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Friday, August 10, 2012
Saving the best for last! My post about Disney Paris! I've been to all the Disney parks around the world!!!! The only exception is that I didn't visit California Adventures because at that time I had no idea it was a Disney park (So I only went to the original park) and I was too intrigued by the other parks to go lol 

I'll posts links to my other Disney parks around the world at the end of the post. I only don't have a post about the park in California because I went a long time ago and thus didn't have/take many photos =(

~ Entrance to the park ~

Before getting to the parks themselves you walk through this indoor area full of stores and restaurants.

One of the first things I do at any park is to grab an English map!

The story of this ride was a bit different from the other parks, especially the Tokyo one.

Duffy in his conductor outfit! I love the overalls!

~ Crush's Coaster !
This ride brings back the only "rude" memory of Paris for me. The line to the ride was confusing and so I accidentally walked into the exit area of the ride. The crew members there told me that this was exit only but didn't bother telling me where the line up to get in was, I remember asking them and they lead me to another line, from memory it was a single riders only line. They crew member weren't rude but they weren't exactly friendly or helpful. Other than that the rest of the people we encountered in Paris were quite pleasant.

The ride itself was fantastic and I would have loved to have rode it again but I didn't want to line up for it lol

*mine mine mine*

~ Toy Story Land ~

One of the newest addition to the park! From what I know they added this park to the Hong Kong park, Florida park and California Park.

Love all the details Disney puts into the decor!

This brings back memories!

~ Lunch ~

Decided to have lunch at this buffet restaurant with international food. We don't have any good buffets at home so we love trying it when we have the chance to.

At every restaurant they always have wine glasses or water goblets.

First round! Can't remember what everything was but the ravioli was cheese stuffed and really yummy!

The gorgeous artwork done on the watermelons!

The sweets and dessert section! 

Dessert round 1! We went back for a second round but pretty much got the same thing, everything here was pretty yummy except that innocent looking pastry thing in the middle, it tasted bitter like medicine!

Leaving the Studios park and heading over to the Magic Kingdom park.

Walking past the shops again...

Omg the resemblance is uncanny!

~ 20th anniversary ~

The Duffy's here weren't cute at all, disappointed!

Bwahahaha Gimpy is the cutest!

Adorable popcorn bins, I'm always tempted to get these because they're so cute but never do because 1.) I don't like popcorn that much 2.) No use afterwards...

Wall E, personally I think this is one of the most romantic Disney Pixar films, I love it!

During the line up to the star wars ride!

Underneath the castle was this dragon.....

Still inside the castle....

They had these pretty tapestries telling the story of Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

~ The Christmas Store ~
OMG! Disney and Christmas together, I can't even.....

Pinocchio is one of the creepiest Disney movie.....especially the scene where all the little boys turn into donkeys!

My favorite ride! <3 p="p">

I think I rode this ride like 5 times hahahaha the "stretching" pictures are also different from the other parks.

I feel bad for these plants that are forced to take Mickey's shape =(

Bought one home to eat!

~ Make your own potato head ~

Love the vintage look.



~ Dinner ~
Dinner was here.

Bread bread bread always in Paris~

Crab cakes for starters, it was yummy!

Butternut squash ravioli! It was rich and delicious!

Creme Brulee for dessert! Nommy!

This ends my posts for my Paris trip. I have a lot of photos I didn't put because then it would just jam up the post haha Now that I finally finished blogging about Paris I feel like my blog will suddenly become mundane LOL I'll probably be blogging about random thoughts etc. =)

Till next time!

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  1. The Disney in Paris seems like so much fun, I def. want to go visit it in the future!

    The lay's favor sounds so delicious! OMGAH, I feel bad for the plants too :( being force to take an unnatural shape :(

    Haha, it is cool that you've been too so many, I have only been to the one in Hong Kong and Florida

  2. Some day I will visit a Disney park as well xD; it looks so nice.

    All the food looks super yummy *o*

  3. Wow you seem to really love Disney! and travel with your bf everywhere :3 that's so nice :) i wish mine would take me on any romantic trips!

