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Saturday, July 28, 2012
Last day in Paris...

~ Pantheon ~
The one site I had to see before I left. I hope to see the one in Italy one day!

Gorgeous columns.

The entrance fee was included in the museum pass as well.

They were doing renovations so some areas were blocked off to the public.

Some paintings, dunno if oil or fresco but seems like oil.

The lack of crowds was a nice change.

The Foucault pendulum...but this is a replica I believe...

This specific Pantheon is actually a tomb for some of the most famous people such as Voltaire and Rousseau.

~ Laduree's again ~
Back to Laduree's because I wanted to try their pastries, last time I was too stuffed from breakfast to even think of having dessert.

I tried their rose...religieuse? It tasted very nice, cool, creamy and it was aromatic in my mouth!

Iced macarons. I was really disappointed because I thought it would be something more creative. These were basically just macarons with ice cream filling and some super sour black current sorbet at the bottom. 

 ~ back to the Lourve ~

This time I went through the underground way, some people say this way is faster but I found out that only groups got to enter this way. I'm not sure if it's like this everyday but it was when I was there and so I had to walk all the way back up to the original pyramid entrance.

Laudree's here too! But the Bonaparte location had a full boutique that sold ALL their stuff from candles to room sprays, key chains and their entire Hello Kitty collaboration. This location had some candles as well as champagne.

A place where I wanted to try tea but didn't have the time so I just bought a tin home.

~ lourve ~

A place to relax....is what most people seemed to be doing here lol

There were also students drawing some sculptures and statues.

Love the detail.

You gotta check out the butts of the sculptures!

I was really interested in this artist....

Macarons from Pierre Herme's! I actually got try them once when I was in Tokyo but I wanted to try them again. They weren't bad but nothing beats Angelina's macarons <- bet you're tired of hearing this huh? Hahaha

I actually still have two Paris related posts to put up. The best for last haha one is a tea post and one is about the day when I went to Disney Paris, which was extremely memorable =)

Till next time!

7 comments on "~ paris - pantheon , lourve ~"
  1. the Pantheon is soooo beautiful!! yet another place I regret not visiting..
    mmm all the Laduree looks so delicious. Everytime I see Laduree pics on your blog I start craving them. I wish they would open some of those amazing macaron boutiques here in Toronto/Canada
    & I love the pics of the Louvre..it looks so relaxing and bright in there. hahah nice butts on those sculptures! ;]


    I'm having so much fun looking at your pictures and living vicariously through you!! <3

  3. wow so beautiful! can you imagine taking your engagement photos there?
    oh that desert you had is so pretty looking!
    I'm always excited to see macaroons on your blog haha
    I'm always tired on the last day too, taking it easy is a good choice

  4. Hehe I think its nice to have a bit of chill time towards the end of your vacation. Thats what we did last time we went Paris... because we jam packed all the sightseeing at the beginning we just went to some gardens toward the end and sat and watched the world go by in the sun it was aweshums!
    Lol its funny how every Paris post I see you with macarons! Macarons and tea. So cute.

    PS I only just realised the comments you left on my blog posts recently. Ever since I changed my blog layout it doesn't notify me when someone leaves a comment so sorry if I seem to have ignored them.
    I don't include photos of my BF too much in my blog posts but I have done here and there in the past hehehe I like the duck face also lol!

  5. I'm so jealous of the word "again" following the word "Laduree". I'm sorry to hear that the ice macarons fell short of expectations. We couldn't get a shot of the two triangles without anybody in the picture. Did you read The Da Vinci Code? When the hubby saw the two triangles, he said we were stepping on Mary Magdalene's tomb. -_-|||

    Glad you rested your legs. I think it's fine to take the time to sightsee and not cram everything such that the trip feels rushed.

  6. The architecture looks amazing...I really hope I'll have a chance to visit all of these places one day. The macaroons look so yummy - looks like you guys had plenty of them on your trip haha :D

  7. I miss laduree, love religiuse and macaroons! Beautiful photos dear. Love all those pretty rotunda and columns. How lovely