~ avocado hair mask & egg white mask ~

Saturday, May 19, 2012
        I've been wanting to try this hair mask out for a long time but just never got around to doing it. I actually got this mask from bubzbeauty here. I'll write the instructions but it's basically what she says in the video.

~ ingredients ~
Half an avocado
One egg yolk
One teaspoon of olive oil

First cut open half the avocado, remove the seed and scoop out half of it onto a plate. The mash it up with a fork and I mean MASH it, I guess you can blend it if you want for best results lol

Then put in one egg yolk.

After you put in the egg yolk you will notice that the texture changes to a more paste like one.

Pour in the one teaspoon of olive oil and mix well.

Time to put it on your hair! 

To be honest it was really hard to put on my hair, make sure you work in fairly small sections. I left the hair mask on for 20mins before I went to wash it off. When you wash it off the water turns yellowish green! Make sure you shampoo well and condition your hair as normal, when I was washing out my hair I noticed these little white things in my hair, I presume it had to do with the egg yolk but it washed out as soon as I put in conditioner.

For the egg whites I decided to just use it as a face mask. I whisk it with a fork until I see bubbles and apply on my face. This mask tightens up your pores and makes your skin sooo soft. Make sure you apply to to clean skin and when the mask gets tight (you can't smile!) then you know it's time to wash it off. My mum taught me this mask when I was high school but I didn't give two hoots about my skin back then ><

 ~ snack ~
This was my snack afterwards hahahaha The other half of the avocado and some instant miso soup! I know a lot of people think avocado is so fattening but it has good fats and it's best to eat it raw!

The hair mask did make my hair look healthier, smoother and softer but that could also be because I actually air dried my hair when I would normally just blow dry it.I *might* make it again if I ever have the time but the results just aren't amazing enough for me to do it on a regular basis. My hair returned to it's normal hay like texture the very next day =(

The egg white mask was amazing! After I washed it off and applied moisturizer my skin felt soooo soft and smooth! I will definitely try and do this mask weekly, it's amazing!

I think I'm going to try bubzbeauty's sugar green tea scrub next =)

Till next time!
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  1. The hair mask sounds really interesting. I've never used avocados on hair before. I tried an olive oil mask for my hair once before, but I think I used too much oil because my hair smelled like a salad for the rest of the week :(

  2. that looks interesting! but i understand because LUSH makes their items with edible ingredients and they work really great :D

    btw, i never thought avocado is fattening. it is just about vitamine E :D better than taking sugar!!! hehe but many people say that it is fattening and i don't understand. it is just a vegetable!

  3. thanks for sharing these recipes/remedies! i just noticed that my hair needed a mask of some sort, so I may try this DELICIOUS avocado one!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  4. i just had an avocado smoothie today hehe, i love avocado but i never knew you can use it for hair. I used to use that egg white mask too, but i find it so messy to apply, but i love the results.

  5. I didn't realise egg white was so good for a face mask *o* thanks for the tip!

  6. I'm much too lazy to do this. I tried a mayo and egg hair mask before and gave up after just the once. I truly deserve my frizzy hair hahaha

  7. Hi suki! I've tried the egg white mask as for the avocado I think it's a little bit too expensive here :/ since we have to import

  8. hi suki!! omg I love avocados! they are super yummy specially with thick condensed milk, yum!! and I have yet to dry the hair mask, so thanks for sharing, gotta make sure I don't eat them avocados!

  9. The idea of putting a raw
    egg on your face is just
    to ewww =w= but I think
    I can give it a shot?

    I'm just so lazy in making
    these mask :c
    I'm glad it works well on


  10. hahahah...you know your bf would be hitting his head on the wall for going on this trip...you have made him so infamous...everything you do and you say because bf went on trip so i am doing this and that...hahaha...poor him... i think this will be his last trip without you :P

  11. That hair mask looks like a pain to wash off :S Hmm I wonder if it really worked. The egg mask sounds so good, i'm quite scared to do DIY face related things,but the egg mask i might try out :) Hope you are well! xX

  12. i see so many girls that make their own masks for faces O_O and the thought scares me because i'm so used to using branded products. BUT now that you did it, i think i'm gonna buy some eggs and try the mask! :D i hope that it works for me! *crosses fingers*

  13. Definitely trying this. My hair has been soo dry and the split ends are horrible right now. :(

  14. OMG you're brave trying that out.
    I don't think I can do that....
    Some people mentioned eggs, olive oil, and honey...
    I never heard of avocado for hair hmm.

    BUT I will definitely try that face mask
    once I get the courage to do it.

    BTW I'm back :)

  15. Hiya!

    It's been a while since I've been on the blogging world ^-^ The hair mask makes me wanna go buy some avocado and eat them! I don't think I'll have the nerve to put that in my hair. It looks like it'll take a long time to wash out :P My mom has always told me about the egg white mask too! But I still haven't given that a try yet...

  16. I've always been fascinated with the idea of putting... Food, directly on my face; I mean, how much more, organic, and chemical-free; can you get? (provided that you use organic produce) but oh well, I digress. How always been a teeny bit worried about how the stuff will just slide off my face! But the egg white mask seems fairly straight forward enough! Will definitely attempt to try it soon! x

  17. Very nice!
    I like bubzbeauty's oatmeal mask.
    That one really helps my skin

  18. i've tried the avocado hair mask too! and also didn't get any worth while results :(

  19. this is an awesome review! and i'll definitely try the face mask then :)

  20. Hey Suki! I'll be in Hong Kong for 2 weeks in July. Are you planning to go back again? And I'm definitely trying your homemade face mask! :) I tried Bubz's oatmeal facewash one but it gets so messy lol

  21. ohhhh i've really REALLY been into beauty masks lately.. i'm SOOOO SO going to try this avocado mask!! i've been wanting to get rid of my sun spots and acne scarring.. it's been really bothering me lately.. and i think i heard avocado's are really good for that!

    i love how you know that asian bread is milk bread.. only someone who is EQUALLY as OBSESSED with all things asian would know that hahaha!!