh... Oh btw do you know if I can get a Shelly May in the HK airport? My coworker is going again for the holidays so just wanted to know... I really want one.

  10. what a lovely place to have high- tea. nice place.

  11. Love this post! You look so pretty!

    xx THE CHEAP

  12. ohmygoshhhhh, I love your blazer. It's just perfect. I have never gone anywhere for tea, but now I kind of have a tea craving, so thanks for that. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. I can't believe they gave you the jelly thing AND macaroons!! I love macaroons! Too bad the food wasn't great because the hotel looks amazing! It looks so grand and pretty!

    Noway, you're only 5"2??! You look really tall in your HK pics! No worries i'm not much taller than you >.< xX

  14. high tea experience in hong kong! i should have done that! actually there were so much i still haven't gotten the chance to do, wish we had more time.

    omg bf going to europe??? i would be super jealous too, too bad you have finals and can't go with him. he gotta take you there next time.

    thanks suki for making me feel better, you are such a sweetheart. i listened to your advice and painted my nails. I even "called in sick" today just to have a day for myself haha, that was a bad girl on my part...

    i hope things get better before christmas

  15. Mhmmm, this afternoon tea looks much nicer than the last time *lol* and the restaurant looks very chic ^^ What a pitty we don't have many cafes, which offers yummy food on a tier! I already thought about buying my own tier plate rack xD

  16. I'm sorry that the tea wasn't that great. I have never been to a tea spot in my life. I think I should try looking for some in the area. It sounds interesting and yummy. Tea sounds good right about now since the weather is quite chilly here.

  17. I feel jealous for you too! I wish I could just say 'yeh I feel like travelling around Europe next week' lol poor u... as for the afternoon tea, I guess thats what you expect in HK. They never really get proper western food right! Same the other way around I guess but at least you can say you tried and know not to go again!

    I might go back to HK next year, not too sure yet but BF keeps banging on about wanting to go Japan. I dunno about Tokyo though cos these days I prefer more scenic and calm sightseeing holidays rather than hustle and bustle of city life. I guess if we do go eventually, we'd only spend a few days in Tokyo and then travel out. What do you think?

  18. Everyone seems to be eating macaroons, I could really have some right now since it's been a while since the last time I had one!

  19. The place looks so luxurious. And the food is so cute!

  20. Sukii... I love to see your pics in prev post. I wanna go there, especially disneyland!(:

    Mmm.. so bad that the food is so ordinary. There so many places that only sell their atmosphere. So hard to get both atmosphere and taste..

    I love to see the macaroons. too cute!

    haha.. it's ok. I'm so lazy to make new post.. my bad..

    Dreamy Princess

  21. I've missed catching up with your blog, Suki! I'm going to HK with my bf in a week. Glad to see your posts with detailed food pics so I know where to pig out haha.

  22. Awww I know how much you want to come to Europe. There's always next time. Your bf can do a sort of test-visit for you hehe

    The place looks lovely :D

  23. Don't be jelly ;)
    I love your post btw.
    First time visit your blog. I'll come back ;)

  24. Oh no! I'm having cravings for tea stuff now! Darn your pictures!! =P

    I'm gonna pop out to buy some macaroons before the shops close now.

    I'm blaming you.


    ♡ M.May

  25. I had afternoon tea here as well when I went to Hong Kong..I REALLY enjoyed it! so far it's been the best afternoon tea experience I've had ever :D I would definitely return.
    We never got macarons with ours though :( lol

    Anyway I love your blog!! Following you now :D

  26. Oh my, the architecture looks absolutely stunning! and the dessert? absolutely mouthwatering. Your post makes me wanna do some spontaneous traveling too ;)

  27. I love your cardigan!
    That high tea rack looks so cute :)

  28. so elegant. the perfect date :D and macaroons look delish!!

  29. wah~ hong kong! i hope to go there one day! and that hotel looks gorgeous. such a grand environment and very "tea-time" like! sucks about the plastic material..that seems a bit odd, actually. as you mentioned, it's for the overall atmosphere i guess!

    and the macaroons look delish *drool*

    cute outfit of the day btw! and hope your bf has fun in Europe! and i agree, Egypt might not be the best place to go for another year or so...lol!

  30. That's a huuuge downside, hearing the cutlery are made of plastic!
    Well atleast the hightea food looks nice :P
    If you come to Europe, visit Holland (my country) :D


  31. everything looks so pretty and yummy!

  32. Looks so delicious!!!!! :)

    I want to go to a tea house, sooN! :)


  33. Oh i think when a place looks like this it's always worth visiting :) cute outfit btw

  34. I'm really surprised @ the food plate. It looks so...unappetizing to me =.= I guess all the moola must've gone into the decor. lol.

    But it's always good to experience afternoon tea @ different places. I'd prolly still visit just to oogle @ the decor of the place!

  35. hiiiiiiiiii!!

    the tea items doesnt look as good as the ones you normally post for us to see!!! which is so disappointing.. coz i always expect food in asia to be good! haha :P i dunno why i always have that expectation when i go to hk :P
    i still havent tried having afternoon tea yet!! im actually not sure if theres a place in calgary that has it? probably at the fancier hotels.. but i will have to look it up first~
    yea.. bowie walked pretty funny at first in those boots haha he kept putting his hind legs in the air really high! then we took out his favorite treat and he ran towards it.. as if he forgot he was wearing boots!!
    but all he does is eat snow when we let him out! it was so hard to capture those photos!!! i took like 200 pics to get a few that were decent haha :P good thing pictures dont cost money now!
    i posted a few pictures of the xmas lights at my zoo! it was quite disappointing this year... it was so small! normally theres was a lot more to see.. but they made it small this year :( and still charging us the same amount of $ to see it!
    i cant wait till xmas!!! i feel like this year is making up for the non-xmas like xmas i had last year haha~ i cant wait for the family dinners!! all the turkey and prime rib dinners!! WEEE :D im gonna get so fat!!!!!!!! but its worth it!! :)
    did i tell u our oven at home broke? haha and my dad wasnt gonna get a new one till boxing day.. so we canceled a few of our xmas dinners (the ones at our house)... but over the weekend.. my dad decided to get one haha so we're having those dinners again! woo hoo :) i cant wait!
    anyways... im getting sleepy~~ just got off work! i'll talk to u later! :)

    ps. i remembered to copy my comment first before pressing publish! :)

  36. Lovely outfit, the sweets look amazing and you are so beautiful my dear.

    I have a giveaway this week, would love for you to check it out ;)

  37. Hey Suki,

    The place looks so grand and elegant, the design crafted on the ceiling and everything :P Looks very classy but guess it isn't all that classy after reading your review on the food they served. I like how the Tea glass :p It's cool how they labeled TEA on it :P I sometimes pay attention to the details.

    It's very disappointing how the place looks oh-so fancy and grand but the food doesn't taste too well. I'll definitely take up your advice since you're a professional when it comes to tea time :DD Haha, the scones do look weird, it's top is all puffed up and funny :P And I don't think that's usual for scones, maybe they were trying to be unique :P

    Look forward to your next post!
    Hope you can tag along with your boyfriend the next time he goes to Europe!:D

    Lots of luv,

  38. ooh. the place looks so pretty
    and even the food looks pretty! LOL
    I love your scalloped blazer :)


  39. Great post i love it!


  40. For the 17 years I lived in hk I still havent been to tea there lol but once my family stayed there and the rooms were just as grand as the pictures you look... Have you try "The One" yet? i heard it offers much better tea sets. Oh well... the Peninsula, still have to be there once in my life time I guess.... Hope you're feeling better soon!