~ tarte's tinted moisturizer ~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
A little while ago I decided to hunt for a new tinted moisturizer because I disliked the one I had been using which was the Laura Mercier one, though I did enjoy it before. But I realized that it made me pretty oily. I was debating on trying the NARS tm or Tarte's tm and chose Tarte in the end because I like the brand more, it's more natural and the reviews seemed pretty good. 

~ tarte tinted moisturizer ~
I find the squeeze tube packaging pretty decent, it's easy to control the amount of product coming out. I find this much easier to control versus the LM one.

I read that some people disliked the look of the new packaging but personally I like it better than the previous one. This one looks more lux to me.

I'm shade "agent 08" but truth be told tm's provide such light coverage that it's okay to go up or down a shade. I did swatch this on the back of my hand before I purchased it and also asked a sales associate at Sephora if it was the right shade for me.

How it looks straight out of the tube. I did also rub it onto my hand but it looked like there was nothing there so I won't bother posting the photo. It  looks very natural on and gives very minimal coverage,which I prefer. I find the coverage is a teeny bit heavy than the LM one so if you're looking for medium to high coverage this won't cut it for you but of course everyone is different, if you're interested you can always ask for a sample to test out at home.

The product also has a odd(?) smell that disappears as you apply it. Though I usually don't have any problems with smells the LM smelled so bad for me, even though it went away after a while but it was something I noticed. This also gives me a nice matte look but I apply translucent powder over top to make it  even more matte lol because I'm a bit oily and prefer the matte look. Over all I'm really enjoying and loving this tm and will definitively repurchase!

Sorry there's no photo of me wearing this but the photos of me in my last iphone  photo post I was wearing this unless I started I wasn't wearing make up that day. I've been a bit lazy with real camera photos lately with the bad weather and all but I'll try.

*note- I noticed that I couldn't find this particular product on tarte's website but they have something that looks similair (and pretty good) which is the BB tinted moisturizer. However I purchased mine's at Sephora and do see it there regularly, darn now I want to try the bb one!!!
6 comments on "~ tarte's tinted moisturizer ~"
  1. OoOo~ now this is something I'm interested in.

    My skin has gotten a lot better to the point where I don't need foundation but, I do want to even out some of the pink on my cheeks~

    Great post! & def. checking this out<3


  2. Tarte is such a cute brand name! I'm not familiar with it though~
    I like the packaging too - it's quite classic. I wish my skin was good enough just to wear tinted moisturisers, but since it's not, I better stick with my bb creams!

  3. I love tinted moisturizers! I prefer sheer to medium coverage on my skin! I don't like heavy stuff on my face ahah!

  4. people have been persuading me to try tinted moisturizer for a long time..but I dunno, I am lazy but not that lazy:P...I always separate cream with foundation....what do u think is better?

  5. noo I don't think I tried the Harvest version at urbantea any good? :) And I used to go to point robert but its sooo far (it didn't look like it was that far on the map.. .grrrr) I'm trying to sell my shoemint suki boots now :( They're wayyy too tall for me I end up looking like a giant sighh if you know anyone interested in them u can let me know haha they're a size 6.

    btw that moisturizer looks goood, I've been meaning the try the laura mercier one (hehe trying to finish up the ones I have so i can buy that one next!)

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