~ happy christmas 2011 ~

Sunday, December 25, 2011
H A P P Y  C H R I S T M A S !

          Today I'm going to be just sharing some iphone snaps from my trip, nothing too Christmassy though =( Speaking of which, I haven't really been feeling the Christmas spirit this year, even when I was at the Christmas Market! I honestly think it's due to the lack of snow =( As much as I hate shoveling and dealing with that cold stuff I admit that Christmas isn't the same without it! 

New Town Mall! This mall is the kind where the stores are packed to the brim and there are loads of people there all the time! It has really cheap clothes and accessories such as bags and earrings, necklaces etc. However the quality of the clothes aren't great BUT the shoes are not bad! This mall is located in Mong Kok and is easy to get to especially if you're taking the MTR, just look for the B2 exit if I remember correctly.

Shrimp and abalone flavored Pretz! I would have bought some if they came in smaller portions =(

Langham Place! This is the mall where Angela Baby's Cafe is located!

Inside! It was decorated with gorgeous lights and the Hello Kitty Exhibition is also here!

A Korean bbq place that my bf's friend took us, I thought the name of the restaurant is sooooo random! Guts Soul!

Food! I've never seen the mushroom wrapped with pork offered here before.

Food at Starbucks! OMG! Look at all this amazing food offered at the Starbucks in Tokyo!

You know how after you order your drink you walk over to the end counter area and wait for your drink to pop up? Well in this particular Starbucks there's a line up to order AND get your drink. After you order you are prompted to the neat line of people waiting to get drinks, a staff will then ask for your receipt to make sure you get your order, pick up your drink and then hand it to you while doing a small bow. Crazy!

This is what the train ticket looks like, I forgot to being the Suica cards =(

OMG! So adorable! They had these sleeping Disney characters when I was there, I ALMOST brought a large one home but decided against it because I really had no more luggage space to spare.

Hada labo's collaboration with Disney! I was tempted to buy a refill!

Really affordable Tsubaki hair care in Tokyo! I know a bottle of shampoo/conditioner here is 17$CAD before tax but over there, the same sized bottle was about 9-10$CAD! That's basically 10$CAD off! You can bet your socks that I bought a bunch of refills! I love how they offer refills too instead of always having to buy a bottle.

There are a lot of these types of snack boxes available at the airport for souvenirs and they are very affordable at 1000Yen so about 13$CAD. I bought three of these boxes and kept one, the chocolate cookie at the bottom is delicious as well as that yellow cupcake thing on the top right hand side!

Royce chocolate! These actually have to be refrigerated so when you purchase them you also need to buy an ice bag with ice to keep them in but I don't think you can buy them here.

The Samantha Vega collaboration with Disney! My, it seems like I got lucky with all these Disney collaborations going on! I really wanted to buy the one on the left just for the stuffed animals but decided that 300$+ for three stuffies just wasn't worth it since the bag isn't really my style.

Till next time!
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  1. Happy Holidays! Have you been to Angelababy's cafe? wondering if the food is any good...I am a big fan of hers just not sure about the stuff she puts her face on lol

  2. Merry Christmas!! Love your blog! Is that in Hong Kong right? I really need to go! AS majority of my friends are from HK and also Japan!
    Will be following you, would be nice if you could follow back too ^^
    Merry christmas!

  3. Ahh I love Disney!! That Stitch doll is adorable >_< !!

    As a reply to your comment, I actually use the primer potion to make my eyeshadow/liner stay in place all day and prevent it from smudging .. and it does a wonderful job at that! :D

  4. suki baby!
    awww i want to go japan so much!
    how was your christmas?
    did you go shopping today? i just ca,e back from boxing day shopping, i am so dissapointed this year. No good sales, i came home with only a pair of shoes and some things from bath and body. THAT's IT! crazy right?

  5. happy holidays! you posted so awesome pictures. why wasn't i born in hong kong :( looks like an amazing city with so much fun things xo

  6. Ooohhh I miss Tokyo and their lovely drugstore products ahaha. So happy to meet another Hong Konger on Blogger :)

  7. MERRY CHIRSTMAS~~~! you're actually the first blog that i've come across that said "happy christmas!" +40 unique points for you! ;D i hope all your studies went well! studies always come first!

    wahhh~~ i wanna go to Tokyo so badly!!! T____T winter in Tokyo!! the snapshots look great! i'm jealous! wow that is cheap tsubaki hair products. it's 10$+ here in the US too!

