~ iphone photos july 2012 ~

Monday, August 6, 2012
The month of July was quite calm and tame for me mainly because I was am still recovering *financially* from my Paris trip lol It's been a while since I've had a summer where I didn't take summer courses and I'm definitely enjoying it! The suns shining and it's so nice and warm now! Dreading going back to school =(

~ the one ~
It's a new Taiwanese bubble tea place that opened up on Kingsway. A lot of people have been coming here because of their massive slushes, it's seriously a foot tall! I ordered one the second time I came here but before I got a chance to take a photo the waitress already split the slush into half T_T

Does anyone know what these are called? Rice chips? Lol

 ~ lunch ~
This place is really popular because of the low prices, the food is alright. Most people I know order the chicken soulvaki.

~ wrath of the but that bit me ~
I have no idea what bit me but it got me good. In fact I must have pissed it off a lot because as soon as this one healed I got bit again -.-

Actually this bug bite was one of the worst ones I've had yet. It went bright red and at it's worst there was a huge pink ring/halo around the bite itself and it was itchy like mad!

I was at Granville Island and they were having their farmers market. A stand was selling these cute macarons so the bf and I decided to give them a try! They were really good! 

 ~ coffee ~
Coffee that my mums friend brought back from Peru!

 ~ Keg ~
The Keg is having their summer lobster special again so my family went here to celebrate my brothers birthday. I really like their lobster gratinee! The other plate is calamari.

 ~ polish ~
Want to try these Scotch polishes! According to their website they are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and animal cruelty free!

 ~ ice cream ~
Birthday cake ice cream again! 

 ~ happy boy ~
My boy looks so happy on the field! I have to be really careful when I play fetch with him because if he gets both tennis balls there's no way he's giving one back and yes he can fit both balls in his mouth!

 ~ nails ~
It's so sunny out that I got to rock my favorite red polish! Tomato by Joe Fresh~

 ~ kimchi hot pot ~
My new food obsession!!!! Nom nom nom!

 ~ temptation ~
Currently saving for Marc Jacob mouse flats but these ones are soooooo cute too and only a fraction of the price of the MJ ones, UGH. Flats why you so cute?!

That pretty much sums up my July (and maybe a bit of August since I accidentally uploaded a few of the photos lol) I hope everyone is enjoying their August month!

Till next time!
12 comments on "~ iphone photos july 2012 ~"
  1. Those crisp things look like prawn crackers lol and your skin looks so nice even without make up on! Wish I could get away with no make up when going out.
    Those flats are so cute! I wish I could wear flats... they always hurt my feet!

  2. i liked the starbucks cup episode. hehe my darling is the same... sometimes he takes the pic like that. LOL (unexpectedly)

    anyways, i forgot to answer the price of the movies here in japan. it is about 20 bucks per person... (pretty expensive)
    if you choose the late show (after 8pm), it will be 12 bucks :)

  3. hey suki dear! ouch thats a big bite you got there, i actually haven't got bitten much yet this summer, i had one and it was HUGE and doubled, i think they bit twice side by side...ewww
    those shoes are soooo cute! take a picture of you in them when you get them

  4. oh, birthday cake ice cream! I love colours :D especially coloured food xD
    Hihii, Soda looks so happy ♥ tired after playing with Suki ^^?

    Poor Suki got bitten o.O I have a lot of mosquito in my room.... Recently, I killed 3 from 5 and they were full of MY blood! I have red dots everywhere, especially on my arms and legs. Luckily I am not very sensitive, so the red spots stay small xD it looks unattractive nevertheless *lol*

  5. omg! i'm still jealous that you got to go to paris out of like no where like that! lol! anyway, that dog looks boss! and super cute sample cups from starbucks. this really makes me wish i can run to a starbucks right now and get some frap! ahhh.. and the macaroons! i STILL dunno how they taste like! O_O i bet they're yummy!

  6. You look adorable as always! And your summer vacation looks quite good. :D:D OMG I wanna try those macaroons looks great!! And I love rice cakes or whatever it's called, fun to nom on. :) And indeed those flats are so cute and very tempting.. u should get them ;D

    Nv heard of scotch nail polish before but I wanna try now since it seems to have such good qualities!!

  7. nice photos! I have been trying not to do much during July too since I'm also recovering from my trip :( lol
    yikes that looks like a scary bug bite..it's strange but I never get bitten by bugs! *touch wood*
    all the food looks so good..bacon macarons sound interesting hahah.
    I've never heard of Scotch nailpolish but I would definitely try if I see it :D

  8. I love kimchi! Not sure about hot pot, but it looks tempting.

    Aw, you look pretty without any make up. :3

    the ice cream looks good. <3

    Those bites must hurt! Hope it has healed.


  9. Gorgeous photos you're such a stunner!

  10. OMG the Keg's food!! How long are they having this lobster thing for? I am sure I am going to miss it by the time I am back (((
    Wow girl you seem to have so many skin disasters in summer! Boo bugs ((

    You look so pretty when angry by the way :D And your hair is gorgeous!

    Well, if you want to travel to South America, then that shouldn't be hard.. Mexico and cruises down there are stupid cheap..
    My bf is just a spoiled bum with rich parents that's why he travels so much!
    I really wish he was my brother actually.. haha

  11. i love your monthly iphone update posts!!! those are called shrimp chips :)

    and i'm totally obsessed with anything salted caramel too after having the macaroons w/ salted caramel in paris too!!! muhahahah

    OMGGGOSH i'm with you on the bug bites.. i got three ON MY FACE ONE AFTER ANOTHER! i'm serious.. i got one.. it was pretty big.. and then it healed and then i got ANOTHER one in the SAMEEEEEEEEEEEEE EXACT place.. how the hell is that even possible.. then that healed.. and then i just got a third one.. that's SLIGHTLY below the area of my last 2.. and this one is EFFIN' GINORMOUS.. it looks like i have a giant giant monster of a pimple. sadness :(!!!

  12. Your marks on your shoulder looks like you have leopard spots. Lol. I hope it wasn't anything serious :( I like that picture of you and the small starbucks cup. Lol.