~ chocolate and cheese fondue @ Capstone Tea~

Saturday, November 17, 2012
A little while back my friend bought a Groupon for Capstone Tea and invited me along! I was excited cause it was her first time there lol Though I've been there before I was excited this time too because I would get to try their cheese fondue! 

They have a website here!

We made an appointment and though we were about 15mins early they were happy to seat us right away. Service was friendly and attentive, the waiter also made suggestions for drinks and when I ordered mine he made sure to let me know it was carbonated, I guess some people weren't aware of this despite the fact that the drink clearly said "sparkling".

~ sparkling fruit tea ~
I ordered the sparkling fresh fruit iced tea, I chose the blueberry tea option. It was certainly refreshing but I felt that it reminded me of cough syrup =S If I got to choose again I'd try the matcha.

 ~ fondue ~
We each got out our own mini fondue pots and two trays full of dipping goodies!

I personally liked the cheese with the pretzels, bread and savory cookies best! Everything went well with chocolate though haha maybe....except the carrots lol We were stuffed after this!

If you want a quieter atmosphere I would suggest going on a weekday as we did. They weren't super busy and we were encourage to take our time.

My outfit that I was wearing above. I love love love the sweater! In fact after wearing it I went back to F21 to get a "back-up" but they were already all sold out T_T And this is the first time in my life that I wanted to get a back-up clothing!

My bracelets that I'm adoring! They were only 2$/piece and so so lovely~ I still have to get the knack of putting these on myself though. My favorite one is the one on the bottom =3

Oh and this is soooooo weird but I haven't touched my camera in a while so the other day I brought it to my schools museum with me and LO BEHOLD, I found filters! I mean, wth?! I didn't update the camera or anything (can you do that?) And I found these awesome filters! Retro, pop, b/w, I'm so so happy since I've wanted the pen for the longest time because of the retro and pop options!! Yay!!! Though I think the pop option could be better but beggars can't be choosers.....but despite this new "finding" I still want a new camera with a flip screen hahaha yuppppp

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  1. You take so beautiful pictures! And I love your outfit, especially the sweater.



  2. I love love love fondue as the
    Asian one c: fruit & chocolate
    always go well together!

    The fruit ice tea sounds indeed
    refreshing. The bracelets are
    so cute Sukiii! So subtle as


  3. That tea has to be pretty tasty (I'm probably sure it is). The rest of the meal looks pretty good as well.


  4. Heyy ♥ Oh I think having fondue is always soo nice! I had chocolate fondue the other day with a friend ( but we didn't take any pictures since we were so greedy ^-^).
    I always got back up clothing when I was a child because I would only wear my favourite things xD (I was not even a girly girl, I just rejected most clothes)
    And I know what you mean ~ putting bracelets on can be so difficult.
    Your hair looks so soft on that picture btw :o :)
    xoxo Keki

  5. You so pretty! This food looks really good! I never had fondue ;-;!

  6. Love the mini fondue! So cute!
    I've a very similar bracelet as the one at the bottom, but I defo bought mine for more money :(

  7. The fondue looks very pretty with the small pots :)
    Maybe I should try the next cheese fondue with pretzels also. We often eat vegetables beside the bread.

  8. I would love to have a refreshing fruit tea now. A pity they tasted like cough syrup coz it looks really refreshing. I would also choose matcha drink over other drinks if matcha is on the menu.

    The cheese and chocolate fondue look divine!

  9. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii suki!!!! omgosh the fondue looks SOOOO NOMMY!! i love love fondue.. it's just so fun hahaha.. and i love melted cheese hahah.. i mean seriously when does melted cheese not taste good on everything?!

    that sweater is so pretty on you!! btw i hate hair spray too i never use it.. i sleep with my rollers in my hair.. it's easy to do.. just pile all the rollers on the top of your head... so when you lie down to sleep it's not on the back of your head and you can sleep normally.. and your hair will stay majorly curled all day without hairspray! but admittedly it takes commitment to do this but i've been doing it for so many years it doesn't phase me already.. and i'd rather do that than hairspray.. I HATE hairspray with a passion.. plus i think it makes the curls look "crunchy" i don't know if that makes sense.. like i know your hair feels crunchy with the hair spray in but it also makes it LOOK that way too idk if i'm making sense.. it just doesn't look soft and pretty.. anyways so yeah i sleep with the hot rollers in my hair!

