~ disney dim sum ~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
        For anyone that is interested in this dim sum, it's located at the crystal lotus restaurant that is located inside the Disney Land Hotel in Hong Kong. On the website it states that it is only available on weekends and public holidays. I believe the dim sum starts at 11am to 3pm but they may start selling out around 2pm. You may also call ahead to make a reservation if you're worried. Personally I just went and winged it, the restaurant wasn't too busy despite it being a weekend. In my excitement I totally forgot to take a photo of the menu >< But I believe that the dishes ranged from 7$-12$ Canadian per dish.

~ crystal lotus at the Disney Hotel ~

~ gorgeous lights ~
They had these gorgeous lotus chandeliers! 

~ taro swan puffs ~
These taro puffs were delicious! The pastry puff was done very well! It was nice, light and fluffy, Im pretty anal when it comes to these "fluffy" pastries but these were really good.

~ glutinous Mickey pancakes ~
As cute as these looked they tasted soooo bland. This was the most bland tasting dish out of all the ones we ordered. That red sauce it came with was just regular spicy sauce, a disappointing dish, it was tasteless.

~ duffy red bean paste filled buns ~
Duffy buns!!! As much as I don't like red bean I still ordered these just to see Duffy's face hahahaha To be honest, they weren't bad and if you're someone that enjoys bean paste you'll probably like this dish.

~ three little pigs bbq pork buns ~
I really enjoyed these ones! I thing I also liked was the size of these buns, they were quite small meaning I was able to enjoy quite a bit of them, the down size is the price of these things!

~ little green men pork and vegetable buns ~
These were ordered last minute since I wanted to see them so much hahaha despite the fact that I was totally stuffed by this point! These were not bad either! Noms!

          Overall I quite enjoyed Disney dim sum. Again it's located at crystal lotus at the Disney hotel which is easy to get to once you get to HK Disney Land. You can either walk there, it's about a 20min walk or take on of the shuttles.I also had afternoon tea at the Disney Land hotel but that will be for another post! =D

Till next time!

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  1. aww... the piggy buns are so cute!

  2. glad your feeling better!
    the dimsum food looks so cute and yums! i think i wouldn't have the heart to eat it, so cute!

  3. omg so cute!! Normally I don't like dim sum too much but I really want to try those hahah

  4. I love how they are so creative with the buns! Definitely a fan of those!

  5. great pics and so yummy and creative foodie!!! love love love it!!! am glad that you are fine now.. you are so sweet and pretty... following you now..

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  6. Omg! Those piggies are just too adorable to eat! I would just sit and stare at them all day. Too precious to eat! XD

  7. Hey hun :) loving your holiday snaps and those buns are ADORABLE i wouldnt wana eat them id wana take them home with me hahaha <33 Miss reading your posts !



  8. I love dim sum even though I have only ate it twice in my life. They look so yummy and cute. I could see myself looking at these for a long time and eat them after 30 minutes or so haha. I hope you have a good holiday :]

  9. Oooooh I wouldn't have the heart to eat those cute piggies!!

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  10. Those buns are so cute! I really want some now haha :)

  11. oh noo, they look so cute! Could you really eat them xD ??

  12. OMG you make me so jealous. i really want to go there! Everything is so adorable!!

  13. Everything looks so darn cute! I want to visit Disneyland so badly ><

  14. Welcome back! You're officially on holiday break! :) I'm glad you're feeling well enough to blog. We definitely miss u! So what are your Christmas plans?

    This has gotta be the cutest and expensive dim sum place. It'd be so hard for me to eat all the cute buns. Lol. I love red bean so those duffy buns made me drooled. Hahaha

  15. Haha love the alien dim sums! Xx

  16. OMG, BABEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This made me hungry AND die with cuteness overload. Damn.. I'm hungry now.. Piggies, GET IN MY BELLAAY!

  17. glad to see your back! hope you are feeling better! seriously love those animal buns, it would be too cute to eat them haha happy holidays!

  18. these piggy buns are awesome.. so cute.. i love dim sum! Merry Christmas!

  19. omg omg!! THE FOOD LOOKS SO CUTE! I would not be able to eat it haha. Great photos :)

  20. OMG Suki!! Those are super cute!! I like the alien ones and I can't believe Piglet was literally Pork Chops!! lol!! and omg flying out for Valentines is so romantic!

    I think I'd be Lightning from Final Fantasy, It's easier to do the bitch face then act cute like Vanille all the time hahah! but then again, I'd need the group to cosplay to make it even more epic lol, was thinking of Miku actually hahah! what would you cosplay as? It's easier to buy them than to sew lol China sells them cheap

  21. Wow, all the dim sum thingies look really adorable ~ that's a good enough reason for me to want to try it out xD <- notorious for buying food because of the shape or the packaging.

  22. OMG! this is really cute!!! i wish we have this in japan, too!!! dim sum is popular in japan but i don't find that many in the city. maybe in china town but it is too far from here X(

  23. Ahhw the food is so cute!! i am happy to see that you are back girl!! =D MERRY XMAS!! XX

  24. omgosh suki i just about died looking at these dim sum pictures!! SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!! ESPECIALLY THE LITTLE PIGGIE PORK BUNS!! omgggggggggggggg!

    on another note i just read about how you got crazy sick and had to go to the hospital!! i hope you are feeling loads better chica!!