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Thursday, April 12, 2012
          Hello everyone! I've got finals this upcoming week so I won't be able to blog much =( Late reply to comments, late catch ups, you know the drill but I still wanted to update my blog a little bit. The weather has been fabulous here and I really can't wait to go on a tea date with a friend! Good things come to those who wait! =D

~ Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Bag in Pomme ~
I bought this a little while back at around the same time I got my neverfull. I fell in love with the color and heard it "might" be limited edition so I went and bought one before they sold out.

It fits everything I need so far but if you're someone that likes to carry make up brushes etc. with you, it won't be large enough and you might need to buy the pouch that is one size up. I also love the fact that the hardware is gold, I'm so anal about hardware that I won't purchase a bag/wallet etc. if it has silver hardware because I know every time that I look at it I will cringe!

I'm still a bit anal about the leather tabs though, I sort of wish they weren't there, it makes putting the case on a counter very never wrecking! I've had this for about four months now and it's holding up pretty well, I am really rough with it and there hasn't been scratches yet. The sales assistant did tell me it is scratch resistant but I highly doubt it!

I love this photo because it looks like I used a vintage filter on it but it's actually just due to the lighting that day!

My attempt at an "artsy" photo =P
You can also see how the colour changes a bit but in real life the colour is much more similar to the photos above.

         I hope everyone is doing well! Good luck and best wishes for those who are doing exams as well and for those who aren't I hope you're stress free right now! =D Life can never completely be stress free so we might as well embrace it rather then getting ourselves more frazzled with it. Can't wait for my exams to be over with so I can do some fun stuff! =D

Till next time!
18 comments on "~ louis vuitton makeup case ~"
  1. How luxe! :D I wish I had a LV makeup bag! hehe

  2. ahhh i love LV... i don't own any though cus they're too pricey. do they last a long time?

  3. Lovely bag - problem is I'm afraid I'd get the insides dirty and owning something like that would be soo high maintenance, no? Lol!

    PS we're going to Amsterdam!

  4. Love it!




  5. looks so pretty. and i see the daisy roller!! love that!

  6. Hello my lovely Louis-Vuitton-fanatic, Suki~♥ ^^
    How are you doing ^^ Busy with your studies *.* ?
    I don't own a Louis-Vuitton bag or travel kit, but my Mum does. She has a pure and it has the same colour like your cosmetic bag. This red is trully beautiful, I love it :))

  7. oh this is so cute!!! mine is pretty dirty after 10 or more years... it is torn... so i wish i could get a new one someday!!!

  8. I love it!! vernis is my favourite.
    I've been so behind on blogging as well..good luck on the exams!

  9. That is a beautiful makeup bag! And I love the red vernis from LV. Good luck on your exams! You're so right life can't be stress free so I really need to learn to embrace mine. Lol

  10. Ahh! I just finished catching up on your blog! Your Duffy bear is so cute, by the way!

    I'm not big on cosmetic bags. :P I do my makeup in the morning and don't worry about it until the next day. However, I think this bag is beautiful! You can tell that it's very well made!

  11. So pretty LV make up bag ^^
    Did you buy it online or...


  12. wow, this is a really really nice make up bag!!!! So elegant <3
    And i love the colour!

  13. Love the bag! and especially love the colour :) So bright and fun!!

  14. your bag is super cute!! I love that it's called pommes, it means Apple in French! thanks to french class lol. It reminds me of the perfect poison red apple in Snow White

  15. AHHHHH i love LV vernis! it's like my favorite LV line because the colors just POP so much! i love your makeup bag it's so pretty!!!

  16. LOVE!!!! My local LV is always sold out of the Vernis versions :(