~ louis vuitton vernis sarah wallet ~

Sunday, August 19, 2012
Eep! I actually forgot the name of the colour for this wallet, I only know it was seasonal for this summer and it came out with the blue (Lagoon) and a yellow colour as well. I don't have the wallet on me at this moment so hopefully I'll get back to you with the name of the colour. I bought this during my Paris trip this year.

 ~ vernis sarah wallet ~

The colour is exremely bright and vibrant. It's really more of a transparent red/pink colour than a red. If compared to Pomme d'amour, this colour is much brighter. Sadly the true colour doesn't show up in these photos. (and yes I forgot to take a photo of the inside lol)

I'm really loving this colour and think it's perfect for the summer as well as the holiday season. I'm happy to give my zippy wallet a break but if I had to pick one style I will still pick the zippy because I think the design is better suited for me. They did have this colour and finish in the zippy but I didn't want to get another zippy LOL I know some people are really careful with the zipper alignment on the zippy wallet but personally I really abuse my wallet so my zipper is all wonky and crooked now but I love it nonetheless!

If you're curious the smaller wallet I was originally going to get was the one from the Empreinte line. I still want it....hahaha

Till next time!
8 comments on "~ louis vuitton vernis sarah wallet ~"
  1. Wow! That wallet is so cute!

  2. oohh I lovelovelovelove it!!! I want one of these..anything in vernis is so pretty :D
    I hope the emergency isn't too serious..
    I'd love to see your HK & Tokyo photos! I went there a few years ago too and have been meaning to post the rest of my pics from it as well hahah

  3. Hi Suki! I love your new wallet! super cute! Love that material in particular, doesn't get dirty that often! Hope your emergency won't last long!

  4. LONG TIME NO TALK. The bold red is so pretty and eyecatching.

  5. don't worry about it! I go through phases at times when I'm not really in the blogging world either lol
    I doubt I'll be going to Japan anytime soon :( ooh I really hope you go so I can live vicariously through your photos hahah

  6. I do want to go Japan some time. It sounds like a fabulous place. :3

    Cute wallet. ^^ I'd love it even more if the wallet was cream or white. ^^


  7. I love red wallet!coz i believe the red is lucky color:)

  8. omgosh she's sooooooooooo gorgeous!! i had this SAME exact wallet in the patent dark purple color hehehe.. i just sold her.. because i didn't use her as much.. i was too paranoid about getting it scratched so i never used it!! argh haha.. but yours is sooo so pretty! the red is gorgeous..

    i'm so sorry to hear about your family incident.. but i hope things are much better.. heart you hon!!!