~ paris - eiffel tower, arc de triompe, galeries layfayette ~

Thursday, June 21, 2012
On this day I went to various tourist attractions, thus the lengthy title. Ironically I don't miss Paris too much nor have vacation withdrawals lol Ironically I woke up really early every morning on this trip, probably too excited for the next day but I actually think it's because I get some serious good sleep! I won't go into much of the history of these places since it's easy to just google them up yourselves =P

~ Laduree ~
The Laduree at Champs- Elyesse is undergoing renovations so I went to the Bonaparte location which was closer to our hotel anyways.

I was surprised to see the Asian themed safari going on inside!

The service was decent and the waiters weren't rude which is all I ask for in Paris lol

I had one of the breakfast sets which included a lot of food including these bread rolls, macarons, fresh grapefruit juice, scrambled eggs, mini sandwiches, yogurt and fruit!

The scrambled eggs was really creamy and their bacon is more similar to our "canadian bacon".

The french toast was really sweet and not savory at all! Not what I'm used to.

The adorable maple syrup I wanted to take home!

I liked that the filling and bread ratio was even in the sandwiches. I hate it when there's too much bread!

Was too full to even finish this....

Finally! The macarons! These were alright, my favorite macarons were the ones from Angelina's, I still think about them!

If anyone is wondering, Laduree's is still having their collaboration with Hello Kitty!

Walking to Notre Dame after breakfast. There are a lot of street vendors that sell souvenirs such as post cards, posters, old book and magazines.

~ Notre Dame ~

Finally reached the church! The entrance fee is by donation and don't be freaked out by the long line up, it goes fast!

The building is stunning.

You can get these candles by a 2euro donation.

I love how the light reflects off the gold of this painting.

I personally find it hard to feel any religious divinity here or any other famous church simply because it's quite loud and there are so many people taking photos.

You can get a rickshaw ride to nearly all the tourist destinations but it's not cheap let me say! 

~ Eiffel Tower ~
Came here just for the sake of it lol
I didn't bother going up since it wasn't included in the museum pass.

~ Arc de Triomphe ~

View from the top! The crowd is surrounding a group of street dancers.

Gifts available at the shop. The chocolates were so adorable and I almost fell to the temptation!

The flights of stairs you walk to get to the top. No, there is no other way up and in the middle it gets really hard to breathe since air circulation is poor and everybody is huffing and puffing their way up. There is also no place to rest so pace yourself when going up.

This reminds me of the horror manga, Uzumaki!

Gorgeous reliefs.

~ Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at Musee des Arts Decoratifs ~
This was the only exhibition I checked out here.

Photography is actually not allowed inside but I missed the sign and took a few pictures before I was alerted by a staff member.

Louis Vuitton.


The rest of the exhibition contained the first designed trunks as well many limited edition bags and fashions from previous years. There were also interesting information as well. Did you know that the original pattern that Louis Vuitton designed for his trunks was just plain grey then brown and beige stripes? Then the damier pattern? It was actually his son that came up with the iconic "LV" logo that we know so well today.

A statue that was passed many times going to Angelina's.

Nice architecture everywhere.

~ Galaries Lafayette ~
I entered this mall through the metro which I found was easier than the street entrance.

The inside is beautiful but too crowded. It was like boxing day in there. Be prepared for long line ups to the high end stores such as Chanel and LV. Unlike the LV store at Champs Elysees, they give you personal attention right away so they can make sure customers get in and out quick.

~ Dinner ~
Randomly picked this place for dinner which was situated really near the hotel.

The restaurant was super loud and the entire menu was in french. I chose something with "poulet" in it and -- extent of my french hahaha

However, this was one extra delicious poutlet!!! The cheese sauce and chicken went so well together and it was nice to dip your bread in. The chicken had a bit of a lamb taste to it as well which bf pointed out.

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  1. looks like so much fun! btw i love your blog and followed! do you think you could maybe follow me back? would love my blog to be as good as yours xx

  2. This is so nice! I felt like I went to France by looking at all your photos :) Lovely!

  3. I want to go to all those places!

  4. the only Laduree I went to was the one on Champs Elysee..I didn't even know they were undergoing a reno lol I just thought the shop outside was supposed to look like a pop-up shop. the food there looks sooo good!! I didn't even know they had food to be honest =\ now I regret not going to an actual one to eat..the decor inside is beautiful

    one thing I really regretted was not going up the Arc de Triomphe since it has such an amazing view..but I didn't know there was only stairs to go up!! I probably wouldn't have made it lol.

    too bad you didn't get to go to Sadaharu Aoki - well at least for next time we'll know to plan our trips better =P

  5. oh my!! really lovely and gorgeous photos!! I am completely amazed by how everything looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pic..;)

  6. I am dying, looking at all your Paris pictures!! So beautiful... and all that food!! You look gorgeous too; the pink really suits you and the hair makes it look so classy! <3

  7. awww babe!!!! i feel like i'm reliving my 1st and 2nd trips to paris with your vacation pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look so pretty!! and you and your boyfriend look so cute and happy in your couple pictures :)!!!

    omgosh i have to say your poulet looks DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You're elegant and casual at the same time with such a lovely outfit :)
    Ohh Paris is such an epic place! It's one of my biggest dreams to go there!


