~ paris - sacred couer, petite palais ~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
         I only had two things on my list this day and one was Scared Couer as someone commented that it has an amazing view! I want to say thank you again to all those who left me comments and tips about Paris, thank you so so much! 


The view.

I enjoyed the church more than the view, it's gorgeoussssss.

I took this photo before I found out that photography wasn't allowed.

The cable car type ride you can take.

Back to the hub of the city.

I'd originally wanted to see the animal exhibition at the Grand Palais but seeing as it wasn't included in the museum pass I skipped it. You can see the signs for Beaute Animale signs beside the doors.

Instead I went to the Petite Palais to which there is no entry fee.

Love these gates!

There was quite a bit to see here too and much more spacious with less crowds than the lourve.

Beautiful garden outside.

Love it!

Exhausted, frustrated and hungry. 

My dish was duck breast with mashed potatoes. 

This tasted like heaven.

Scallops with spinach.

~ gifts ~
Went back to Angelina's for some gifts and macarons!

Demanded a box this time hehe

My favorite is the white one with red specks. I can't remember the name but it tasted like apple cinnamon!

~ Mcdonalds for our last meal in Paris ~
They had curry sauce! I wasn't half bad and don't get too excited about the "Chinese" sauce (I was extremely excited) because it's only ordinary sweet and sour.

Of course we had to try the macarons at McDonald's. Not good, all sugar no taste =(

I'm really enjoying the weather and for some odd reason I feel like writing up some "emotional" posts hahaha Good emotions of course =P I also realize I haven't done a Suki's corner post in a while so hopefully I'll be able to whip one of those up this week!

Till next time~

16 comments on "~ paris - sacred couer, petite palais ~"
  1. sooo beautiful!!
    For Sacre Coeur/Montmartre I went to the subway station then walked up as well..but on the way down I found out they have this little train thing and took that instead. It was like 5 euros roundtrip and brings you on a 20min tour through the little streets then to the bottom of the hill to Pigalle station. Very cool!
    Petite Palais looks so beautiful..once again I only walked by & didn't go in lol sighh

  2. wowww the buildings look so beautiful!!! you are such a macarons lover haha, so am i! i'm so surprised that mcdonalds have macaroons! but i guess it's not surprising it taste purely of sugar haha

  3. these are beautiful. if i ever go over there, i'm visiting your blog to see the spots to go to :P and those macaroons looks so good! and they look so nice in the box {:

  4. hi suki, long time no talk. looked like u had loads of fun!

  5. Hi Suki! I missed you! OMG I had no idea that Mc Donald's in Paris sells Macaroons!! Love the photos of you I was wondering why you look soo mature and then I just realized that your bangs were clipped back, haha! <3!!

  6. I am literally so jealous of your trip!

    I have noticed that you made a tumblr, and may I ask what sparked you to make it? Cause tumblr is another blog right? I was just wondering about the pros and cons about tumblr and blogspot :)

  7. Macaroons! They look delicious, but that aside all the view & places you went to looks amazing as well. Aside from being unable to find the museum, it seems like you had great fun!

  8. omgosh for all the times i've gone to paris i've never made it to sacred heart.. have you ever seen amelie? it's my favorite favorite movie of all time.. a lot of the scenes are shot around the sacred coeur.. and i've always wanted to go.. but everytime i get lazy and never make it there hahah.. you should watch amelie i think you would really love it!

    i adore how chic you look even on vacay hahahah.. your duck breast looks so nommy.. and i really love that picture of you and your boyfriend on the staircase!!!!

  9. WHAT? McDonald's has MACARONS? This is crazy... :)

  10. Holy moo, they sell
    macaroons at Mcdonalds :o
    That's amazing! A bummer
    that they didn't taste
    that awesome... And I
    pretty lol'd at the
    'Chinese' sauce one :P

    Have you tried the Laduree
    ones? They are good c:

    The church is indeed
    beautiful! Nice shot, the
    first one ^__^

    /Reply/: My nails are for
    somehow that kind of shape
    :P I like it, I don't put
    alot of effort in caring
    them (lazy).


  11. LOL! i'm sure your tshirts will appreciate their new do when you finish with them :P you will be wearing them more often. that's for sure. hehe! have a lovely wednesday!

  12. I can't believe they have macaroons in McD's! The Duck breast looks so yummy...I think my aunt brought me to that church b4. Were there lots of ppl on the stairs outside the church?

  13. Wow everything looks so beautiful. you are lucky you could go there!
    you looked very pretty too :)

  14. Wowwww - the Church is indeed gorgeous! I love all the intricate details in the architecture!
    Hey, it's kind of cool that there are macarons at McD's! But too bad they didn't taste good :(
    And your outfit here was so cute!

  15. love the photos! the macarons look so delicious!

  16. These pics look beautiful & the macaroons look delicious! Thanks for sharing!