  4. I'M SO JEALOUS!!! OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHH!! All the food there looks amazing!!! I go to Disney in California sometimes since I have a pass... and most of the food is sooooo subpar! The Parisan food looks amazing!! Especially the ravioli!!! How are you not fat?! Lol. I would eat ALLLLLLLLL the pasta!!

    On my end,I've actually lost some weight, and I feel better~ I haven't been working out as much as I would like to, but I've been losing weight because I snack a lot less! :D

    I don't think it'd be possible if I lived your life though!!! You always eat amazinggggggg food!! I love looking at your adventures because it is just food porn in exceptional quality! >w<~ I'm sad it's the end of your posts about Paris!!! But can't wait to see all the things you post about next!! Maybe you should talk about your favorite teas and recommendations?

  5. aww looked like you had fun! always wanted to travel like u ):

  6. Never been, but great pics! Your outfit was very cute as well. Love the cardigan!


  7. Seeing your travel pictures always make me want to travel too. So jelly~ Lets do lunch again some time. :)

    Btw reponse to your comment in my blog, the VW x Melissa shoes are comfortable. I tried on a pair during my HK trip, the insoles are cushiony and there is a cushion thingy that goes on the back of the heel as well.

  8. noooooo I'm gonna miss your Paris posts!!! lol :(
    the only Disney I've ever been was the one in Tokyo!
    it seems like you had a lot of fun here. I love that huge mushroom..& the Christmas store..& the desserts!
    you should post the rest of your Paris pics that you haven't posted! lol

  9. ahh Disney Paris looks like such a dream! everything looks so cool especially the giant labryinth :) your outfit is so cute too :) love the colour of your cardi!


  10. i just realized that you like everything that is disney! :D and that is awesome because you are like a kid! ^__^ hehehe ! i freaking love disney because it makes me feel like i don't have to worry about anything :D

  11. omg! Hi! It's been a while since I've been on the blogging world! I love how you have a collection of all Disney Land reviews :) I don't remember Paris Disney being so much bigger but it has been a while since I was there. I've heard from many that French people aren't all that friendly....=.= But I remembered they were though so I guess it really depends on who you talk to huh?

    lol. I don't think the photos your bf capture are awkward. I think they're pretty gd actually. Mine can't use a point and shoot to save his life. His photos of me are always blurry or at weird angles +.+

    Your outfits look adorable as usual and I’m amazed your bangs always seem to behave itself. I request a tutorial on how to maintain your bangs!

  12. SUKI! It's been so long since I've visited you. I apologize, I work way tooooo much. Looks like you are traveling, again! You lucky duck. I'm so envious that you get to travel all over. I love my luxuries too much to go and vacation. Lol. Plus, with my job, that would never happen. I scroll all the way down and you have listed about 6 other disneyland/world posts! SO JEALOUS! I have never been to Disneyland/world in my whole life! You must've had tons of fun! Lucky duck :)


  13. Love your outfit! How was the weather in Paris during this time of year? Hope you had fun and experienced many great things :)!

  14. I miss Disneyland Paris so, so much!
    Such a sharp contrast to when my bf and I were there, it was covered in snow and we were proper wrapped up.
    Looks like you had a lovely time!

  15. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGG to go to disney paris!!! i want to sooo badly!! your pics are so cute.. omgosh the dragon underneath the magic castle.. i.cannot.even. that is SO AWESOME!!!

    is the two parks big?? or small.. like would you say it's the size of disneyland california?? like are the two paris parks the size of like 2 disneyland californias?? put together?? hahah sorry if this doesn't make sense.. i'm just trying to gauge the size.. i haven't been to disney world since i was a kid.. but i just remember it was gigantic.. like is it easy to do disneyland paris all in one day?

  16. Am really jealous of you now!
    Been wanting to go back there for a while now but it's so expensive!
    Just looking at the pictures makes me remember my youth haha.

    Was it very similar to HK disneyland or better/bigger?