~ blogging is a pain! ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012
Making this totally random post.

Most of us that blog out there know that blogging isn't always rainbows and butterflies. I know it could take hours to sort through photos and edit them. Sometimes we type up a post that just sits in the drafts section for weeks only to start from scratch again.

      For myself, I usually need to be in the mood to blog and have to make enough time for it. I like to reply all my comments on the same day as well as write up new posts. This usually takes up at least half a day (with breaks of course hehe)

       Though this is my hobby there are times when I dread it. I'll think "oh gosh I need to put up that post I said I would ages ago". Which leads to my next point, when you promise something but deliver late, or never at all! Next thing you know blogging starts to turn into another reason for stress instead of it being something you unwind with!

        To keep myself motivated to blog I really only blog about things that interests me, just because this is my blog and I'm not obligated to blog to make others happy. Though it does give me great joy that others enjoy my blog, I'll only write posts that I want to. If you find that you're starting to blog about "boring" topics or stuff that doesn't even peak your interests then stop! Blog for yourself and not others! Though it's true that when I blog I have my readers in mind I never let it dictate when I'm going to write about. Which is probably why there are some boring-ass posts sometimes LOL

         So if you ever need a break from blogging then take it! Don't worry about always putting up a new post every Tuesday etc. For those that do I applaud you!

Blogging has let me meet some fascinating people for which I am grateful to know, one of the sole reasons why I love blogging so much! 

P.S I'm typing up another Paris post as I write this and it'll probably be up late tonight. :3
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  1. Yes, very true and wise of you.

    As you gain, more and more followers people forget the reason why they originally gained them. Just like youtubers, or any sorts of fame, you start to satisfy them instead of yourself = no happiness for the owner.

    It is very important that you blog for yourself, and what you want to say. Not because 10 other bloggers are talking about it.

    And yeah Blogging does take a lot of hard work! I get so tired after I spend like a full day on a long ass post. -_-

    I love your blog the way it is, and I enjoy it because there's more than just beauty reviews. I followed it because I wanna hear YOUR thoughts, and I really do enjoy knowing YOU. So keep it up suki. :) And cheers to future blog posts!

  2. your blog is one of my favourites!! :]
    but I totally know what you mean. When I was still in school I was so overwhelmed sometimes and it became more of a chore to make each post..especially when nothing much was happening in life and all I posted were boring pics. Now I'm in the phase where I love it again.
    & yea you're right that blogging should be for yourself and what you enjoy..if others don't like it then they don't have to read it!

  3. I can surely attest to all of this. I, for one, am not a fan of just posting anything... just to show you're alive or for no reason. I think there is value to EVERYTHING posted. Why short change your audience? I truly understand and agree with everything here. And really, getting myself in the mood applies to my blogging and my videos. That's the one thing I purely understand and accept in this post.


  4. I feel you on that! One time, I was like "I am going to finish this half done post in one month... plenty of time...!" It auto-posted before I even finished, lol.

  5. omgosh i feel like i'm going through this right now.. i use to blog like 3 even 4 times a week.. but now it's dwindled to once a week!!! i almost wanted to quit for awhile.. because blogging felt like such a job.. a job that you're unpaid for muhaha! but then i realized i would really really miss out on the connections and friendships i've made (with girls like YOU!) so i'm still trucking through haha

  6. HAHA I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU :) I think that`s also part of the fun of blogging: only putting things you want in your blog :D I think once you have a set amount of followers, you feel obliged to pump out material just to please people and that`s where it goes downhill : X Just blog whenever you feel like it and people who are really interested with keep reading and following!

  7. I completely completely understand how you are feeling. I have this ups and downs too though most of the times I enjoy blogging and it is indeed my hobby. I'm not sure if you noticed, but my posts are always backdated by months. For some people, they might even not bother to backdate their posts since it has passed. However, to me I would really wanna blog about things that matter to me. I've already cut down on not posting every single event but still, the busy-ness had perpetuated the backdates.

    Just take everything in your stride and be happy! =)

  8. forgot to add...

    There is a reason why your loyal readers and frequent "commenters" would keep coming back even though you do not blog as often. And all of us would definitely understand as I'm sure many of us would have also gone through similar phase!

  9. Omg I can totally relate to you Suki! I've been going through this a lot lately. I like to reply back to all comments and visit back as well, but with the crazy amount of comments I've been getting lately, I have to pretty much spend the entire day sitting at the computer, which makes me want to blog even less because it's so time consuming. I blog about things that interest me so I am motivated to post often, but sometimes I just think about all the time I'm putting into writing, taking and editing photos, keeping up with comments, etc. and can't help but feel like I have another full time job. Reading all of the thoughtful comments left by my readers ultimately keeps me going though. It's nice to know they appreciate the effort I put into my posts :)

  10. I can understand you. Blogging needs so much time! I really miss it at the moment, but on the other hand, I am happy to take a little break. It was too much beside school and work... I'm glad when this week is finally over! Mihoshappylife Blog will be back soon again :)

  11. You are so right Suki! i totally agree!! at the moment i really don't want to post something because i am so lazy WAHAH! after a busy schoolyear i just want to relax for a moment XD wahhaha and editing pics really really cost so much time! so that's why i don't talk too much at my blog XD because after editing my brains are just too tired XD so i really have respect for your long stories always!! =D and long comments! love to read them! xx

  12. Same here! I only publish once a week or so now, too much stress! And I don't feel like I have to reply to comments anymore, unless I want to. I read all comments and really appreciate them, and I say thank you in posts, but replying to each and every one of them just makes me insane. ^_^

    As long as I blog with no pressure, I think it's still fun. And thank God for scheduled post!

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