~ chocolate dripped pastel nails tutorial ~

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
I did this nail look way back in the early spring and when I posted it on my blog a lot of people asked me how I did it and also for a tutorial so here it is! To be honest, this isn't much of a tutorial because I mainly followed Violet's instructions here!

~ supplies ~
These are the polishes I used for this look.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
Seche Vite Top Coat

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - 08 Expresso
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - 340 Mint Sorbet
Joe - Butter
Joe - n/a <-- lost the sticker hahaha
Joe - Sugar Plum Fruit Confetti <-- love love love this colour~
Joe - Wave

Rounded piece of cardboard in cause you get polish onto your fingers, cuticles etc...

~ step 1 ~
Prep and paint your nails with a base coat. I would recommend using a base coat or at least if you're using dark colours and reds to avoid yellowing your nails. (which happened to me and it took forever to grow out)

~ step 2 ~
Paint each nail a different colour. Of course you can always just use one colour and I actually found this to be the hardest part since I'm so used to just painting my nails one colour. 

TIP: Unscrew each nail polish bottle so it's easy to take the brush in and out or else you might have a hard time getting them open with wet nails.

~ step 3 ~
Take your brown polish and make some long lines, about mid way to your finger. In Violet's tutorial she suggests that you make sure your polish brush is loaded and drippy with the product so it produces the drippy effect and thus produces a "round" bottom at the end of your line. Personally, this specific polish is really drippy already and along with the fat brush I found that I didn't need too much polish on my brush.

 ~ step 4 ~
Connect the lines together. I find this is where I need to products the drippy effect more, if not then the lines look awkward and not smooth. When you paint this section try to make sure that the brown polish is still wet on your nail so it will connect to each other smoothly. You can see a bit of a hard angle on the right of the nail, try avoiding this!

(sorry for the out of focus photo ><)

~ ta da ~
Do the rest of the fingers, apply top coat and then you're done! I also suggest "rotating" the three lines so that the drips don't look identical on each finger. I rushed a bit in this application so it's not as nice as my first one haha Also you might want to wait a bit if you used a lot of polish so that when you apply your top coat the polish won't smudge. Don't worry about imperfections, most people won't notice it!

Also, I saw a photo before where someone put a red dot at the tip of their finger so it looked like a cherry.

I hope this helped anyone who was thinking of trying out this look. There are lots of tutorials all over the internet for this specific look and it's very popular. Good luck to those trying it!

Till next time!

P.S I still have about 3 Paris posts coming up! =D
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  1. Joe has stunning polish nails. This colors are amazing :-)

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    This is so pro c: It looks
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    can't wait for the rest of your Paris posts!! I'll miss them when you're done lol
    & thanks so much - I'm glad you read my blog! will try to write more for you from now on hahah ;]

  12. It looks so adorable! Thanks for the tutorial. It's a pity I can't paint my nails though due to work!

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  16. thanks for the tutorial! and wow that looks so awesome! what a creative idea~ i love the pastel colors too!

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    wow I've never heard of that Mirror Lake in Bolivia before but I just saw photos & it looks amazing!!
    you should definitely go to China - you won't regret it! before I went for the first time I wasn't too excited to go..like it was never near the top of my list but I'm sooo glad I went. Now it's like my favourite place to travel (even more than Europe I think)
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