~ afternoon tea at hong kong disneyland ~

Thursday, January 19, 2012
            It's time to bring on the Chinese new year! I've decided that I'm NOT going to make a new years resolution list but instead I'm just going to focus on staying positive! Besides, I usually have the same goals each year lol I'm going to be blogging about my afternoon tea experience at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel! I'll start off by saying that I highly recommend this, especially if you are planning a day at Disney Land. The park at Hong Kong is fairly small so you will definitively be able to make time for this! However, you probably won't be able to do both this AND Disney dim sum in one day since they are both available at pretty much the same time, so if you have dim sum most likely you won't be able to make it on time for this or you will be way too stuffed! Both Disney dim sum and afternoon tea at in the same hotel and you don't need to buy a park ticket to enter! I went to Disneyland twice but only went into the park on one of those days.

           Again, you can access the hotel by either taking the free shuttle once you get off the mtr or you can also walk there, it takes about 20mins. The afternoon tea is held in the lobby, which you can see once you get into the hotel. You can also call in advance to make a reservation if you are scared it will be busy.

~ Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel ~

The huge window at the lobby from which you can see the large mickey shaped maze outside!

Another special and unique thing at this afternoon tea was that there were two choices of tea sets. One was the western tea set, which is the one that is normally served with the scones and finger sandwiches. The other was an asian one! It had dim sum and chicken skewer!

~ Western afternoon tea set ~
Tiers were very pretty!

~ sweets ~
There were only three types of sweets but they were quite large and everything was delicious! I especially loved the piece with the strawberry on it the best!

~ savory tier ~
I love the Disney touches!!! The savory tier was good too though I wouldn't say amazing but I really enjoyed it nonetheless! 

~ duffy at tea ~
I bring Duffy to all the Disney parks with me!

 ~ Asian afternoon tea set ~
The Asian one! I was quite excited to see this set since it seemed so different! 

 ~ dim sum ~
....was alright, not too shabby but not great?

 ~ bottom tier ~
Chicken skewer, spring roll....and I can't remember what those other pieces were lol but I remember these were pretty yummy! It was actually quite nice to have something this salty and savory at tea!

 ~ the middle tier ~
The green and red pudding was delicious!!! Oh and inside that white little dish was mango pudding which was soooooo good too!

 ~ disney touches !
I love the disney touches! Oh and that jam was black currant! I LOVE black currant flavored stuff, I normally don't like jam and would never put it on my scone but this time I smothered that stuff on like no tomorrow!

           On the website it says the tea sets are 178$hkd each which means it's about 23$cad! That's one of the lowest priced tea sets I've ever had and it was amazing, even the bf said the price was great! Afternoon tea is offered from 2pm-6pm, as I mentioned, you've got lots of time to try this if you have a whole day at Disneyland! I'll be reply comments throughout the weekend!

Till next time!
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  1. awww, how lovely!! in future, i will always incorporate tea time in my family's life. (that is, if i ever actually have one lol)


  3. this is seriously the cutest afternoon tea yet!!! those cookies are adorable!!!!!!

    hope you've been well lately. happy new year!!! :D

  4. Yum Yum, again a post about food =) Nobady can resist, huh? ^^I like the photo with the tea and the cakes, with the soft focus effect it looks very professional! Characterized food make eating more enjoyable ^__^

    PS. your answer is.... *wrong* xD with "meeeh" I actually wanted to imitate a sheep *lol* but it looks like it failed *hahaa* my chinese horoscope is sheep, well not very special but better than a monkey (my sister is born in the year of the monkey) >w< Anyway, thank you for protecting the chinese horoscope pig, although it wasn't my horoscope =)

  5. OMG next time i must must mussssst go HK disneyland for hightea. i never went because everyone says it's small and theres not much to see, ut i would so go just for cute dimsum and high tea. i love both versions! and i love how they put mickey mouses touches on some of them

  6. omg omg omg , they are so cute ! love all the disney stuff *.*

  7. Everything is so breathtaking!!! From food to view!

  8. Wow, this looks like so much fun! The western tea set looks gorgeous, and this is the first time I'm seeing Dim sim x high tea fused together ^^
    Love the little Disney touches too!

  9. wow! i think this afternoon tea is perfect for my darling ;) dim sum is great!!! my darling is not a sweets person... anyways i think you are superb great in choosing afternoon tea place. i wish there are a lot of place for that in japan.

