~ The Flying Pig ~

Thursday, November 22, 2012
The Flying Pig. I've waited so long to give you a try! This restaurant reviewed high reviews on Yelp (yes I use Yelp for reviews but I sometimes use urban spoon too) From what I read most people liked that the place was casual, had great food but was not snobby since it's located in the more "trendy and upscale" part of town. 

Do check out their website here! The Flying Pig
They have great hours but don't take reservations for dinner, only lunch and brunch on the weekends. When my friend and I went, we got there at 7, put down our name and waited an hr for our table.

Their menus are printed and presented on clip boards. I'm guessing this is so it's easy for them to change their menu frequently. I think many restaurants do this now so their menu can become more flexible but of course you can always check the menu on their website as well.

Our bread with olive and vinegar. To be honest I much prefer butter than the olive and vinegar alternative but the bread was good and I thought it was cute that my coke came in a little jam jar looking cup.

~ appetizer ~
My appetizer: House Salmon Sampler

I love salmon so when I saw this I had to have it! Though I was really tempted to get the caesar salad or pea soup too, they all sounded delicious. The salmon used is also all local wild salmon.

On the right are slices of smoked salmon, a salmon mixture with green onions and sour cream and one on the far left was honey smoked salmon pieces. They all taste delicious and I would highly recommend this appetizer!

~ entree~
My entree: Wild Seafood Pappardelle

This was delicious. It was creamy and smooth. If I had to say something bad it would be that it was so rich I couldn't eat too much of it. I didn't mind since I was pretty full from my appetizer already. 

My friend had the chicken dish but only ate half of it because the chicken was so dry. She also had the beet and argula salad which she enjoyed. We were both too stuffed to try dessert.

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  1. I got hungry after looking at the seafood pasta *g* I love the logo and the name of the restaurant, it's cute and funny at the same time ^^

    BTW, my kitten loves to jump in the bath tub to lick the water... but she isn't ready for a real bath *lol* She always jumps out when I try to fill up the tub >w<

  2. I love salmon too! It looked delicious, and the jam jar cup is so cute <3
    Wow, you have pretty eyes and great lashes! I don't want to dye my brows either, so I just use a brow mascara.
    I think if you want to tint them definitely get it professionally done first, and if it looks like a simple process then you can DIY yourself the next time~

  3. Wahah a very cute name for the restaurant! and you look beautiful as always Suki! xx

  4. You look so pretty :) mmm so delicious :) I'm following you now!

  5. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm omg looks so good that salmon platter looks AMAZINNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!

    i love love the red lips on you!!! loveeee it!!

    ehh.. i would probably avoid doing the eyebrow tinting.. i did it once years ago when i had red hair.. lets just say i looked like a chinese cousin of ronald mcdonald hahahahahahha.

    i would probably just get an eyebrow pencil.. in a couple of different shades slightly lighter then your hair color and pencil it in a little bit every morning :)

    haha i cook like this pretty frequently.. i mean it's the least i can do!! i don't work and he works so hard.. i feel like he should have a good meal to come home too :p

    omgosh you know what is so funny my husband picked that scarf out himself.. and i've freakin' been buying him scarves FOR YEARS!! i've bought him like half a dozen and he doesn't wear any of them and then randomly last month he picked one out and has been wearing it non stop.. what the eff! hahahaha..

    omgosh didn't know you were clastraphobic!! that's crazy.. i'm not clastraphobic but i do have paranoia's about being alone in elevators.. and building stairwells.. and hospital bathrooms.. well any bathrooms in secluded areas.. i'm always scared someone's coming to murder me HAHAHAHA. i sound like a nut job.

    i can't wait to go home and have my PSL i promise to think of you when i'm drinking it hahaha :)

  6. woooo yum!!! it looks good :) I haven't ever tinted my eyebrows more or less because i'm scared it won't turn out right :P so I've just been using eyeshadows to fill it in. I mean I can always just wash it out ! hahaha

  7. Haha I also check a review site
    first before entering a restaurant c:

    The food looks great! How fun to hear
    that drinks comes in a jam glass!
    There were no plates for the salmon?
    The maincourse looks very nice! Too
    bad you girls were stuffed for dessert!

