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Friday, June 29, 2012
Most of this day was spent at the Lourve so this might be boring for some folks as most photos will be of paintings, sculptures etc. Though it was off to Angelina's for lunch and Napoleon's area is really pretty too. 

~ breakfast ~
Figuring out what to have for breakfast soon came to be a challenge. The hotel breakfast didn't seem too appetizing but luckily there was a bakery on the way to the metro.

The place was small but filled with all sorts of pastries and savory delights! It smelled heavenly~

I got a pain au chocolat, which is a chocolate filled croissant~

There was a local market held every few days. They sold everything from fruits, cheese, shoes and flowers!

~ Musee du Lourve ~

The audio guide's are 3DS's!!! I really wanted to rent one but decided against it, it was 5euros for those interested.

Under the lourve, the lourve was originally a fortress and here you can see the foundations of it. 

Venus de Milo.

Egyptian bronze crocodile....or was it an alligator? Lol

We spent a lot of time in the Egyptian section as well as Asian arts.

There were a lot of rooms like this which were over whelming.

The seated scribe.

Small figurines, adorable!

A random note, nearly every room have these large plastic boards in various languages that provide you with information about the artifacts in the room. Really useful if you didn't rent an audio guide, though I recommend the 3DS guide more.

Gorgeous hall. I believe it was the hall of decorative arts....

Gorgeous glass ware.

Painted by Cimabue.

Painted by Giotto <-- one of my all time favorite artist!

The Mona Lisa. There was a huge crowd around her but I demanded a decent shot so I squirmed my way through to the front of the crowd. For once my Asian size came in handy.

~ Lunch at Angelina's ~
Ahhhh Angelina's how I miss you so....

I read many reviews about this place and it seemed that it was split down the middle 50/50. Some people loved it and others hated it.

We arrived right before the rush did and were seated upstairs with a view overlooking the entrance. The people near the bottom of the photo are lining up for a table while the other line is for the little boutique they have downstairs.

The decor is adorable and our waitress was very friendly and smiled politely when I ordered "un carafe d'eau" haha (a bottle of tap water)

My sandwich...I believe it was smoked salmon. This was alright, nothing too special.

The boutique downstairs sold pasteries, macarons, teas, hot chocolate, biscuits and more. I was lucky to snap a shot without anyone in it, not even staff!

Couldn't leave without trying the macarons and boy am I glad we did. Light, crispy, fluffy and not too sweet. The amount of filling was perfect too. 

Some potted plants I spotted that I thought added some colour to the city.

~ back to the Lourve ~
BABY BLUE DOORS!...need....


We spent most of our time in Napoleon's apartments, it's gorgeous there!

Loving these chairs!

I love that one on the right!

His throne....

This really reminds me of Bill Reid's carving of Raven and the First Men.....

Hogwarts anyone?....

I guess this would be the lobby area for the Lourve. 

Lots of tourists and people chilling outside. Especially by the fountains.

Hunting for a place to eat dinner...

Found a ramen place! Why not and it was cheap too.

Looks alright but tasted...not so great. They didn't use real ramen noodles but just regular egg noodles in a plain chicken broth. Oh wells, it was filling though.

Art Nouveau metro station signs.

The typical metro stations. Oh the doors of the train doors are mostly manual where you either need to push a button or turn a knob.

         I'm so glad I have these Paris posts cause life's been a bit stale in photos lately lol All I've been doing is working and hanging out with friends doing simple activities such as dinner and movies. I've also been spending a lot of  time working out my school schedule,who knew it could get this hectic! I hope everyone's been well and enjoying the summer!

Till next time!

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  1. wow :D i love this post! you look gorgeous. i mean i love your style in paris. the pyramid looks like the apple store in NY. hehe

  2. Gorgeoussss photos!!
    hahah I'm pretty sure that was my favourite Laduree macaron too! I think it was strawberry roasted marshmallow? or something like that..
    I went to Angelina's at Galeries Lafayette. I didn't like what I ordered..it was way too chocolatey.

  3. Wahh great pics! I'm going to Paris next week for 2 nights with my boyfriend and we weren't planning on visiting the Louvre though XD But it looks so pretty from the inside!!
    The doors are indeed pretty! :D
    How did you survive anyway? XD not lot of people know English in France ;o; and we suck at French, so we will have to trust our instincts and map.
    Where was that ramen shop? :0 I must eat there for dinner! >w<
    Btw, your boyfriend isn't the only one who makes fun of his girlfriend's forehead ;o; haha. Mine does it to tease me cause I always have a side fringe XD

  4. Paris looks amazing. Would love to visit.

  5. These photos are gorgeous! Paris looks so beautiful, it's now moved up my list of most wanted places to travel to :)
    I love your outfit - it was feminine and pretty~
    Lol, sometimes I clasp my hands behind my back to hide the arm flab ^__^

  6. wowww such beautiful rooms. I MUST SEE THEM IN PERSON! can't wait for my euro trip...i have no idea when that's going to happen but it's defiantly on my to do list.
    don't worry but bf lovesss to make fun of me too. my fattie tissues to be exact. rawr.