    omgosh you almost gave me a heart attack when you said they stopped PSL's!! you have to keep me updated i don't go home until about a week before christmas.. and i NEED NEED to get my PSL fill in!!

    btw i love love your bracelet the one on the bottom is SOOOOOOOOOO cute i love the little tassel is so cute i'm obsessed with pink and teal together it's like the perfectest color combo!!

    oh and yes to answer your question about coco chanel the rectangular/square lock is actually called the "madomoiselle lock" specifically because she never married!! and actually before she become the famous coco chanel she actually earned a living as a dancer at like clubs.. you know the french dancers with the big fluffy dresses with the many layers of ruffles underneath and the super tight corsets!

    and even though she never married she had many many famous love liasions.. some with very well to do respected and wealthy men.. and one of them i think was actually a really high up nazi officer.. which obviously is taboo but it was even more so back then because she was french and he was german and their countries were at war! she was scandelous hahahahah!

  10. Haha Suki I totally laughed about your funny & sweet comments c: THANKS xx

  11. The sweater looks really nice! I think I want a sweater like that.

  12. yum!! I love any kind of fondue..(so fun to dip and delicious to eat at the same time) & sparkling tea sounds good! it looks so big though lol
    the bracelets are so cute!! I've thought about buying 2 of one thing before if I really really liked them..but then I always think maybe I'll get bored of it after awhile and not use the backup one

    Thanks for all your comments lol here's all my replies:

    - the ROM = Royal Ontario Museum
    - I used to take home every little hotel toiletry on my vacations hahah..then I amassed way too many and stopped doing it.
    - I hate hotels that charge for Internet too..especially now, it's so common and most hotels offer it complimentary! On my staycations it doesn't matter too much (since I don't bring my laptop/need to get away from technology for a night) but on vacations I never choose hotels without free wifi..
    - I only stayed one night each so far lol. All the hotels I've visited aren't too far away from my place anyway. You should do it sometime too..it's so nice and relaxing to get away!
    - Prague is beautiful all over the entire city!! lol yea in Paris that happened to me as well..but usually I only remember the cute ones..=P
    - yea the elevator at the Gladstone was usable but I only used it once. There's an elevator operator man inside to hand crank it for you lol
    - aww too bad you didn't come with your BF to Toronto! it would've been fun if we went for afternoon teas together hahah.
    - & my dog is 2 years old ;]

  13. The place and food looked amazing :3 Love the sweater too, I got a similiar one from H&M :)
    Thanks for your nice comment. =^.^=


  14. Carrots...why did they even give you carrots for chocolate. haha Oh the things restaurants do...

    That sweater looks so nice and comfy! Maybe you can try other F21 stores and they might have it! and woo where are those bracelets from? The one with the little tassle is cute!

    I went to SF for just 2 days then I went off to LA. It was definitely fun and I think I like SF more than LA :P

    really? Shiffon sells it? I'll take a look later then since that other place was quite pricey.

    ps. You're wearing white pants! I've always wanted to get white ones...but I always think I will regret it one day when the undesired happens! haha

  15. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  16. I love those bracelets. They look so feminine and dainty. Beautiful!

  17. HI Suki!

    I've NEVER tried fondue before, but eversince I was a little girl I always wanted to try eating fondue, the thought of dipping little cubes of bread in to cheese sounded fun :P I still hope to try out fondue in the future, the reason why I haven't is because of my special diet due to health reasons, I can't take fatty foods like melted cheese or chocolate sauce. Which is a bummer because I LOOOVE cheese, anything cheesy makes me happy xD I hope someday, someone comes up with the invention of low-fat or even non-fat(!) fondue :)

    Your outfit is super cute, I love the color!:) I hate the feeling of hairspray too, yuck! And that is why I never use hairspray and that is also why my hairstyles always end up getting messy with all the flyaways and baby hairs free and flying around :P


  18. Where'd you get the bracelets? I absolutely adore the last one too. The little dangly thing is what's doing it for me haha.

    Why would you dip the carrot in the chocolate? Lol!! That looks so good!

    ps what do you use to curl your hair? I used to find that problem as well then I switched to the curling iron from Shoppers Drug Mart and the curls won't go away even if I tried to get rid of them!

  19. wow fantastic looks so so so delicious :) you have very nice blog :) would you like to follow each other just let me know :) wait for you on my blog :)