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Saturday, October 27, 2012
This is something that I randomly remember and it also comes up during relevant conversations.

When I was about 10yrs schools started educating children about puberty and such. They don't teach you anything about sex yet but more about the changes that will happen to your body. The girls and boys were taught separately and it would only be about 40mins each time. I think it happened once a year in my last 3 years of elementary which would've meant I would be from 10-12 yrs. Usually it's a nurse that will come to talk about puberty but I remember in my last year there was a special speaker from an organization that talked to us about condoms and such. 

During my first lesson about puberty from the nurse, all the girls from my class got up and we settled in the library and the nurse started talking about puberty. It was all fine and dandy until she did something that irked me and it irked me bad, to the point where I thought, at 10 years old, wow this lady is really immature.

The lady was holding up a book with a picture of a penis on it. It was a scientific drawing and while she held it up she turned her head away, covered her eyes and said "Ew, let me know when it's over". I thought that was so immature of her. I also don't remember any of the girls having a negative reaction to it, though they might have just been embarrassed to see a penis, even if it was a drawing of one. I guess she did that because she assumed that little girls like us would think it was gross but honestly I just thought it was silly of her. I guess I always thought that teachers would have a more mature way of handling these things, perhaps she got a positive reaction when she did this with other students but for me, it just seemed silly and not a very mature approach. Or maybe I was just mature for my age *shrugs* <-- this did lead me to having problems with connecting with my peers.

Also was I the only girl that was never told that blood comes out during your period?! For some reason I never grasped that concept until I actually had my first period and that's when it felt like mother nature kicked in and I realized that I was having my period. It wasn't until afterwards that I realized no one told me this is how it went! Yeesh! I felt like the nurses were being too formal and only used terms like your uterus is shedding etc. but I don't remember anyone telling me there'd be blood, not that I have a problem with it but it was just a surprise LOL Or maybe I'm the only girl that didn't know that T_T (but hey like I said, mother nature did kick in!)

Anyone else have these stories to share? =D

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  1. lol that is definitely immature of her..
    I actually don't remember much about these classes in school. I remember we did learn about it but usually they are so vague and don't teach much..I think in the end it was kind of useless and it was just easier to learn everything on my own hahha

  2. Not an attitude a teacher should have!

    Mm, I remember getting a talk about relationships, marriage and gays when I was about 6 or 7. Then later they also gave us the talk about sexs but i think it the focus was both on the biological part but also about free will,love, foreplay and feeling good. And we got to put condoms on a fake penis and they also gave us condoms to take home. I think the emphasis was very much and feelings and safe sexs and STD's.
    Also, boys and girls weren't seperated and we learned the anatomy of both genders.

    I think this is typical in my country :)

  3. Such issue should be handled with full precision and care knowing that she was talking to grade school…definitely she handled it in an professional way.

    Everything about sex I learned from reading books and magazine and I don’t blame my parents for not teaching or talking about that subject I guess they really want us to learn from our own and with our tradition sex topics is still a taboo.:)

  4. I never learned about sex until I reached high school 0_0 I know, that's so late but, I went to private schools and was home schooled for most of my life so, no one ever brought it up- it was always a "hush-hush" topic.

    Anyhow, I guess I was really late when learning about sex- I was around 14? 15? Which was terrible because I started having my periods when I was in the 6th grade >,< And again, my mom just gave me pads and that was it.

    But yeah, most awkward moment was when some girls were talking about 'orgasms' and they asked me if I knew what they were and of course, I didn't so, being the curious one needing an answer I went up to my science teacher and asked him: "what are orgasms?" and he literally went pale~ T.T Haha~

    I think it's really important though to start kids early because teen pregnancy, STDs, molestation cases and pedophiles are rising by the thousands each year so, it's so important to educate your kids of all the possible aspects that follow with this area.

    Great post, by the way.


  5. OMG..this post is too funny!!!..And yea, my mom was too embarrass to tell me anything while I was little until I have it..i mean ...maybe all the mom are like that?? I dunno:P..I think nowadays parent are not the same!!!...but we do have sex education while we are very little in HK.....and nobody is embarrass!!!ahahhahahah..I wonder why:P



  6. Hi Suki!
    Not sure if you remember me since I've been MIA for such a looong time, but I'm Lizzy from A little Bit of Pixie Dust! I stopped blogging for awhile due to health and personal issues, this year has been so hectic for me! But I'm glad to be back to blog again and to catch up on my reading on your blog! I always enjoyed reading your blog the most <3

    For me, my mom does most of the teaching about sex and puberty. No school that I have attended had ever taught consulted me about sex and puberty. Until recently, my school had HIV Awareness teaching which didn't really focus much on puberty at all. I'm blessed that my Mom had taught my sister and I everything we needed to know about sex and puberty. Your experience about puberty and sex education was so cute xD I always get the creeps whenever I see a body chart with all the private parts included xD


  7. Oh my goodness, that doesn't sounds like someone who's supposed to be educating young girls on puberty! Lol. I didn't fully comprehend when the video said "the penis will enter the vagina" until 15-16 maybe?

    And when I was 14, I saw my baby cousin's ball sac and freak out screaming "WHY DOES HE ONLY HAVE 1 BALL?!!" I didn't realized that the balls were inside the 1 ball sac. hahaha.

    Did you have a heart attack when your period first came?

    re: hahaha yes, my bf is a pro poker player. He's been doing it for 4 years^-^ It's such stressful work but he's been a consistant winner so I trust him :)

    I think it's uber important to be with someone who calls you out on your bad behavior! hahaha.

    If I were to do plastic surgery, it'd have to be my nose!

  8. Haha what a silly nurse! I got
    my first 'sexual education' when
    I was 12. And me and the class
    had to watch a video about the
    body and the changes, sex,
    protection, pregancy etc. I remember
    it was cartoon/play.

    I once asked my mom what a morning
    after pill was. And she got a bit
    angry for knowing the word lol...

    I guess it can be awkward for parents
    to explain these kind of topics :P


  9. Oh my God, such a silly woman to be a sex ed teacher!
    In Finland we learn about these things since the 5th grade = 11 years old. And at some point it started to get really boring to be honest. We learned everything about STD's, safe sex and genitals in junior high school; visited a birth control clinic and got condoms for free, practised using them etc. I even participated in an experiment for a new vaccine that would prevent certain std's or something, haha. And boys & girls were never seperated so I guess that's why it's not hard for us to talk about the topic :D
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your story, made me giggle!