    LOLL!! you listened to Dir en grey in high school? High five girl!! Dittooo!! They were always awesome to jam to! Hope you have a happy new years!!!

  8. hope you had a good christmas dear, i didnt really feel the christmas spirit as much this year either, due to the fact that it was in the 60s and 70s!

  9. Belated Christmas! Hope everything is all well with you. Your trip still looks fantastic! Love it

  10. OMG you were in Japan!? I'm hereeee>< I wish we could of met up :( but it seems like you had a good time with all the Disney goodies :)lol

  11. ah im so jealous you get to have this amazing experience!! :)

    re: the dish of green things i think is cucumbers you're looking at LOL!

    have a happy holiday X

  12. Aw I love all the photos! :D Happy holidays, right?! Too bad you didn't get the Stitch plush. You know, I probably wouldn't have bought it either. It's one of those things you don't really need that just takes up space. :P

    I'm happy I stumbled across your blog. I think I'll try to keep up with it!

  13. I have never been to Hongkong with christmas!!! always summer XD it looks so nicE! love all the christmas decoration and the stuff in Japan is really way too cuTE! =D and thankyou for your lovely comment! wahahha i am doubting to do more outfit post...but i don't know XD whahaha! New year eve will eat Vietnamese food at home this year! wahhaha! made by mommy XD and watch some firework in my street =P how about you ? =D xx

  14. Looks like so much fun! The Starbucks is so awesome! They offer so much more than American SB's! Looks like tons of fun. I need to start traveling more. I've only been to LA and Vegas :(


  15. Hey Suki! :D

    I'm very late but Merry Christmas :P And Happy New Year! I haven't been blogging for awhile but I'm back! :D
    Nowadays Pretz come in so many flavors :O And they grew :O into huge sizes :P I'm more of a Pocky fan though, I prefer sweet stuff nowadays ^^ Japan has the best packaging, I absolutely love how they pack the mochi and sweets into boxes, they're so neat. The Disney soft toys are adorable, I didn't see those sleeping ones in Hong Kong! I really want to visit the Starbucks in Japan, so much food :O and once again, packed neatly and ready to go :O I get super jealous of you every time I visit your blog!! :D I'm definitely visiting Japan one day! ;D


  16. Hey dear! I'm so sorry to say this but I'm a fake hahaha I don't live in Hong Kong (I wouldn't mind that though =P) But I went there for a vacation in November 2011 and those were just photos from my trip =P

    I just read your recent post and dear, let me tell you, I LIVE for those materialistic posts lol so don't even feel guilty or bad about posting them! That macaroon blanket is sooo cute, I actually thought it was something else because I saw almost the exact same thing in Tokyo Disneyland but instead of a blanket it had a hot bottle warmer inside! I would have bought it if it wasn't so price and I didn't already have one at home =( I'm dying to see how the scarf your mum bought you looks!!! Are you going to new york for a trip or moving there? =)

  17. Omigosh is that london on your post?! That's frigging gorgeous!!! Eep! Your presents are sooo nicely wrapped too and they really scream Christmas! you can definitely tell those aren't birthday gifts! I think your tree is sooo nicely coordinated too! <3 Thanks for following my blog dear!

  18. Hey dear! The food at Angela baby's cafe was actually really really good, in fact so good that I wanted to go another time but wasn't able to fit it in =( But I would highly recommend it since it's good food and well priced! Only 99%hkd for a drink, appetizer and main course!

  19. Thats one of my favourite things to do when I pass by airports in Japan too. Mochi is my favourite snack and I love the representation of those boxes. Sometimes I even take flights to transit there just so I can stock up on those (which my mom calls me crazy). And i totally cracked up when I saw Guts Soul. Seriously what kind of cool name is that!? lol

  20. I want those Pretz! Those are some crazy flavored Pretz. I really thought we were gonna get a white Christmas this year. I hope Christmas got better later on? I'm totally late on replying/comments on blogs too and I only follow a few people. LOL.

    My co-worker came back from Japan and she got me those cakes (snack boxes). I totally pigged out on them and cried when I thought I saw a double chin. But they were definitely yuummmy.

    I soooo wanna go to Japan to buy cheap drugstore products. hahaha. Maybe do a "haul" post of what got from Japan when you have time? ^-^

    p.s no need to worry about replying to my comments :)

  21. omg the starbucks looks a lot more better then over here in states!