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Sunday, March 25, 2012
OH! I also wanna mention that I'm not a beauty junkie etc. which is probably why you find my "reviews"....so lacking hahahaha it's really just a blurb/ramble of what I think about the product. If you want a thorough review with tons of swatches etc. you're in the wrong place sadly =(

~ Shiseido's Perfect Oil ~

I've been eyeing this brand from Shiseido for a while now. From what I know it's available readily at T&T. It's basically just an oil make up remover. I'm a huge fan of the oil based makeup removers since I find they're not as harsh as water based ones (from my experience....)

I hear that some girls are skeptical about using these because they're scared they'll get more oily but to be honest I ALWAYS follow up with a cleanser afterwards and if you do that there is no way there will be oil left on your face.....unless you don't wash your face thoroughly....

When you mix the remover with water it turns into a milky watery substance. It removes make up pretty well, especially if you aren't wearing anything heavy but I found that it left some residue around my eye (from my mascara) which my SKII oil never does. I find that I have to use a stronger toner after I use this remover since it leaves that mascara residue around my eye.....

While I like this product I won't repurchase it because of the mascara residue =( Which sucks because it's so easy to get and affordable too! ><

I bought this while I was in Tokyo, it was easily accessible and I wish I bought more products from Hado Labo! I only bought this product, the toner, because I wasn't sure about the other products they had.

I'm a bit confused because on their website I think this is the "moisturizing lotion" but it's not really a lotion consistency. When you squeeze it out of the bottle it's also slimey like and strings off the bottle. However this is really moisturizing! It's a bit sticky when you apply it to your skin but after a few moments my skin just eats it up! I use this after I cleanser my face and after my toner if I wear makeup that day. I hear some girls use this as toner but I just don't.

I also had my first laser hair removal treatment! I've still got 5 to go which is spread over the span of half a year almost. Let me know if you guys want to know more! =) 

Till next time~
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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG OMG we are soooooo alike omgosh.. and that happens to me and my hubs ALL THE TIME.. SO NOWWWWWW when i open the door or leave it open for someone.. and they don't say anything and just keep walking.. i yell "YOU'RE WELCOME" at them HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.. i know it's rude.. but hello.. you don't say thank you.. or atleast nod.. OR ATLEAST YOU COULD LOOK AT ME AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT I'M OPENING THE DOOR FOR YOU. hahahahah ok end rant.

    i'm so sorry about the transcript thing!! AHHH!!! don't worry.. i'm sure it'll work out ok.. you sent in your transcripts already?? i'll keep my fingers crossed for you babe!!

  2. Ugh I hate when make up removers leave behind mascara :/ A good remover should take everything off!
    And lol the door holding situation. That makes me mad too. It really makes me mad when your like right be hind the person and they quickly like try to get through the door with out letting you grab it. Like really ? You could not have waited like a second to let me grab the door. So rude ;-;

  3. Babe!!!! Oh, how I've missed you!! :D But luckily I've been keeping how with your posts, even if I don't get to comment. I am so jelly! Laser hair removal and teeth whitening?! ): Those are next on my wishlist! But the hibs wants me to get LASIK eye surgery first of anything. I have such bad eyes and I don't even wear glasses (lost a longggg time ago) or prescription contacts. I don't even remember what my prescription is anymore & it's probably super bad. My vision for worse during pregnancy. How wack! Hmm.. So boobs or good eye sight...? BOOBS, dur! LOL JK!! Pwahaha. Anyways, I'm glad to be somewhat back. Omg, having a baby is no joke! LOL, it's so much harder than what others portray! I have so much to share! The freaking epidural wore off so I felt EVERYTHING! I HAHAHAHA.. I thought I was gonna die! Full details soon!!! Love ya, mama!!! Talk to you soon! And P.S. you're totally making me want to try that Hado Labo! But probably can't find that here in the states, huh? :/

