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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
          Hello everyone! Just want to let you all know that I got Tumblr! Yes, just tumblr and not twitter lol I just don't think I'd have enough things to "update"  lol it may change in the future but anyways...

Tee Hee Hee!

I realized that this way I won't have to make posts on just my iphone photos! 

For my next post I'm thinking of posting either my afternoon tea at Hong Kong Disneyland or the afternoon tea at Haagendaz! Which one would you like to read first? =)

Oh Oh Oh I also switched my commenting system to Disqus, I'm going to try it out for a while and see how I'll like it =)

Till next time!
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  1. I will follow you ^^
    I etablished a tumblr site too, but I don't now exactly how it works *lol*

  2. I like disqus because you get an email if people reply to you! ^^ I like to know when someone reacts to things I say, LOL!

    I might make a Tumblr later, too. But for now I'll add your Tumblr to my RSS reader! :D

  3. Did disques make ur old comments disappear though? or looks like it didn’t? cuz I tried disque once.. did not like it, changed back, now i want it again but then all my old comments seems to disappear.. ahhh??!?!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  4. You are so pretty :) hehehe ! I just got tumblr recently too. :) It's addicting!

  5. Heey Suki! i also have Tumblr a while ago! XD but i don't use it anymore whahaha i really like pics from Tumblr wahaha! and those Hello Kitty Jelly Belly YUMMY!!! =D

  6. I'm following you now on Tumblr. Be warned -- it's very addicting!!!

    In regards to the afternoon tea pictures, I'd choose Haagendaz only because I am not sure as to what or where it is :(; I've been to Disney World in Florida in the States however I've not yet had afternoon tea there. Regardless, afternoon tea is epic ^_^

  7. hahah omg HONG KONG DISNEYLAND HANDS DOWN. im a disneyland fanatic,i can tell you that. seriously bonkers when it comes to anything disneyland related. BEST PLACE IN THE WORRLDD. following you on tumblr! (: oh wow you even managed to make your tumblr layout the same as your blog! my tumblr's pretty dead. except for the occasional resurrections and log ins :P I've given up on tumblr for now. Maybe because it's so hard to scroll down dashboards and profiles and its extra hard to reblog a picture! I'm such a lazy peeeg. hahah.

    xx,Rach. www.cookiedoughpineapplehearts.blogspot.com

  8. hi suki! i totally forgot about my tumblr account. haha thanks for reminding me of it. -- i couldn't keep it up X(

    i am thinking of posting my pics in okinawa someday in new year... oops. i wish i could do it earlier but i was too busy doing the year-end cleanings and shopping (new year's food). haha

    speaking of shopping, i love shibuya, so if you ask me, i recommend you shibuya. hehe do you know Matsumotokiyoshi (drug store) near 109? they have many cheap cosmetics. i always go there and shop <3 they have canmake and many cheap brands and also KOSE Shiseido and some expensive ones, too.

    shopping clothes, i recommend 109 because i go there... haha i know i might be too old to shop there!? but they really have cute and NEW ones!!! and you don't have to walk that much in the building, so i like the way the shops are squeezed in the small building! hehe

    i hope i answered your question :D

    please take care and have a happy and healthy year-end and new year!!!
    sounds really cool that you come to japan. please enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey :3 hehe I'm glad I changed the comment-system, I think having the comments in a little box is better anyway.
    :DD Haha I also know most of my Japanese from watching Anime but I'm now trying to spell all of this.
    Tumblr is quite cool I think! I'll check yours out once in a while cause I'm not reaally into tumblr (I mean there is so much stuff on the Internet xD)

    Aaand as for an afternoon tea post.. I'd like to read both posts haha ;D I might prefer the haagendartz one but it's up to you <3

    I wish you a Happy New Year 2012 :)

  10. Going to check your tumblr out now :D Disqus is also a great system. I love using it :D

    Have a great New Year!

  11. Hi Suki!!! I want to see all of your teas at once lol!! happy New year!! :) your tumblr is filled with cute stuffs :D btw do you trim your own bangs? Im always amazed how people with bangs maintain it haha I'm so bad at it when I had them

  12. Following you on tumblr now. :) I would like to see both teas at once too!!

  13. I'm following you now suki! :D I love tumblr. The pictures are so inspiring :) Merry belated Christmas and Happy new year!!!


