~ reminiscing hong kong ~

Sunday, April 22, 2012
         This is post dedicated to my trip to Hong Kong 2010!  When I was typing up this post I had this strange feeling that I posted this up before but I can't find it anywhere in my "published" section (anyone else really disliking the new blogger look?) so if I did please let me know and I'll take it down and write another post. Some of the photos might have made a appearance here and there as well and I also want to apologize in advance for the blurry photos, it was taken with my older camera after being dropped =(

Heading to the Victoria Peak Tram which is located in a really business oriented district. 

Chicken wings from Mcdonalds, I actually didn't try them back then and I wish I had cause they're amazing!

Cheese cake! Tee hee ~

Adorable tan kitties!

They're actually sleeping on top of the awing! It looks comfy but dirty.

"traditional" Chinese breakfast

Pizza Hut in HK is much fancier than at home but the food there is terrible imo

Miss my gel nails so much! I'm tempted to get them again all the time but then remind myself of all the money I save when I don't do them which helps a lot!

Strange alien seats at the apm mall.

HK Disney! Look at all the umbrellas! I think I opened mines too hahaha

The landscape is really gorgeous there!

I bought the black plastic spoon(?) with the mickey handle, it's actually quite sturdy and I still have it today! I want to get the whole set now!

Funny side story: When I got home and was handing out the gifts for my family someone hit the dog (not abusively thank you) with the mickey spoon and the handle looked like it got shorter! So for the longest time we thought that it went into the handle more and it wasn't till I dug out this photo and realized that it was just our imagination but seriously you should have seen the reaction on my sister and my face.

Me: OMFG the handle shrunk!
Sis: What no way?!
Me and Sis: It did! <-- and we were SURE it had shrunk too hahaha

I'm still lemming for a Disney balloon....

When I was there they had a special going on. Basically it's a package where you get dinner at the restaurant and VIP seating for the fireworks and it was worth it!

Then you tell them which restaurant you want to eat it at and they'll deliver it there for you....

Then the restaurant cooks them up! So fresh! Of course the restaurant and stores are all situated in the same area.

The huge 2$cad cotton candy that was half my size!

The Charlie Brown cafe! I finally got to go in my most recent trip here!

Ocean park was awesome before it got overcrowded with crazy tourists!

Roller coaster of hell purely because it's old and I'm scared that it'll break down in the middle of my ride =S

Panda: Lemme out!

I think Doreamon is the official safety mascot here!

I took these photos mostly for my sister since she's a huge fan of him!

Nommy pasteries! I had to do a double take and make sure this photo wasn't taken in Tokyo, everything is so cute!

Nommy spicy chicken thigh chicken burger from Mcdonalds. Everyone says it's not suppose to be spicy but I swear it is, I still love it but that does not change the fact it's not spicy!

         I really love looking at my travel photos, makes me relive the experience....then it makes me remember the things I didn't get to do which leads to me going again. In fact I've built this nasty habit of wanting to travel every few months, it's terrible! The only good thing that's come out of it is how I've curbed  from being a shopaholic....sort of. Also I'm awful with sticking to a place to go to. 

Till next time!

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  1. that was a long post! phew :)
    Everything looks so cute, especially your nails!!!
    i love it!

  2. oh my my thank you for sharing the photos, you look lovely in every frame! lovely indeed! i don't think I can ever forgive my bf if he goes to tokyo without me!

  3. OHH, Suki with dark hair *w* thank you for sharing your past story and photos. It's always interesting to see people from a long time ago and the way hey have changed in the last few years :)) I miss Japan and the delicious huge range of food TT__TT

  4. Absolutely adore the pictures! I'm terrible at taking travel pictures. I either forget or take really useless pictures. Love the pictures of the cats. So cuteeee!

  5. You look like you had a great time in Hong Kong! I love the Minnie Mouse ears, they're so cute! I haven't seen them in pink like that before.

  6. Your post makes me miss Hong Kong soooo much, haven't been in over 7 yrs! I miss the shopping the most, everything was so affordable, can't wait to go back!

  7. omogosh why do your photos look so more adventurous? i've been to most of those places in HK before but feel like i didn't make the most of it, especially the Disney Land... the weather ruined it for us at the time!

  8. Wow! Hong Kong looks beautiful! It's definitely on my list of places to visit. All your pictures look great!

  9. ahhhh so happy to see more of your hong kong pictures. makes me want to go back so much!
    when do you plan to go next? i miss all the shopping haha

  10. LOL you're hilarious.

    PS this looks like you photoshopped that thing randomly http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-TzLVPbRLJoY/TjXgrDD5ZSI/AAAAAAAAB18/Ul13Qsj5nSI/s640/IMG_8200.JPG HAHA!!

    I am just like you. I actually had all these plans, research done to go to Thailand - rofl that was like two years ago. We ended up going to all these other places.

    And I totally love the Minnie ears from HKD better.

    I recently bought a new camera so I will take more pics. I started a little scrapbook of all my travels so that makes me reminisce too. Reminisce back in the day when Duffy and Quatchi were very nice and have unmatted fur. HAHAHA!

  11. Arghh this reminds me that I
    have to post my Hong Kong
    pictures as well...

    Awwies about the soaked flats
    because of the rain!


