~majolica majorica puff de cheek macaron blush ~

Monday, February 13, 2012
      Anyways, I'll be doing a review on the Majolica Majorica Puff de Cheek Macaron blush. I just checked ebay and they are selling for around 20$CAD from a reputable seller, so the price isn't too bad but I guess it really depends on how much shipping is =S

 ~ packaging ~
The blush comes in a round tin container, probably relating to it's name, macaron.

I bought the shade PK301. The other shades are 302 and 303. I believe there was also two other limited edition shades but don't quote me on that. 

There is 7g of product which I found quite surprising since the popular NARS blushes only have about 4.5g of product. <-- according to sephora lol I've yet to own a nars blush yet, they just seem so pricey!

The puff it comes with is extremely soft and I love that bow detail! This is also small enough to easily fit into a to-go makeup bag or your purse.

Everything in the container. There is a plastic sheet separating the blush and puff.

The colour is really lovely and easily buildable, I really love it! I use the puff to apply the colour and as odd as it seems, I really like using the puff! I was skeptical about the puff at first, thinking it was probably more of a decorative item than an actual tool but I've been proven wrong. =) If you don't like the puff you could also just use a blush brush too but because of the design of the packaging, it would probably be a bit hard to use a brush. You would basically be "jabbing" at the blush since the container is quite small.

I really wish I bought more colours now, I love this blush!

~ honey sticks ~
Some honey sticks I bought at the Christmas market, these were really yummy!

Happy Valentines Day!
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  1. Wow your majolica majolica blush is so cute! Happy Valentine's day!

  2. pretty!!! i hv the same one :D i find the puff thingy kinda sucks lol it just makes the blush container look extra cute. love the shade, i used to wear it quite often until i bought a ton of other blush & forgot about this one hahaha thx for reminding me to start using it again!

  3. I love the packaging! I saw it at Sasa the other day and was so tempted to get it, but I don't really use blushers. I really, really want the tin, though haha

  4. Happy Valentines Day Suki ^^ Hope you're doing well?

    Today I am going to bake some Valentines Cup Cakes. Will post an entry about it soon (^○^)/

  5. Aww, this blush tin is adorable! And the shade looks quite lovely too - so tempted to get it just for decoration, lol.
    Oooh never heard of honey sticks before, they look yummy!
    Hope you have a lovely V-Day~

  6. That blush colour looks so cute!

    Happy Valentines Day hope you have a great one with your Dino.

  7. The blush colour is so pretty! Love the packaging as well!
    I have those honey sticks and I think they have cinnamon ones as well, have you tried?


  8. that is the cutest blush ever, looks like such a pretty color!
    happy valentines to you. bf said he will take me out for dinner tonight but i still can't really chew anything so we'll see how that goes hhaaa

  9. Happy Belated Valentines Day! Lol. I would've love to see all the men contemplating in front of a bunch of red cards. It all sounds so cute!

    I think Nars blush are too high maintenance and personally prefer Japanese brand blushes (easier to blend) anyways. But their Albatross highlighter is my HG though. hahaha. Thanks for doing the review ^-^ I've been eyeing this for a while now.

    What did you guys do for V-day?^-^

  10. The macaron blush is super cute!! I can see why it's a macaron, top and bottom = strawberry shell and the cotton puff is the creamy filling haha! The price is quite steep here in Sasa omg.. everytime I go in, I want it, look at price, decided not to lol. hope you had a great Valentines Day Suki!! hope you had a great time with Dino

    I forgot to tell you noo, afternoon tea isn't popular here but Bubble tea is, people will que up for it despite the fact that some people state that it's dangerous for you and all. I think you'll enjoy bubble teas a lot if you lived here (like everyday) Their price range can be as pricey as Starbucks can you believe it?

  11. Omigosh, that blush is soooooo cute!! I love the packaging, especially the bow. The colour looks so nice too! I'll have to put this on my to-try list!!

  12. Hope you had a great valentines day! This is such a pretty blush. I usually wear lipstick every other day but I wear tinted lip balms almost everyday because my lips aren't really pigmented.

  13. Love the blush. Its soo pretty and girly and shade of it looks great! Honey sticks are yummy!


  14. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day!! ooh that blush is so nice..I love the packaging a lot

    thanks for the comments - hahah it's weird but the few Vancouver guys I've met here all have nice trenchcoats! & they were so stylish.
    yea my dog loves sleeping with me on my bed lol..he's never fallen off though. my bed is really big - I have a king size so there's plenty of room =P

  15. aw this is so cute. i love the packaging!

    Suki, Im having a giveaway contest for a hair straightener. If you're interested in entering here is my blog link: http://misscindee.blogspot.com/2012/02/valentines-day-contest.html

  16. That's very cute.

    Although - where's the picture of you using it?!

  17. so so cute! the colour looks great aswell :)

  18. I saw the bracelet on your blog and the heart clasp is adorable! I haven't tried the cinnamon sticks, they were only selling the honey ones at the stand I was at.

  19. Nice post on your blog Cindee! Very inspiring and true =)! Thanks so much for letting me know about your giveaway on your blog, unfortunately I don't straighten my hair but I wish for those who entered good luck!