  14. pooki~~~
    merry belated christmas and a happy new year to u :)
    how was ur holiday? did u do anything fun?
    i was quite busy with my holiday... lots of family dinners and friends dinners~ but it was great!!
    also i gained like 5 pounds!! serioulsy 5 pounds!! hahaha isnt that crazy???
    now its time to lose those 5 pounds~~ it will be hard though with all the chocolates we got!!!!!!! ARGGG~~~~ :P
    and i cant believe the holiday is over just like that!! it seemed so short :(
    now back to the real world and back to work~ sigh!!

    what did u do for nye??
    i had dinner with my friends then we went to count down in downtown calgary... it was great :)
    tons of people~~ with a live band and dancers and then fireworks too :) but the fireworks was a bit cheap hahaa but i guess better than nothing!!

    please post about haagan daz!!!!!!!! coz i wanted to have that tea before!! hahaa but i cheaped out.. and just got their other stuff instead :P

    u should watch the video on my blog~ i think the girl looks just like u! ^_^


  15. Tumblr! :D

    I'll follow your Tumblr account, I don't normally Tumblr but I love to visit the websites cos the pictures there are awesome :D some make me laugh and some are just beautiful and inspiring :P And I like the Disqus commenting system better, it's more easier than the blogger one :/ I should consider changing mine to Disqus too. The blogger one can give alot of problems sometimes @.@

    Both posts sound exciting! I'm curious on the afternoon tea at Haagendaz, I vote for you to write that one first :P but either one, can't wait to read it! ^^


  16. Just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year, sweets! xx

  17. Disneyland is my favourite place on earth so I would love to see the post on Disneyland first!!!

    Happy new year!!!

  18. cant wait to see your next post. i loveee afternoon tea!!! :DD i went to visit family in taiwan this past summer and i absolutely love afternoon tea lol. would love to read about it!


  19. Hi Lizzo! Im so sorry but I posted the Haagan Daz tea first because there were more votes for it but don't worry! The Disney one is coming up soon! =DDD

  20. Hey Lizzy! Thanks for checking out my tumblr account, Im trying to make it go hand in hand with my blog so it will probably be just photos I take with my phone lol Disqus is a pretty good commenting system too! I like how you can see if anyone replied to your comment when you log into your disqus account! Give it a try, if you don't I'm pretty sure you can just get rid of it and use bloggers systems =)

  21. Meow! Im so sad I can't reply to your blog so I hope you see my comment here! My holiday was alright but I have to be honest, I didn't really do anything fun because I actually worked for most of it lol Omg 5 pounds?! Really? Im trying to gain five pounds right now! I think I've gain about 2.5lbs so Im sooo happy, just 2.5 more to go before I'm back to my normal weight!

    Ahh I know what you mean about being back to the real world! Lol Schools starting for me too =( I haven't even bought my books yet! O0o0o0o fireworks sound fun! Awww some is better than none especially if you're watching it for free too hahaha have you ever seen the ones at the festival of lights in Vancouver during the summer months?

    I posted about Haagan Daz!!! Lol and I watched the music video on your blog too! Omg I don't think I'm as pretty as that girl in the video with her porcelain skin and perfectly curled and brown hair T_T LOL But thanks for thinking that, I'm so flattered! XD

  22. Hey Rachel! Im a huge Disney fan too and am happy to meet another one! Seriously I get Disney withdrawals LOL I try to go at least once a year to a disney park, I really envy those who live near one!!! Oh yeah I mainly made my tumblr so it will coordinate with my blog which is why I tried it make it match and recognizable haha So far I only blog photos from my phone and it's very very easy! If it was too hard I would have given up half way hahaha

  23. Wah I can't seem to comment on you site! >< Disney world in florida was gorgeous last time I went and Im planning on going again in 2013 since that's when they're done renovations, Im super excited about that and hopefully I get to try their afternoon tea there too! I agree, afternoon tea is epic no matter where and when!

  24. Hey hun! I know what you mean about tumblr! Now every time I take a photo I always think if I should post it haha

  25. Hey Hitomi! I think when you transfer your commenting system to Disqus you need to import all your previous comments, if you google it there will be lots of people explaining this! I also had a problem until I figured it out lol

  26. Thanks for adding my Alyse!!!

  27. oOO ok~ good. I will have to figure it out ^^

  28. I love tumblr! I created one a while back but I rarely post anything on there =.= I think Disqus is great but it takes a while to load for me and sometimes it won't even load and I'd have to refresh to comment.

  29. Aw nice, a Tumblr account :3 I also made one for myself a while ago but I just don't seem to get the hang of it xD Maybe, some day... haha. Enjoy your time on Tumblr!