  12. omg LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your gel nails!!!!
    All your photos make me miss Hong Kong even more :(

  13. wow seems like you had great time, this summer I went to Disneyland Paris and had lots of fun. By the way we also have the same hairstyle :)
    I loved your blog and started following you , I hope you'll follow me back too =)

  14. I miss Hongkong so much! Looks like you had an amazing time =) X


  15. Omg! I love this post! I am so happy that you had fun and that you had a great time hauling back so many cute things! By the way, the photo with you and dau dau is cute!~ :)




  16. the photos are all so great! I miss hong Kong so much, when I went to disneyland it had only opened for a little while so there wasnt that much to do :(

  17. I LOVE all your photo's. Looks like you had a good time in Hong Kong. It's my dream to go there one day.

  18. Hong Kong sounds fun and I know how you feel about wanting to go travel. After coming back from New York Trip, I definitely wanted to go on another trip as soon as I can. This time though, I want to go somewhere foreign, and a place where I would have to fly out of the US

  19. Hey Suki!

    Gosh this post is so interesting! There's always something about your posts that's so amusing to read :D must be the pictures xD

    I have a HUGE obsession with HK Disneyland (I bet I'd be obsessed with all Disneylands but I've only been to HK's one so...:/). My dream is to either go to the Tokyo one or the Florida one, I MUST GO TO EITHER ONE OF THEM xD I'm such a Disney nerd/freak. I like the streets of HK, it's nice to walk around and go shopping there. The food there is GOOD too, I love the traditional breakfast, a big fan of their yummy porridge (or is it congee?...ah SAME THING xD).

    I've been there 3 times already but I'm definitely going back for the 4th time, and I'm also definitely paying Disneyland a visit too xD Don't worry, you look real pretty in all the pics! :D


  20. suki!!!!!!!!!! i JUST got back from taiwan i'm soooo jetlagged it's not even funny! looking at your trip pics sorta reminds me of my trip.. i had those same exact mcdonalds chicken wings.. i look forward to eating them whenever i go home hahaha..

    omgosh i really adore those micky mouse dim sum that is SOOOO cute!!! don't you just adore asian bakeries?? they have the best food.. i think i ate at like at a asian bakery EVER single day on my trip atleast once a day hahahaha.

    omgosh i bought so much beauty products i filled up my ENTIRE giant longchamps weekender tote.. my husband was like "OMGGGGGG YOU BOUGHT SO MUCH STUFF!!!!" BAHAHAH :p

  21. Looking at this post makes me want to travel to HK again too!! I've never visited the Disney there but I went to the one in Tokyo..I think it was right when the Sea part was opened. It was so cool :D
    yeaa now I have an urge to travel every few months too...I'm so excited for my trip to Europe though, I think I'm gonna try to keep going back lol
    & yes, I want a graphite keepall bag! agree about the Almas..I always compare spending money on another one vs going on another trip hahah

  22. wow so many amazing pictures :) I want to have holidays :D the pandas look so cute, I want to see some too sice they´re my favourite animals

  23. Hahahaha your convo's adorable! Your bf seems like such a chill guy :) i think your leg photo is sexy! lol. and You look great naturally. The seafood delivery concept is really creative....y is North America so uncool ? =.=

    :( I'd be jealous too if my bf goes to Tokyo without me. You can always give him a list to make it less sad :) I love all your travel posts. Now I know who to ask for tips if I ever visit HK!

    Where are some of your future destinations?

  24. lovely pictures, I guess you had a blast with your trip :) you make me wanna go there anyway
    I adore your doggy, it looks a like a doll very adorable <3 <3

    you've a nice blog :) mind to visit mine and follow each other ? it will be great !


  25. Sukiii :3 thanks for leaving two lovely comments. sorry I couldn't reply earlier^-^
    I always love seeing your travelling photos.(and I love disney as well! I got those minnie mouse ears in Paris..but mine are red ones^^)
    you look really pretty, as always;D

  26. *and I hope I can do a post about our aniversary some time soon :3 he took me to a restaurant and the food was soo tasty!

  27. Helloo Suki! =D omg your pictures made me wanna go to HK now! =P never been to the Disneyland in HK, because everybody kept saying that it's boring, small blablabla XD whaha you look so cute with the minnie mouse ears! =D and my vintage sweater it's not a squid i guess? i can't see a squid WAHAH XD gosh i am so tired of school wahha! how's school? i still have 2 weeks of lectures, then EXAMS! -_-'' and if everything is ok then i can graduate (hopefully!) wehehe xx

  28. You blog is always photo heavy, but I love it because it makes me feel like traveling! I say you go to the next town and travel there with your friends when your bf goes to Tokyo! HAHA!

  29. and thanks for your opinion on the LV bags... I guess it just depends on the person who owns it. I know you take really good care of your bags :D

  30. <3 chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!! :) Great photos btw.

  31. I love the pictures. Everything seems to look better in HK than the US. I cannot believe that their PIzza hut and McD's look more better and the menu is different which is so awesome. I never left the country and I want to go around Asia!!! I'd be jealous if my bf went traveling without me. Especially because he's been and I haven't :( I hope you get to travel soon, Suki!


  32. nice pics... i think you looking older in 2010 pictures :P have a nice week ahead :)

  33. So this was from 2010? Suki, you look very cute in these pictures, and Hong Kong is a lovely city with these great pictures you've taken. This was a very cool read. I'm sorry I don't comment much or visit "suki pooki," but I highly value and admire your work. Many blessings to you!


  34. great photoblog!! omg i'm so jealous of you! i want to go to HK's disneyland!! I was supposed to visit my friend in HK but ran out of money D: hopefully one day i'll be able to go. T_____T

  35. looks like you had a very great time :) i love your nails, and the tan kitten look so cuteeeee >,<