  4. HIIII
    im still alive!!!! sorry i have been avoiding blog life for a super long time!!!!
    i have been really busy this month :) but its all because j and i bought a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well... we are building one with a builder :)
    so its been busy!! we have been talking to banks... talking to family members... lots of talking and debating... and then we finally decided to buy!!!!!
    yupsssss we are home owners in approximately 6-8 months!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe thats how long its gonna take to build the house!!!
    i will blog about it later!! just right now i dont want to put it on my blog yet... but when the time is right.. i will blog about it in details :D
    even though i havent been posting.. i do visit everyone's blogs~~ just im too lazy to reply them! hehe :P
    now i just feel super poor! its like the biggest purchase i have ever made!! but it feels so good hehe :) coz i really really love this house!! we went looking at show homes back in jan.... and i really fell in love with this show home.... and even after looking at... probably 50 houses? this one is still our favorite!
    we both felt like we grew up super fast during that time!!
    we have finally finished picking all of the interior and exterior features to the house.. coz we only get 30 days to do it all... so now all we do is wait!
    but yea~ thats why i have disappeared :P

    and i know what u mean by holding the door for people and they dont say thanks
    it bugs me too!!
    once i went to dinner with my coworkers.. shes preggy... well... she ended up holding the door for us... and insisted it was ok... so im like ok thank you.. since it was just 4 of us.... then this family comes walking through the door and doesnt even take over the door holding.. then my bf gets angry and walks over and pulls my preggy coworker away!

    i always wanted to try hado labo products!! especially their moisture toner~~ coz my face is really dry... its driving me nuts
    i will prob pick up some when i go to hk in nov :)
    its confirmed... we're going to hk in nov!!!!!!!!!!!!! and probably going to taipei too during that time!

    well i miss talking to u :)

  5. i love Hada Labo too!! but omg your's has cute winnie the pooh packaging hehehe how cool!

    i love using cleansing oil too, but i follow up w cleanser like you do. just to make sure!

    OMG i HATE when ppl don't say thanks when i open the door either. but 99% of the time ppl do in the US. but in Asia, ppl just ignore u hahaha so when im in Asia, i just throw that manner out the door and disregard the ppl walking behind me. i guess that courtesy just doesn't exist in asia!

  6. ahan...so you are going on vacations then? another break from blogger? :@

  7. ooo i'm glad i read your review! i've been wanting the shiseido perfect oil but now i don't think i will get it^^"

  8. Ahaha - on your pet peeve, I am so with you on that! I just found your blog and it's so lovely! Hope you keep it up!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  9. Hahaha you have to come to Asia. NOBODY holds the door. My parents brought me up differently as they were in London for many, many years so it comes naturally for me. Now that I'm back in Asia after 5+ years, it's taking me awhile to adapt back to the locals.

    It annoys me sometimes and dyou know what I do? I say very loudly, "YOU'RE WELCOME!" hahahaha I'm so rude...but you know what? Hardly anyone notices -.-

    I love Hada Labo and the lotion is my fav out of the range.

  10. Hey Sukiii :3 thank you for your comment, yeah theme week at school was so nice!
    The shiseido make-up remover sounds nice, but if it's like you say and it doesnt help you to get rid of all the mascara that's a little annyoing :D

    and i know what you mean..there are so many rude people everywhere! but I think the more politely we are, the more people will (hopefully) notice and change their minds. ;D

    xoxo Keki <3

  11. Sukii! =D my exams are done but still got some papers to do for next week =( whaha i think your Duffy and Build a bear could be friends!! =P I love Shiseido! use it everyday. This year i'm not going to Asia but maybe a short Europe trip don't know yet =) hope you will go on springvacation with your bf! =D and let us know where you will going to!! =D xx

  12. BWAHAHAH!!! I feel the same about your pet peeve. The more annoying thing is when you open the door to just open it for yourself and fucking boys walk through it AND they don't say thank you. They have no manners >:|


  13. I am always attracted to anything with a cute packaging or anything with a Winnie the Pooh on it so...I guess you can say Hado Labo lotion is perfect for me xD Sometimes I just buy a product because of it's cute packaging (which is SUCH A BAD HABIT :p). Definitely trying this if I ever come across it.

    UGGH, I know what you mean about your PET PEEVE. I hate that too! Especially when people show you that annoying care-less face when you help them D:< grrr. I felt better when you mentioned that you closed the door halfway when the girl was walking by xD Nowadays people are getting colder and ruder, even adults! ><" the nerve!


  14. I used to love oil cleanser! But my skin has gotten so sensitive that I can't use anything but cetaphil and Vaseline. Lol.

    It's not healthy to be a beauty junkie so don't worry about it!