~ Duffy's Christmas Clothes 2012 ~

Saturday, March 17, 2012
            A lame post today but since I have an assignment due on Monday I've got to take what's sitting in my edit area. Actually I honestly don't think this post is lame since I love Duffy but I guess those who think buying clothes for stuffed bears is silly/waste of money can skip this post altogether. Originally I was planning to blog about my laser teeth whitening treatment but I forgot to upload my photos -.-

~ Duffy's Christmas Outfit 2012 Tokyo Disney ~
The only place you can get really good quality Duffy clothes is as Tokyo Sea. Duffy clothes are also available in the U.S parks but TRUST me, the quality is far more superb in Tokyo. Everything from the quality of fabric to little details.

His uggs are completely lined and to prove it I actually flipped the entire ugg inside out......it looked so comfy I even I attempted to put my foot in, alas it only covered my toes.

Adorable button detailing....the pants are made of this really soft velvet material. In fact I could even say that I wouldn't mind wearing clothes constructed of these materials....

Mickey head detail...

One thing I loved about this outfit, besides the quality is that the toque has a head string, this actually keeps the hat on Duffy far better than the hats sold at Build a Bear, that has these pathetic little "ear-lastics" which you're suppose to put around the ears. Cause guess what? Even if the hat falls off the head it won't fall off your bear, it actually will just swing around like a necklace but the other ones will pop right off your bears head. Not to mention, it always looks painful squeezing your poor bears ears into those little elastics =(

The only downside of these awesome outfits?
1.) Can only be purchased in Tokyo as mentioned earlier.
2.) Hella expensive for bear clothes. I believe this set was 4800yen which is almost 60$cad/us! 

           However these outfits also hold great sentimental value for me as a reminder of my phenomenal trips to Tokyo. Which is why I decided to open one outfit at a time, it's been about four months since I opened this outfit and since spring is around the corner I might have to rip another one out soon! =D 

Till next time!
11 comments on "~ Duffy's Christmas Clothes 2012 ~"
  1. Wow!!!! Those are such adorable clothes for Duffy!!! I wish the US had more Duffy things because my friends are obsessed with him and Shellie May. (:

  2. Hi Suki, omg your bear is super cute!!! are you going to be doing Duffy posts from now on? ahhh!! :D

  3. Wow! The bear is super cute~ : D : D

  4. Aww this is so sweet! I can't imagine spending so much money on a stuffed bear, but the concept is sweet nonetheless! The clothes are cute!

  5. Cute! Those ugg boots are super-duper adorable <3

    And I really like the blue and red colour combo, and the quality looks fab, so I guess you get your money's worth!

    Duffy looks really handsome in his Christmassy outfit :)

  6. Heyy :) I don't think that this is a lame post. I think it's very cute >.< both of you got really nice outfits on this picture <3
    hugs and kisses,

  7. Omg so cuteeee. I love the little ugg boots. Duffy is so fashionable hehe

  8. So cute!! Even x-mas is far far away
    and spring/summer is screaming
    I kind of miss that warm, winter

    That mini Ugg boot is just too cute
    so fluffy!

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  9. lol did u like my attempt at drawing the KFC man, then KFC bucket and ultimately failing.

  10. kawaii~~ cute! <33

  11. So cute outfit!! =D i have also a Build a bear! a gift from my boyfriend few years ago! whahah mine got a Superman outfit XD whahahah yes i am working my ass off for school XD hate it whahah have 2 exams this Tuesday and still have lot to study =( really need some holiday XD especially when the weather here is very sunny and warm now! i will come back very soon to your blog! need to study now =( hope you are doing well!! take care suki! xoxo