~ afternoon tea at the urban tea merchant - harvest theme ~

Sunday, October 14, 2012
I received an email that the Urban Tea Merchant was having a harvest afternoon tea in celebration of the autumn season. I haven't had a proper tea service a little while so decided to splurge and try this out. Another reason why I love this tea room is because they always have something new to try. A friend and I made a reservation at 11am and we left around 1:30pm, the staff was very accommodating, attentive, and we never felt rushed to leave.

~ harvest tea service ~
The harvest tea is priced on the higher end of afternoon teas at 48$. It came loaded with food and you'll probably be full afterwards especially if you're having tea and busy chatting with your friend.

The staff was really nice and helpful when it came to choosing teas. They were more than happy to bring us teas to smell and to make suggestions. For example I was going to try a new type of Earl Grey but our server informed me that it was a very smoky tea and brought it out for me to smell. Sure enough it was really really smoky and I decided to try another Earl Grey tea that had Darjeeling in it.

 ~ savories ~
This had a very asian zen feel to it. The names on the menu are sort of abstract so you don't really know how everything looks until it comes out. Most were very tasty but I remember I didn't like the apple crisp (the thing that the tuna is sitting in) because it was deep fried and the vegetable that held the mushroom dish was very bitter. The little crisp cup you see on the right was a pumpkin mousse cup which was very light and really refreshing and the crisp reminded me of the crust of an egg tart.

 ~ tea accompany ~
This tier had the scone, petite three cheese quiche and the vanilla pumpkin mousse. I enjoyed everything on this tier. The mousse wasn't over powering or too sweet and would probably go nicely with a light tea, the tea I had was a bit more on the bitter end so it didn't accompany it too well, at least this is what I thought. However I wish the scone was more interesting, like a chocolate chip one or a cinnamon scone.

 ~ sweets ~
I felt that the sweets tier was a bit of a disappointment. It doesn't seem too different from their other afternoon tea services asides from the chocolate coated Madeline. The truffle is really nice and rich though and the fruits were all ripe and sweet.

I enjoyed my tea experience over all but think it was a bit overpriced for what it's worth. I was also told that they changed their permanent West Coast tea service and made it a bit more Asian inspired. I have yet to try it though I did try their previous West Coast service and did enjoy it.

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  1. Oh noooo this looks sooo delicious!


  2. Yumyum, you make me jealous!
    Still want to do a high tea in Amsterdam but so expensive! And I never know which ones are the good ones!

  3. So cute! & the presentation is pretty<3 I love my high tea~


  4. Ahhh so pretty... making me wanna go high tea. Sometimes I feel bit too cheap to spend my money on high tea though 'cos they don't look as great and pro - the way they do it here. Or maybe I need to search harder! I once had supposedly 'high tea' and it consisted of some mini sandwiches which I could've made with my eyes closed... and cakes that looked like they were bought from the supermarket! Was not impressed lol. Anyway thank you for the compliment on my soup and my hammie MoMo!

  5. yay you went as well!! I agree, its on the pricey side and its like in the middle of the financial area.. so odd... haha that one looks really good though!! :)

  6. Oh wow, $48?! That's really pricey. lol. The savory tier is making my instant noodle dinner look real pathetic right now...Have you tried Bacchus Restaurant for their afternoon tea yet? It's a pretty cosy place. It's $35/person and the food is delicious.

  7. yummy foods!! <3


  8. wuaaah this looks like such nice food! I especially enjoy the strawberry covered in chocolate but I'm more into salty food so I guess in the end I would have gone mad about the savories ;)

  9. Thank you! I'm gonna try hard to see if I can have my own business :) I'd love to do a blog layout for you! Do you have an email address that I can contact you at and we can discuss the details? That way, I can give you my rate and a proper quote base one what you want.

    I guess you're right about the house chores & work. But I feel so embarassed that someone is gonna come in and judge on how messy we are. hahaha. Even though I'm sure they're used to seeing everything.

    Ole Henriksen is really pricey :( But I splurged on the starter kit and it's doing great so far! The truth serum (orange bottle) is a bit strong for my skin so I can only use it sparingly...

    And yes! it's pretty fun being a wing-woman. lol. But it's really hard to find decent men in Vancouver for some reason :(

  10. So nice
    Beijos Vanessa

  11. Tea in afernoon is really perfect with a good friends:) Great review!

  12. Hi Suki I'm so envious I have never tried fancy high teas, It is not popular at all in Malaysia I only know of 3 places that has them, I am almost done with culinary arts going to be doing food tech/dietetics

    when I had wisdom tooth extraction I wasn't put to sleep lol I was given anesthetic shots in my gums and was awake for the 3 times I went to remove them at different ages loll yes I agree it was $$! VS just opened where I live too, you're lucky the pink store is filled with comfy clothes! :D


  13. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now!
    Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC
    love you dear :)


  14. Hey Suki ♥ So sorry for late respone. I have to catch up on your post but first of all I need to say that I love reading your afternoon tea reviews. I don't really know many places that do that here in Scotland but I will try finding out.
    The price for that one was indeed quite high *-* Was it for each of you or altogether? :o

    And aww thanks, I miss my bf so much and I just thought why not share some prom photos haha :D
    No, I haven't decided on an LV yet and I don't mean to copy you or anything, but the rayure neverfull that you have is so pretty. I checked the online store but they don't have it I think? May I ask where you got it?

    Apreciate your advice ♪
    And a good camera is deffinetely worth it and if you think about getting it for christmas then yeah its kind of something that will be beneficial for the whole family because you will always be able to snap pictures at family gatherings etc. :)

  15. I love hightea! They present it so
    well and the food is so great!
    Altho this is probably the most
    priciest hightea I have ever seen,
    as I usually pay around 20 bucks
    for it :P


  16. yum!! everything looks so delicious..I've never tried Asian-style afternoon tea before. Love the presentation of all the food!! especially the savouries tier :D

  17. Hi Suki, how are you doing~♥
    Your afternoon tea looks so light and delicious! I went to Romania the last few days and had meat every day >___< Now I'll be a vegetarian the next weeks *lol*

    I wish we had these kind of Cafés. A sweet afternoon tea with my friends, that would be nice ^^

  18. Ooooh I actually really like the food shown here, but it is rather pricy. Still, I guess you pay for the experience. The choc covered strawberry caught my eye :)

  19. Oooh fancy! I love looking at your high tea pictures! After all these years, I still haven't been able to convince any of my friends to go with me. I found a place for $20 a person, but that's still pretty pricey, considering how you can go to an all-you-can sushi buffet for $15. But one day, I shall go have me some high tea!!!

  20. im.so.hungryyy right now! yummy foods!! :)

  21. *le sigh* i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee visiting your blog to see your new afternoon tea pics.. i've yet to find a place in germany that does afternoon tea.. i miss it oh so very much!! i'm sorry that this tea place wasn't that great though even though everything looks so delectable!!! the cheese quiches are a really cute idea though.. but i agree i like when there's stuff in my scones.. i like it when there is fruit inside haha :p

    ARGGGG YOU!!! RUDE MUCH!!! hahahah ugh i miss pumpkin latte's so much.. one of my friends from home offered to mail me pumpkin latte's vio's i think they are called or via's?? i think starbucks makes the instant version of pumpkin latte.. but i turned him down.. it's just not the same.. and neither is making it.. it's part of the experience of going to starbucks to get my pumpkin latte ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! i hope you enjoy all of your pumpkin latte's extra much and think of me.. HAHAHAH ;p