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Saturday, June 16, 2012
         This was really the most anticipated part of the trip for me! Even if I only had two days in Paris I would have taken the time to go here because I wanted to see it that much! I actually got really emotional when I was walking up to the gates and nearly cried -.-

       Getting to the palace is fairly easy and you can find clear instructions just by googling how to get there. I actually did very little research for this trip, asides from hotel research and I googled how to get here just the night before but that's how easy it was!

       I won't go too much into detail about it's history but I'll mention that it was originally a hunting lodge and it wasn't until later on that the court moved here. I highly recommend purchasing the book they have at the gift shop titled "Versailles". It comes in many different languages so much sure you pick up the right one! It's quite inexpensive at 15euros for a hard cover book with about 150 pages and lots of coloured photos too! I've yet to read it as I'm saving it for a nice rainy day where I can just sit/lay in bed for hours and devour the book with some tea and sweets =) <--- not hard for Vancouver weather lol I'll also have a photo of all the goodies I bought on my trip too.

The Palace of Versaille's website is here and it has a lot of useful information such as opening hours, prices of different tickets as well as how to get there.

Probably not going to title many photos since they're all about the same topic.

~ Palace of Versailles ~
Walking there! Once you get out of the train station there are people who direct you to the right direction and it's about a 5 minute walk from there. There's also a Starbucks along the way to perk up your morning. |(though what could be perkier than going to the palace?!)

The palace is actually pretty much right smack in the middle of busy streets and stores. You will have a clear view of it as you walk up though but it's not how I imagined it (more with a garden entrance and what not)

The details of this place will overwhelm you!

The bright sun combined with my terrible photography skills ended up with either over exposed photos or extremely unnaturally dark ones -.-

Felt like like a kid in a candy store and I wasn't even inside yet!

The huge garden lies beyond this building.

IMPORTANT: You can purchase your tickets to the palace online which I highly recommend! 
The line to buy a ticket was extremely long so if you pre-purchase your tickets you can skip that line and head straight to security which saves you a lot of time! Also if you want to avoid crowds try and get here right at opening times, I've heard people who come that early practically have the palace to themselves for a good 45mins which is a lot of time and trust me, I wish I did that! This actually applies to nearly all museums and attractions.

I have a *slight* obsession with doors so you might be seeing more than one (a dozen) throughout my Paris posts and I've already omitted a lot lol

Long gorgeous corridors, sometimes simple is best.

Drooling over this gorgeous wall paper....

They covered the areas of the wallpaper where people could reach with plastic but look at that detail!

Nearly every ceiling was painted.....it was hard to take in what all the rooms had to offer because you're sooo overwhelmed with all the finery. I didn't know where to look at the ceiling, funiture, wallpaper etc. and all this time you are swimming in a crowd full of people!

Oh gosh.....

The chandeliers were beautiful!

I can't even imagine sitting on this....

OMFG! I need this!

Gorgeous tapestry

The famous hall of mirrors!

I believe this was the King's bedchamber.....

This was the Queens bedchamber...who wouldn't want to sleep here!

This painting was...m a s s i v e....

Some of the souvenirs you could purchase, overpriced of course lol

They also had a Laduree's here! It's quite small though but they did have some Hello Kitty items here! Most of them didn't appeal to me so I didn't get any.

Went here for lunch!

They serve bread (baguette?) at every restaurant in Paris! Tough and chewy, yums!

From memory this was a truffle based lasagna and OMG! It was heaven!!!! If you're wondering what that white thing is, it's an egg!

The daily risotto which was salon but it didn't have any salmon in it and was only salmon flavored.....it didn't taste very nice either, I'm so glad I didn't get this hahaha

~ The Grand Trianon ~
Love love love the pink marble!

The Mirror Room, according to the book the decor is the same but not the furniture.

Empress bed chamber

Bed chamber of the Queen of Belgian.


I love looking at paintings to see what people were wearing during the time! <-- Though they could have been put there at a later date.

~ The Petite Trainon ~
This building was actually built for Madame de Pomadour but later on it was used by Marie Antionette as an escape from her court life.

The "M" which is the royal monogram of the Queen of France.

Sorry for the "glowing" light, I was too busy happily snapping away at photos to have noticed at the time but I think it does make the place seem a bit more whimsical. They also make you wear your backpacks at the front.

The bedchamber, you'd actually be surprised at how small in size these rooms were and sometimes they seemed overstuffed with finery but I thought this room was perfectly balanced.

The Temple of Love.

After the Petite Trainon  I walked towards Marie Antionette's Estates. It was about a 15 -20min walk.

~ Marie Antionette's Estate (Is it also known as Little Venice?) ~
It was absolutely breath taking. Almost like a fairytale village come to life.

You can't go inside the buildings but you can get extremely close to them.

The fish were going crazy! We think they might have been trying to get at the flies that hover above the water.....I wouldn't like it fall in anyhow!

As beautiful as it looks in photos I actually had the worst time here because they were cutting the grass which sent me into hay-fever frenzy!