    /REPLY: I didn't used a macro lens c:
    it was just a zoom-up of my regular


  8. Wahaha uhm common food in the Netherlands are (mashed) potatoes whaha real Dutch food is a little bit boring =P how about Canada? but luckily we have all kind of cuisines here =P but at home i will eat Chinese for dinner almost everyday. During the day if I have school, it's always bread, bread and bread -_-'' XD xx

  9. Hey Suki ♪ First of all thanks for the encouragement...I guess I am just one of those people who constantly wonder what other people think of them and I therefore want my blog to be liked by many :D Hope that made sense haha ~
    And yay haha I will deffinetely practice with the bottom lashes and soon you will see more make-up looks with that.
    Yupp, eyeliner and mascara used to be me, too. TBH I still do that quite a lot :D I just love simple looks.

    I love reading your restaurant reviews (actually you're better than those websides haha) and I think that you look "old" too but in a good way ;D Its probably because of the red lipstick.

    And as for the eyebrows~~ If you really want to, you can dye them but you're right, it might look aweful if they grow out xD

    Keki ♥

  10. food looks delicious...I guesss you can ask your hairdresser..my hairdresser often do that to me coz she know im lazy with my brows:)

  11. the food looks amazing!!! i love salmon. that plate looks so appetizing!

  12. looks so yummya dn you are absolutely beautiful! i love your hair too


  13. looks yummii!!! maybe we follow each other !? Let me know :) Greetings www.yuliekendra.com

  14. The flying pig is such a cute name for a restaurant! The cola in the jam jar is sweet indeed but having to wait one hour for a table not so much... I love salmon too :) Oh, @)and I prefer butter over oli and vinegar for my bread as well :p hehe yellowish light is great for my pale skin with imperfections.. :) you look beautiful and the eye brows are perfect in my oponion... why tint them?!

  15. Just seeing the name, I'm sold! Lol the dishes look amazing! I don't know if you've heard of this hair bleach, but ppl use it to bleach their unwanted hair. I use those for my eyebrows and I wait only a few min. or until I get the shade I want. Then I use eyeshadow or eyebrow powder to fill in the gaps when I'm going out :3 But you have to be careful and not get it in your eye.

    nyuu | lolitium.net

  16. Yummm salmon!
    I don't mind the olive oil/vinegar with bread-- but the olive oil and bread have to be really good!

    I would love to try the red lip however still not game enough yet :P

  17. you are so pretty!
    & the place sounds/looks so good...I love salmon too :)

  18. I have heard about this restaurant and I always want to try!!! it's look so good and you look lovely. Have a great December:)

    kisses and hugs:)

  19. Hi Suki!

    The Flying Pig, that sounds like an interesting name for a restaurant, I quite like it ;) I like the idea of menus on clipboards, the idea is pretty lazy but convenient and cool too ;D I love how your coke came in a jam jar too, great idea! Maybe I should start drinking my beverages from a jam jar too :p I don't fancy smoked salmon (sadly D:) but I love how they arranged it, the presentation looks neat and cute! :D The red lip look looks great on you and NOOO; you look young and gorgeous in the picture! ;D

    RE: Thank you for your Congratulations wishes :D I wonder how the graduation ceremony is like in your country. There were 12 graduates including my sister that night by the way :) I shall hope to 'splurge' one day in the future, I shall splurge very cautiously xD I'm such a cheese fan I think I would be missing out if I don't try fondue :P


  20. Just for the name, I would visit this restaurant. I recently visited a restaurant called Rabbit, Carrot, Gun and I knew I would love the place just for its name.

    I like smoked salmon and Japanese raw salmon sashimi and I know I would love the appetizer. Like you, I can't eat too much rich food even if the portion is small.

    The last time I dyed my hair, my friend asked me why didn't I dye my brows too. I didn't know I could do that! Simply ask the hairdresser to plave some dye on your brows too. You have to be very careful not to let it drip into your eyes though.

    Hahaha... You are so funny! Yes, I would have requested to see the photos of the neighbours too if I were to be reading about it. Yes, I believe in supporting tourist trades if they do not harm the environment, harm innocent animals or exploit the locals. The shopping at Phuket isn’t expensive at all. However, there isn’t much to buy at their malls for city dwellers like us. Ah, I know you like matcha too.

  21. Haha what a cool name! I love it when restaurants are quirky, digging the jam jar as glasses trend.

  22. omg that looks so yummy! plus the name is cute xD i followed you ^^

    visit my blog ^^