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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
      A few months back I had my laser teeth whitening treatment! My dentist had a half off special so I finally bit the bullet and got it done! Was it pricey? Yes. Was it worth it? Hell yeah and I even want to go back for another one! I just want to note that everyones experience maybe different and this was just mines =) Oh and my dentist uses the brand ZOOM for their teeth whitening supplies.

     The treatment was divided into two 30min sections for me. After the first 30min I was asked if I wanted my teeth whiter and I said yes so we went into the second part of the treatment and what a huge difference that made! They were definitively a lot whiter!

    First they stick this huge plastic applicator in your mouth to separate your lips from your teeth. This was extremely hard for me since I have a tiny mouth and the smaller sized applicator barely fit. Afterwards they put the whitening foam on your teeth then take the laser machine and make it sit directly above your mouth for 30mins.

         Not for the first 30mins BUT for the last 15min my teeth tingled like a b*tch and I squirmed in my seat like no tomorrow! And I'm not talking fuzzy warm feeling tingle I'm talking like this laser-hates-me-and-wants-to-make-me-suffer tingle! There were even moments where I wanted to just scream and give up! But I thought, heck no! I did not pay $$$ to chicken out so I took the pain, it was possible one of the longest 15min of my life. My front teeth and bottom teeth tingled the most. I would not say it was painful, like a pin poking you but it was the most uncomfortable feeling in my teeth!

       After the treatment she put some vitamin E onto my teeth and they felt a lot better but the tingling sensation lasted for the entire day.

       They gave me this take home whitening set for future uses! Hurrary! I guess the money was worth it after all! The lady told me it was the same stuff they used in the office except it did not require a laser so it was still strong stuff. She also warned me to not let it touch my gums or else it will be me a "small" OUCH! I'm actually a bit afraid of using it now......

Inside the blue box are the teeth trays for you to put the liquids into.

The blue pen is the whitening solution and the black pen is vitamin E. 

I haven't felt the need to use this whitening set yet but I probably will in a few months before the summer =)

Till next time!

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  1. I've been wanting to whiten mine for a while but the whole pain-thing I've heard sounds scary! Thanks for sharing your experience (and thanks for dropping by my blog!)

  2. omgosh i've been wanting to do this.. i just do the crest whitestrips at home.. and even those hurt :( so i'm scared to actually go in for a real treatment at the dentist!!!

    ahhh! you're so lucky that you got the pink jacket at 50% off i paid retail -___- hahaha but yes I LOVE LOVE the gold buttons on them.. but some of my gold buttons fell off already GRRR i was kinda annoyed at that.. i'm doing ok in germany! truthfully i miss home.. it's been nice living in europe and getting to travel.. but there are just things that i miss about home.. like ASIAN FOOD!! and just normal things like going to target and stuff ahaha.. and my family and friends!! UGH it's hard hahaha how are you babe?

  3. Wow ive never had my teeth whitened before but the tingling sounds..interesting abit cringe-worthy because i think i related the last 15mins to when my teeth get sensitive when i eat icecream LOL
    Thanks for the comment Suki! Im heading to Canada Mid April :) Any lovely suggestions of places i should visit i think im going everywhere in Canada Toronto, Vancouver, etc. <333 Take care

    ox Priscilla

  4. Haha the way you described the feeling made me laugh. You're so cute. I think that's the uncomfortable teeth sensitivity feeling that you were trying to describe?
    You should post pics of your white teeth! Haha.

  5. omg sounds pretty bad. but pain for beauty, i guess? i never whitened my teeth but i'm sure i need it since i've been drinking tea a lot these days. not sure if my gums will love me though lol

    how much did it cost?

  6. Hey Sukii :3 Oh my I've never thought of teeth whitening but since I'm a huge fan of coffee...well I understand what you mean :D having bright teeth is really nice I think!

  7. Wow show us your teeth! That set looks scary, I thought they were injections! are they? lol!

  8. hi suki! i am one of your readers from sydney, and also a dentist. really happy for you that the zoom whitening worked out! normally i get my own patients to take some anti-inflammatory pain meds 1 hour before the zoom whitening, as well as follow up with a soothing/antisensitivity tooth cream or paste afterwards at home. anyway, its best to give a break from the whitening for at least two weeks before using the takehome whitening set, because 1. your teeth are already sensitive from the intense whitening session and putting more on will make it worse and maybe even irreversibly damage the tooth nerves!! and then 2. (bad news) the shade does often darken by 1/2 to 1 whole shade within a week of the intense whitening session - this is because the whitening procedure actually dehydrates the enamel, which makes them look frostier/whiter and then when saliva starts to bathe them again when you get home, they rehydrate and look a bit darker again.

    hope this helps!! - jessica

  9. Wow it look so medical =P but i think it's worth it! i am afraid of the dentist whaahaha so i don't think i will do this XD Suki KEEP SMILING always!! =D then we can see your white teeths oh yeah! (Y)