  9. So beautiful! It's one of my dream destinations! Actually was so sad b/c there's a deal this week for Paris where the flight roundtrip INCLUDING taxes was only a little over $500!!!! But you have to leave like... next wk. hahaha! If only i can pick up and leave whenever I want. Now i'm craving macarons. Mmmmmmmmm!!!!

  10. suki darling! looking at your paris pics makes me want o go so much! everything looks so pretty, i love the historic looking churches!
    aww you and your bf is so cute! i always wanted to do those lock things with the bf, everyone talks about it when they go to paris haha.

    mmm macarons!!!

  11. Ahhhh! I love your hair, your outfit, your bag, the tower, the food piccies, the architecture ... sheesh... just everything! :)

    And super cute photo of you and your man!!!!!




  12. I'm surprised they let you take photos inside Laduree. The last time I was there, they were being photo Nazis and snapped at anyone who had a camera. Looks really nice, though!


  13. Awww your trip must've been romantic HAHAH X-D Your bf's smiling :) Looked like funnnnn!!!! AHHH I WISH I WENT TO EAT AT LADUREE WHEN I WAS IN PARIS LAST YEAR TT__TT

  14. Suki :3 I'm back! I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged about anything for such a long time. I was in Barcelona but now that I read your post I want to go to Paris, too! I simply KNEW you would eat macarons <3 they are my favourite french treat. I'm glad you had such a great time in France. You look really happy <3

  15. Pretty, pretty, pretty!! Where abouts did you stay? That balcony you're on looks lovely...

    I didn't go to a Laduree store because its so pricey, plus there were tonnes of other confectionary stores that did super pretty and tasty looking sweets but wow does it look gorgeous inside!

    Looks like your BF enjoyed himself a lot there lol

  16. Omg the pictures are so beautiful!! And so are you, as always :D i'd give anything to go there...

  17. Oh gosh Suki, your hair
    is gorgeous! I like it c:
    Also the Paris photo are
    breathtaking, it's like
    you brought us all to le


  18. Gorgeous photos from paris! Laduree is so pretty in Paris =o and im glad they werent rude haha i think i would expect that too in France.
    You look cute and the sight seeing looks wonderful <3


  19. wow...so you finally make it to paris...i thought you were going to peru?
    anyhow it is good to see so many beautiful pics of paris with you :P
    enjoy..have a nice week...

  20. I love this! I've been to Paris too so this brings back memories. You're so lucky here!


  21. Your picture of the church only tells half the truth - in reality it looks disgusting outside with all the pigeons!!! ROFL.I was too freaked out to go in and I didn't want to go up!

    And i just want to say how much I love your outfit. The pink skirt is super cute!
    I've been to the other Laduree, actually. I don't think the Asian theme (while nice) really speaks to me. Haha. I mean, I thought it'd be more ... alice in wonderland theme. There's this place here called Moroco - http://www.blogto.com/restaurants/moroco-chocolat - I was expecting something like this.

    Where did you guys end up staying?

    And as for the locks - LOL. The ones in Toronto are being cut up, I believe. That's pretty cool you got to do that. I swear I was walking in that area when I went and they didn't have a person selling locks :( *pouts*

    BTW $20 for strawberries?! They better taste like heaven.

  22. Beautiful pictures! I love Paris because of it's history and everything is so pretty there. I don't think I'd want to actually live there though because the non-touristy areas are so dirty. I would love to live in the south of France though!

  23. You and your boy look like a very happy couple in Paris.

    My my... I sort of feel a little bumped not being able to do that lock thing. We went over during winter last December you see. And walking by the river really freezes me up. The days are also short and sun set too quikcly during our trip there that we had to forgo many things.

    You dined at Laduree! That is lovely! We merely walked in twice to buy macarons. Hehe... I'm glad you enjoyed your trip!

  24. these photos are awesome. and you look super happy. and cute with that outfit.

    those dresses are crazy O___O like good crazy that is. those places that you visited are sooooo much different than vegas! lol that's for sure.

  25. Beautiful photos Suki! I love seeing others' travel photos because even though I've never been to the places before, it feels like I took a trip of my own there :) You and your bf are so cute together - I hope neither of you will ever have to go back to that bridge to unlock the padlock haha :D

  26. lovely photos...paris every girl dream:) Thank you for sharing your travel pics:)

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