  10. The Mickey Mouse shaped food looks too good! :D!!! wow the price sounds great for a high tea set ^.^

  11. AHHHHH*@#UDJAISD i feel i say this in every comment here but you and your afternoon teas! XDDD so pretty and lovely! so interesting for tea time in disneyland! wow, $23CAD(Canadian?) doesn't seem bad at all. and dim sum too! that's so funny! you should post pics in the park if you went, i'd love to see them!

    happy chinese new year to you too! :D

  12. so cute how you have the teddy with you. high tea must be one of your favorite activities!

  13. so cute how you have the teddy with you. high tea must be one of your favorite activities!

  14. Awww such cute tea sets! :D I looove Disney! Did you guys go through that giant maze?

  15. Aww you live like a princess. I wanna experience a tea party at Disneyland hotel too.
    Everything is cute.

    You have a great pictures.

  16. Karina Dinda RachmawatiJanuary 24, 2012 at 4:58 AM

    Hmm looks yummy, you make me hungry :D You have a cute blog! Mind to follow each other? :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  17. I forget to ask, what kind of camera do you use? I think you mentioned in one of your post but I read that years ago!! LOL.

    Yeah just save your money for your trip. Valentines can be special even if you don't stay at a hotel. ;) Actually, I, myself am at a loss. Besides I have class that day so I decided to celebrate it on the Friday which is our usual date night. I booked us a table at the newly opened TRUMP hotel in downtown Toronto.

    Did you try the biore face whip? I saw it online for $13 bucks.. wondering if I should buy it?

    Wow so they offer afternoon tea and dimsum. UGH SO CUTE. Yeah considering there's not a lot to do at HKDL, they have to have something to bring in the people and this is definitely reason enough for me to want to go. OMG food looks good especially the savoury ones.
    Don't you feel bad for eating Mickey's head??? Just kidding!!

  18. PS the Unibearsity outfit I found was on Rakuten. They were going to sell it for me for $90CAD. AHAHAH CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?1

  19. SUKI!!!!!! I have missed reading about your PM Tea adventures! :) Now you're taking it worldwide huh?!?!? Hehe! I love that there is a Disney DIMSUM and an Asian Tea Set! Haha! Only in Asia... actually.. if there was a Disneyland built in Vancouver, we'd probably have those too. :P

  20. Me too! I don't care if I have a boy I'm still going to bring him to afternoon tea with me hahahaha But I think having tea at home regularly is nice too, my parents did something similar to that and it was my favorite time of the day!

  21. Hahahaha I'm glad my post made you this happy and excited!!! I love Disney too and try to go to a Disney park at least once a year =)

    I just ready our blog post and I totally agree with you! Or many just because I'm a bit of a romantic myself but I think that because of all the education etc. that is "required" now it is much harder to marry young but at the same time difficult to marry when you're older too especially if you want to have children and the like. I too used to tell myself that I would have a career before marriage but that was because that's what I thought HAD to happen, when I was younger I would have never fathomed the idea of being married while in school or without a "career"! I'm not getting married anytime soon but I don't repel the idea as much anymore =)

  22. Thanks Miho! I hope you do well on your exams! Hahaha someone has to stand up for the pig!!! Aww sheeps are so cute! I agree that "characterized" foods are so much yummy though bf tends to disagree haha but the tea set here was so affordable he didn't complain =)

  23. Thanks paula! I love disney stuff too, glad we share that love!

  24. Thanks Jenny! The view wasn't as great as it looked since it's always so foggy and smoggy in HK lol a bit gross but the food was great!

  25. Yes, I was also shocked at the western and asian touches! I love it though and I love eating in Disney parks because I can always expect some Disney magic in my food =)

  26. Thanks you and yes the price is really good so I would definitively recommend this tea set!

  27. ? does that mean you find it overly cute? hahaha I hope so!

  28. Hahaha thanks Ailyn but I don't really live like a princess but I am grateful for everything I have in my life! =D I hope you get to experience afternoon tea at Disney soon!

  29. Hi Karina I'm glad you enjoyed my post and thanks for you comment! =D

  30. OMG!! I DIE FROM ALL THE CUTENESS!! I want to go to tea party, bad!