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Saturday, March 10, 2012
           I can't believe how smoothly life has been going lately! Feels like something bad is going to happen soon *knocks on wood* then again I do have papers due in a few weeks time, hopefully I'll get started on those asap! I've actually made a consultation for laser hair removal on Monday, I'm super excited about that! I only did it because this specific spa has the new "pain-free" technology =D 

         I'm a light sleeper which results me in having dreams nearly every night and I remember my dreams too. I started to think more about dreams during my earlier years in high school and saw this at Chapters one day....

A dream dictionary! I bought it right away and I've used it every since. I love everything about it. I'm not going to go too much into speculation about whether it's meanings are true or not. But it works like a dictionary, you just look up things you remember from your dreams. If you remember a certain colour or feeling you just read the definition for it. Of course it's vague and I don't live my life according to this book and neither do I check it every single day, though there was a time that I did.

I remember a friend of mines told me that the front is creepy LOL I guess it could be but I've never felt creeped out/scared of this book....however I'm always careful with scary DVD's and make sure the scary part is not facing up hahaha

I love the soft old pages of this book.

Of course the dictionary doesn't have *everything* in it. It's quite vague and you might have to use some creativity to match up some words. I've thought about purchasing a more "updated" dream dictionary but when I went to browse through the book store I realized most other books didn't have the same "feel" as mines did so I ditched the idea =)

I hoped you enjoyed this post and I'm not creeping you out! 

Till next time!
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  1. Haha Suki your book sounds interesting, I used to read a lot of those until I decided to stop speculating. I didn't see the face until I read the creepy word because I thought it was butterflies and cute things lol! actually the geese come and go, I don't know where they go to when they're not in campus though because the lake is very small and my campus is in the middle of highways and buildings everywhere!

  2. I think I would need this book too. I keep having weird dreams. Just had one on Monday and it's a series of 3 dreams. I need to look up words like carpark, Thailand, silhouette, masks, running, toilets, drugs etc. All these just within a dream.

    I get what you mean by not facing the scary part up. I do that to book covers and video covers too.

  3. That's an awesome book (tho i have to agree with your friend :p - that cover is a bit creepy looking) - i must get my hands on like it - sometimes i do have dreams which leave me going "what could it mean? why have i dreamed this?"

  4. A dream dictionary ~ It looks so cool, but I don't remember my dreams clearly!

  5. Aww, that's cool! The only dreams I remember are the ones that make me sad or creep me out. There's one particular recurring dream that I just wish would stop :(
    I like the cover page, it's got quite a certain vibe to it!

  6. Irene van 't ZandMarch 12, 2012 at 4:50 AM

    That's pretty cool ~ did some of the explanations in there actually hold some truth/value to you? :3 I almost never remember my dreams. XD

  7. A dream dictionary? That's pretty cool. I'd check it just for fun if I can remember my dreams.
    You must tell us all about this amazing pain-free hair removal!! :D

  8. I remember as a kid i use to be fascinated with what my dreams meant. I always had a particular reoccuring one where i was falling (im sure everyones had those)
    Thats a really cool book though :))


  9. Cool! :D I'd like one too XD
    I dream every night. Sometimes I forget, but most of the time I remember them. Especially the nightmares.. they're hard to forget D:
    I sometimes look it up on the internet what it means :3

  10. i guess the cover is a bit creepy now that i examine it carefully!! it is always interesting to try to interpret our dreams. but i guess im too deep a sleeper bc i hardly ever remember my dreams LOL

  11. Hey Suki :) Thanks for your comment on my recent post, I hope your PC miraculously allows you to comment on people's blog without having you to comment with your BF's mac (hey, it can happen ;D electronics can be so annoying sometimes but people just grow attached to them! electronics are powerful xD) I've never seen or heard of a dream dictionary before, it's pretty cool. I must admit the cover is pretty creepy though :P

    Have a great day ;)

  12. I need a dream dictionary! I've been having some weird dreams lately... Do the interpretations seem accurate to you?


  13. Hi Irene! Hahaha some of the explanations did hold true but I try not to over speculate too =P I think it is good to not remember your dreams because it means you are getting deep and sound sleep.

  14. I think these are easy to find now, try amazon or a popular book store =) I think they can be found in the "new age" section lol I agree nightmares are scary and when it gets too scary I wake myself up!