  7. You look gorgeous, love your hair colour/style and the outfit too. It's been a while since I've been Paris and after seeing all your photos I want to go there tomorrow! The photos of the pastries and cakes makes me hungry and I can't believe that you can rent a 3DS for an audio guide, they've updated their standard headphones and the thingy-ma-jig-around-the-neck (like a remote or something ==").

    The first photo of your sandwich and chips made me think that the portion was small until I saw your next photo of you with the dish. Ahh I love macarons, there's a Laduree in London and I pay a visit there every now and again for a cheeky treat. (^--^)

    Napoleon's apartment is gorgeous indeed, I love the red furniture and haha oh gosh those stairs do remind me of hogwarts. That portion of ramen looks huge, did you finish it all? I think I would have struggled a bit and made the Mr eat it. +__+

  8. I agree with you on Ladurée, I think it is very expensive and not worth what you get. I tried some cheaper macarons and they usually tasted a lot better!

    Haha, love Napoleons chair! So small! Wish I could have visited his house. It looks really nice, can I say better than Versailles? =) More suited to my taste I suppose.

    Love the DS tour idea! So smart! If nintendo has any brains they will strike a deal with museums so visitors can download a tourguide on their 3DS. Maybe more people will buy it that way ;p

  9. Thanks for all the comments, I think I'll reply in points to make it easier lol

    - yea I've always wanted to do full restaurant reviews with high quality pics but I'd feel weird snapping pics of everything in public =\ you should do some reviews of the best Vancouver places too! I really want to visit there again sometime soon..

    - I think the view from the Arc would be much nicer than the one from the Eiffel Tower..since you'll actually SEE the tower from there. & I really love how the streets around the Arc are really straight and long..ah I really regret not going up hahah. But if I do go up I'll know to prepare myself for the stairs

    - yea I usually like going to many different cities in a single trip but if you're to stay in any city for a longer period Paris is definitely the best!! I would love to go there for longer next time.

    - I know what you mean..some places I definitely do get the "soul searching" feeling hahah, especially when travelling alone. Some places are more extreme than others.

    can't wait to see more of your pics!

  10. yay paris post! :) loved traveling back to the louvre with you :)!

    omgosh i have to say i'm obsessed with your outfit it's very parisian chic! you look so pretty and feminine.. :)

    hahaha that comments your bf makes about your forehead made me bust out laughing.. hahahaha but you know he does it because he hearts you!! :p

  11. Omg Suki love all the pics!! and you look pretty!! love ur dress! hope u are doing well! at the moment i don't have school anymore, just still wait for some results. I think i am going to change my blog layout before i post anything new XD whahaha xx

  12. Oooooooh, I've read lots of reviews about Angelina, too! Lucky girl!
    My husband wanted to go to Paris for our honeymoon in April, but I refused down pat because I don't want to spend my honeymoon in a foreign country, too stressful for newlyweds, I think, everytime we went overseas, we almost always fought about places and languages and food. ^_^ But I really want to go one day!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  13. I enjoyed reading your about your trip to the Lourve. I love museums and a whole day wasn't even enough for us over there.

    I haven't tried Angelina. I'm drooling at the description of the butter sauce and I laughed at all your bf's comments.

    Oh it isn't summer in Vancouver yet? Or summer but just a cold and rainy summer. Hope the sun shines on you soon!

    Aww... thank you, dear. That's nice. Yes, you have to put that down for future reference definitely. It's always good to start collecting ideas now.

  14. I love all the pictures you took so much! I am so jealous of you and my bf too for going to Paris! :D You looks so beautiful every time, very impressive :)
    I tried to look good as much as I could but living in hotels made me feel like I didn't wanna do anything (( So I am very impressed you kept it up so high!
    Your shoes look beautiful by the way, even as flats :) I wore flats most of the time too haha Then they even broke!!
    And that picture really does look like Hogwarts!!

    And thank you so much for visiting back :) Yes, gladly, I talked to the salon owner last night and told her I will be leaving at the end of this month... I love doing nails, I think having gorgeous nails is same as having your hair and makeup made :) Makes you look like a princess! If you visit Nanaimo someday I'd love to do yours as well :)
    Thank you! When is your anniversary? You guys seems to be together for so long already... :)

  15. You look so pretty! Love the white dress + pink cardigan.
    And wow, these photos are amazing. The culture and food are a definite must! Thanks for sharing- it makes me really wanna travel now.


  16. I love reading people's travel posts because it feels like I'm travelling with them for a few minutes :D
    AWWW THE LOUVRE, I ONLY STAYED THERE FOR A FEW HOURS, TOTALLY NOT ENOUGH! We need a whole day to cover that place :P

    You look really pretty in your dress and pink cardi :) THE LONGGG HAIRRR! HOW DYU DEAL WITH IT? HAHA I hate it when my hair gets long (tho it looks nicer, it's such a hassleeee) >____<

    AHHH THE FOOD PICTURES! I refrain from posting too much food pictures on my blog because I'll get hungry when I look at it haha xD

  17. Love your hair and outfit! I didn't get to visit the Louvre last time I was there! Thanks for taking and posting so many awesome photos!

    My aunt always exclaim French's pastries are the best in the world. Lol. I had to roll myself back to Vancouver the last time I was in France.