~ paul & joe powder ~

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
          When I saw the limited Paul & Joe release for this year I knew I had to get something, especially since I had already missed the previous limited cat collection! The only problem is that there is no official Paul & Joe store in Vancity and it took me a bit of time to find a store that did carry the brand. I could have ordered it online but I wanted to see the products first, luckily they sell if at the Beauty Bar in Kitsilano! They also apparently sell it at some places in Richmond too, you can always check out the Paul & Joe website to see if there are any stores that sell it in your location. As for online, Jenny told me you can get them at ASOS! Thanks so much for the heads up Jenny!

~ Paul & Joe Matte Pressed Powder ~
SO ADORABLE!!!! The store didn't actually carry too many of the limited edition cat stuff. They had this powder, the lipstick and I *think* maybe the nail polishes. I was really lusting over the blusher sticks though and the lipsticks are really cute with paw prints embedded into it!

I just love it! I'm probably not going to use it for a while just because it's so cute and I rather finish off my current powder first....eh, who am I kidding, I'm probably going to give in and use it soon lol

*squeal* I would've bought two if it wasn't so pricey. This costed me 55$CAD before taxes =(

Just wanted to show you the adorable paw prints inside the box! I'm really tempted to get their blusher stick too since it's so cute but it's quite pricey and I don't know if I can really justify it =(

Till next time!
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  1. Hey Suki! Hmm I'm pretty sure that seller should have asked you first as they're technically using your content to promote their products for commercial purposes.
    The packaging is oh-so cuteeeee!!!!! I love the little paw on the sponge! Gaah!!! xX

  2. Wow! This is so cute! :D I would love to use it!

  3. The packaging is to die for!! It's SO CUTE. Honestly though, if I had it, I would never use it because I would want to keep it forever. Gotta hunt it down and see if I can find it in Edmonton!

    As for the review, I believe it's okay for them to link a review to your blog, unless you've explicitly told them not to. It's not like they're using your words on their website, so I think they can do that.. not too sure about the specifics though, so I could be wrong! But if it were my review, I really would have appreciated knowing beforehand. I've had websites link to my reviews and even use my quotes without asking for permission. Didn't know what to do either, haha.

  4. Oh my goodness, the packaging is awesomely cute! The cat paw puff is such a cute extra detail!

    As for the review link I haven't a clue, but I think it's a little bit impolite of them to link without at least asking beforehand...

    Congrats on 200+ followers :)

  5. As for the review; if they linked you back to your website it's totally okay. Your words are public on that blog and if you don't write a statement like "do not use without permisson blabla" it's legit. It's common to use other's things when tracking back where it's from. But I'd definitely mock about when they use it without crediting you! Then it's called stealing! ;D

    Aaaad the make-up is SO cute, I'll get some for my friend who is a super cat-nerd :D

  6. This is a cute packaging ever!! Love it. =}

  7. Uaah, everybody is posting about Paul & Joe! The Cat-Serie is so cute *w* they definitely know how to "manipulate" and catch women ༼ >w< ༽ *lol*

  8. the packaging is so cute! i can see why you wanted to buy two :) I'm sure if you don't want your review linked they'll take it down

  9. this is so cute!!

    hahah wow I went through almost the exact same thing! this guy I know used to send me good morning texts like every single morning then he stopped/became sparse and I kept over-analyzing it. I just think guys don't take texting as seriously as we do =P

  10. OMG its sooo cute having a kitty print on the box n compact <3 and the little kitty paw puff!
    but CAD$55... really broke the bank :(

  11. I haven't gotten anything from Paul & Joe in a while but that powder is just too cute!! The paw puff is just the most adorable thing in the world.



  12. Thats so cute I wouldn't have the heart to use it otherwise it would spoil it! lol and yeh I agree with others that website should've asked for your permission first but I'm not sure whether they're doing anything wrong if they have linked back to you and if you've not stated any copyright etc.

    If it bothers you though you should really contact them and ask them to take it down?

  13. That powder is so pretty!! And really pricey too! I use to plop down $100 for beauty products w/out thinking twice but now that I'm older, sometimes $20 is pricey to me. lol. Let us know how well it works? ^-^

    I think they're allow to link to your site. They're just not allow to "copy" and "paste" your content onto their site and pretend that they wrote it. Though basic courtesy would be to notify you and ask you if it's ok to link to your site. Either way though, you're getting exposure for more traffic to your blog ^-^ ....so it could be a good thing!

  14. Hi Suki!! That is super cute!! Love Paul & Joe products but agree, they are very pricey, to the point that I'd rather justify owning a picture of the lipsticks or something cos I just want the cat too! btw, the website is linking to your site, they're not copy pasting your entire review so its okay, if anything, you get more site views and help other people out lol!

    haha funny what you said about longan, they're both really identical even I don't know whats the differences :D btw hows your exam?

  15. wow very cute packaging~ that's what i love about asian cosmetic products. but dang, that is expensive girl! I mean.. I love paul and joe and all.. i even have one of their hand creams (but only b/c it came as a gift when i bought something else), but i wish their products were more affordable ahhah~


  16. You lie about being a poor student, hahaha!! I think a link to your reviews is okay, if they repost all the photos + text w/o credits, pretty sure that's not allowed.

  17. OOO WTH~ the overall packaging of everything is too cute!!!!!!

    As for the link I think I agree with everyone else. that it should be ok, but then if you’re not comfortable with it, I think you have the right to ask them to remove?! Or ask them to pay u a fee to link u ?! IDK

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  18. Awww it's so freaking cute! >< I wouldn't want to use it, I think...it's too pretty to use lol. Too bad Paul and Joe products are so hard to get in the US. I'd like to try some of their products out :)

    As long as the site links back to your blog, most bloggers don't mind if their posts are shared on other sites - think of it as free advertising for your blog. But if you don't want it to be shared, you have the right to request them to remove it.

  19. I have seen these new collection of Paul and Joe before :D I am not a make-up junkie
    but I would love to buy something from it just for the cute packageing......

    I wouldn't mind if they use my link on their site (would feel abit honoured :P)
    You can request them for credits if you want to!
    Also can't wait for you giveaway :3

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  20. HOORAY FOR CUTE PACKAGING!!! loving the paw prints.

  21. I recently saw a Paul and Joe ad in my March issue of Ray Magazine and I took the time to observe all the products in the picture and I FELL IN LOVE with the packaging. Usually I'm not a fan of cats but the packaging are so WELL DONE, i love the paw prints and the cat sillhouttes on the products. I rate Paul and Joe packaging 5 stars :P I'm definitely going to get something from Paul and Joe if I ever find some of their products :)

  22. Such adorable and creative packaging, though so expensive! And I guess you could always ask for them to remove the link if you're uncomfortable/unhappy with it? They definitely should've asked for permission first I think.