It's easy to see why she liked this place so much, the entire place gives off a serene atmosphere. It is definitively worth checking out  and there a lot less people here too.

From Marie Antionette's Estates I walked back to the Petite Trainon and took the mini-train back to the Palace. If your feet are sore then it is definitively worth it! I think it was about 7euros per person.

Leaving the palace.

         This was my favorite part of the trip. The weather was gorgeous and I got to take my time and stroll through the gardens. If I could come again I would with a packed up lunch to picnic with and spend more time in the gardens. I'm so happy and grateful to have had the chance to come to one of the places I could only dream of.

Till next time!

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  1. beautiful architecture. i wonder how those people made that without the technology that we have today? it really makes me wonder.

    anyway, i don't blame you... just looking at these photos gives me goosebumps! i think i would have nearly cried seeing it too. lol

  2. Those doors are so pretty!
    I'm not really fond of the way those rooms are decorated, there's just too much detail! Makes it look chaotic. But I like the gold on the roofs, the chairs and the gardens. I also like Marie Antoinette's estate.

  3. omigosh i didn't even know the palace was so extensive behind it! I feel so missed out now because when me and the BF went we didn't get to go inside :( we were on a tight timescale. This will be on my list of things to do next time I visit Paris again and I'll have to spend full day here! The gardens look GORGEOUS!

    I'm glad you had a blast here because I know you love your history haha and OMG I would love that pink wallpaper too in my room.

  4. gorgeous photos!! I didn't get a chance to come on my recent trip..I only been here once when I was younger & don't remember much :( Versailles is definitely very beautiful..
    wow Marie Antoinette's estates look so magical!! I must visit next time.

  5. Wow, so many pictures! Versaille and the Louvre are the places I really wish to visit one day when I'll go to France! For some reason, I really wish to visit the garden and the other secondary estates. Either way, thank you for the photos, they are every lovely!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Versailles and the Louvre were also the top two places for me! It's a pleasure for me to share them with you.

  6. Oh woow, impressive! and a lot of goooold colours (*^0^*) I love the rococo style so much! Especially the floral touch in the bedrooms and walls (≧v≦●)

    I have already seen Versailles from a bird’s eye perspective on pictures or google map but I have never been there yet. It is so incredible how they lived there – I wanna have a big garden too (ノ≧∇≦)ノ I really should visit Paris in the near future, actually, we have quite good connection from Switzerland to France with the train.

    Suki, you’re so cute in your lovely dress. You look like a modern princess (〃∇〃v)

  7. Wow the palace looks breathtaking in your photos. I can only imagine how much nicer they must have looked in person! I would love to be able to visit Paris one day. Your dress is perfect for the trip there too; you look so pretty in the garden shots you took ^_^

  8. Oh my!!! Imagine what it would be like to actually live there! I would give so much to go to that place! You're so lucky!!!

    1. Hi Jenia! I hope you don't mind me asking this but is this the same Jenia as before? I tried to visit your blog but there's no posts =(

      re: It would have been amazing to live there though probably cold hahaha

  9. Wow! Paris looks absolutely stunning! All that history and beauty in the details...it must've been even more stunning in person ^_^
    And your outfit was super cute too~!

  10. Beautiful pictures!!!! You look gorgeous dear! :-)




  11. Wow that looks so gorgeous!! When I go to Europe again one day, I'll definitely visit.
    Everything looks so posh and gorgeous. I especially love the chambers and the gardens.
    It does look serene. Like somewhere I'd just go out, read a book, and enjoy the breeze (if any)

    Yes, Duffy had his Paris outfit BUT since we weren't going to Paris *we did on the last day but only the airport..* so we gave him his Duffy hat. (I couldn't find Duffy's official sailor outfit)

    I think if the cheese is prepared a certain way, they can be left out unrefrigerated. Also, no, we did not paint our clogs. You could buy the non-painted ones for cheap to take home and paint, I guess. I was just scared of splinters.

    There's night markets here too but not in downtown Toronto - more like in suburbia. I've never been. They do have festivals downtown though... kinda like a night market but not asian LOL! In fact, the taste of Danforth is going on right now... I think it's like euro food lol.

  12. Wow! breathtaking pictures!! everything is so magical and gorgeous! ^_~

  13. Thanks for posting all those amazing photos! I went there sooo long ago so I don't remember anything other than the garden and the mirror room :(.

    Being an art history student must've given you do much insight while visiting the place :)

    You looked so pretty in the photos btw <3 I really like that halter dress!

  14. gorgeous photos! i am so envious! the golden gate literally glows and Marie Antionette's Estates looks so amazing! you look really adorable with your flowery dress too. :) xx

  15. omgosh babe i DIE for your sundress!! you look so appropriate to be frolicking around the versaille palace grounds haha! you look so gorgeous in that dress!!

    you are so lucky you went to france now.. because the first time hubby and i went to france it was a few years ago and it was SNOWING omgosh and we went to versaille.. and the whole thing was covered in snow.. so i barely spend anytime outdoors because i was DYING from the cold!!!