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Thursday, October 11, 2012
The other day my friend and I decided to go try our first vegetarian restaurant, The Acorn. They also have gluten free, vegan and raw options as well. I was really excited to try it as I've never been to a truly vegetarian restaurant before and it also got great reviews online as well.

The location is on Main street which made it a bit hard to find parking and the restaurant also doesn't accept reservations so make sure you get there early. We got there around 6:40pm, I put my name down and the girl informed me that it could be a 20-40min wait. My friend and I decided that we'd just walk around the area and check out the shops. Fast forward 40mins later and still no table to which the girl informed me that one of the co-owners or chef decided to take our table. Apparently he was going to eat at the bar but in the end decided to take our table. I thought this was really strange because if you were the owner/chef of a restaurant wouldn't you put customers as first priority?  I thought it was so so strange but it wasn't her fault and she offered us counter seats if we didn't mind. Seeing as we'd waited an hr at that point we took the counter seats which turned out to be a better option as we had a view of the street and it was fun to people watch.

~ the menu ~
From what I understand, their menu changes seasonally, when I went it was their late summer menu but they did have a dish that offered a autumn feel which was appropriately named the harvest.

 ~ appetizers ~
My friend ordered the Apple which consisted of arancini, goat cheese, okanagon apple and baby mizuna. (8$)

We didn't expect this to be deep fried! When it came it look so much like crab cakes hahaha the taste was alright but I think the goat cheese was a bit overwhelming and the only apple taste was derived from the sauce...

I choose the Kale caesar salad to be safe LOL. It consisted of kale, tempeh, smoked parika croutons, crispy capers, olives, caesar dressing and asaigo cheese. (9$-small)

I never had smoked parika croutons but it had a meaty texture to it and I have no idea what those lil black seeds were but I couldn't taste them. Over the salad was nice and refreshing but if you don't like the taste of kale then I wouldn't recommend it. I felt that this was different enough from a typical caesar salad but familiar enough to be comfortable with it.

 ~ Aubergine ~
My friend tried this dish for her main course. It consist mainly of eggplant and braised chickpeas. Accommodating it was tallegio tan, yellow pepper romesco, and almonds. This dish is also gluten free and vegan. (18$)

I think the tastiest part of this dish was the chickpeas and the fact that the dish was hot! I often envisioned vegetarian dishes to be cold so it was really interesting that this was a hot meal and my friend really appreciated that. I felt that the taste was just alright and again, the cheese was really overwhelming. When the dish came the smell was really strong.

 ~ zucchini ~
I choose the zucchini dish for my main because I had seen a photo of it on their website and I also really enjoy zucchini. This dish is gluten free, vegan and raw. (17$)

The dish was mainly zucchini tagliatelle with a cashew rose sauce accompanied by pinenut and tomato salad. There were also candied olives and blossoms in the zucchini mixture.

I really enjoyed this dish though I found at times the sauce was overwhelming. When that happened I would simply eat a tomato to refresh my palette. The sauce went well with the zucchini but I also found some herbs in my dish that I disliked very much and the candied olives gave off a weird taste in my mouth. It's hard to describe but I know it was very unpleasant but overall I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

My friend and I had wanted to try dessert but we were both too stuffed from our dinner already to have room for anything else. The portions were generous and the service was attentive and friendly. The space is small and intimate though a bit loud at times, there is also virtually no waiting area so it might get cold if you're waiting outside. I really enjoyed my experience at The Acorn and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying vegetarian dishes =)

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  1. Mmm~ everything looks so good! I'm jelly~


  2. ohhh this is interesting!! i've never had an all vegetarian meal before.. i always feel like if i don't have at least a little bit of meat at all meal i'm not full haha.. i know it's sort of terrible.. i think its most of a mental thing.. that kale salad looks so yums tho!

    omgosh so in regards to what your mom says to you about beauty is pain.. we have saying in mandarin that my mom always says to me since i was a kid and it basically translates to 'there is no such thing as a ugly woman only a lazy woman' which if you really think about it it is sooo true.. beauty is all about maintenance whether it's your figure.. or your hair.. or doing makeup!!

  3. P.S. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR that you are drinking a pumpkin latte.. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE YOU. HATE YOU!!!!

  4. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR hahahahaha. ok i'll stop spamming you now :p

  5. mmmm everything looks really unique and delicious! I'm not vegetarian but I love going to vegetarian restaurants.
    lol that's weird the chef took your table..

  6. your comments always make me smile lol
    I'd love to check out the Vancouver Shangri-La someday...does it look nicer than ours??
    that does sound ridiculously expensive for a spa..just save up for one in Turkey! it will be more special since it's more authentic ;]

  7. I always said I can NEVER EVER be a vegetarian...ahahha...but if I can have this kind of food everyday..maybe i can:P...look so yummy:)


  8. Everything looks really tasty! I love eggplant. That dish looks really good. Hot food is the best :D Though I love "cold" food like salads, I do often prefer hot foods~ I think vegetarian food is best when hot! I remember going to a delicious vegetarian buffet in taiwan once.. gosh it was good! lol =)

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  9. Oh wow, I would not mind being a vegetarian if I get to eat this kind of food regularly! It's really strange that the owner would take a customer's spot...a bit of a turn off really...but I guess the place must be packed so they're not desperate for customers?

    I tried being a vegetarian for the day and by the end of the week, I completely forgot that I was supposed to be on a vegetarian diet =.=

  10. Wow, vegetarian food has never looked so good!