~ procrastinating ~

Thursday, March 29, 2012
          So instead of working on my paper which is due next week I'm sitting here typing out this blog post just because.....well because I want to hahaha *procrastinating* Just some photos sitting in my folder for a while so I'm just going to smush them into one random post....

~ Joe matte top coat ~
Lately I've been really loving this matte polish, I've always been curious about matte polishes but now I can make any one of my polishes matte =D

A long time ago....I just felt like this post was too boring without a photo of myself hahahaha To be honest I took this wayyy back near December or January ><

Nothing much to say besides that I just felt like posting this lol.....my March iphone photos will be up soon =)

Till next time~
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  1. Hey <3 haha I love random posts like this one. What your mum did looks so cute!! >.< and I've got to say that I love your outfit, especially the top!
    Keki ^-^

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  3. Go work on your paper! XD
    Your mom is cute to write on mango haha. Yum ^^
    I love your top in the pic! :D

  4. Awh thats so cute that your mom wrote those things on the fruits xD
    Your outfit is too cute btw!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my post :) You grow up in Vancouver eh? hehe this is another nice blog to read!

  6. Hehe, the mango is so cute! I love the Outfit you wore!

  7. I loveee Bun Bo Hue... so good! I devour it when my mom makes it. I procrastinate a lot too haha.

  8. Hey Suki!!

    So glad to see your comments on my blog again :D YIPPEE! sorry I haven't been posting comment lately, a lot has been going on for me and my family :/ But I see you've been continuously posting up awesome blogposts! :D

    One of the things I like doing is going through peoples' photos on their iPhone so this post is NOT boring and very entertaining xD Haha your mum is so cute, that's a cool way of passing you a message :P Love your OOTD, has sort of a Japanese girly look to it which I adore, the colors are so pretty ^^

    Yet another awesome post full of awesome pictures (and WOW the quality of your iPhone pictures are awesome, my iTouch camera is nothing compared to the iPhone one T^T)


  9. KNEE HIGH SOCKS, sooo cuutte. It's not warm enough to wear them in Calgary yet.

  10. Hi Suki! love your ootd even though its old its still nice to see a picture of you! Your mom is soo sweet! :D ehh I'm guessing your name is Katherine? I always thought it was suki! O_O

  11. Aww your mom is so cute! hehe and love your outfit!(:

  12. suki you look so pretty!! i love your outfit the knee high socks are so ADORBS on you! omggggosh those noodles look FREAKIN' ridiculously delicious! AND OMGGG HOW CUTE IS YOUR MOM?!

  13. That yellow thing is a mango? Doesn't look like the mango's I've seen before!
    Best thing to avoid procrastinating is going to the library and just write. Or make sure your computer/laptop doesn't have any internet acces and you're far away from your cellphone/tv. And then just keep writing! You'll be finished in no time!

  14. Lol Ferrari red, your
    boyfriend has 'taste'? :P
    Your mum is indeed very
    cute for making these
    potato notes haha <3 You
    look lovely in the sweet
    outfit <3


  15. I love your outfit! You are so cute!




  16. Hiya! For me, my bf's luggage is taken over with my shopping purchases and my make up, shampoo, etc. I have long hair and use a lot of shampoo and conditioner. I am going to be pretty upset if I have to use the ones at the hotel. My bf's sister loves them but I find them drying.

    Cute outfit btw!

    Is your bf vietnamese/chinese? I find that mix a lot here.

    The notes are so cute.
    I tried that with a banana once but banana's shelf life is very short.
    I drew on it. Next day, it's so spotty, it's already hard to see what I drew. LOL.

  17. I love your outfit! Your mom is too cute writing on the fruits.


  18. you are gorgeous! i love your hair honey!
    and LOL your mom is so cute!! how sweet of her.

  19. I usually eat bun bo hue instead of pho too. But that's also pho here just doesn't taste the same. Hehehe. I've always been curious about matte top coat! Thanks for posting that up! And I see your bf in the back, lol. Was he the photographer? Your outfit looks awesome as usual :)

    Your mom is so sweet. She must be a very doting mommy!

  20. awww hun your mom is so cute!!!!
    love your outfit of the day!
    i haven't been on bloggr for so long, missed so any of your posts! gotta catch up

  21. haha, I know how you feel. I have a test next wk and I'm reading your blog lol.

  22. Aww bless your mum, she's so cute! I reckon my mum would leave a note for me and my brother saying "do not eat me" because we normally eat all the food in the house. =,="
    Loving your outfit of the day, your blouse is cute and I'm loving your white coat.