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Saturday, November 3, 2012
My October iphone photos post! I find these are my most exciting posts for me because I get to take time out and review what I've done for the month, it's a bit relaxing and enjoyable to see all my "adventures" =P Especially with time flying by so fast! Can you believe Christmas is next month?! I've made and am still making some plans for the next two months, there are just so many great events! As for Halloween, I love love love the celebration but didn't do anything this time because it was around the time when I had midterms and I guess I'm boring like that hahahaha (also because it started to become rainy again =( )

A yummy and attractive dish that I had with my family, my mum and I think the black stuff are dried tea leaves, they were delicious! Oh the shrimp too! I eat it with the shell =3 My favorite part is the tail!

A healthy poached egg, salad and grilled panini bread breakfast! The pumpkin pie in the corner was delicious!

A adorable and quaint little house I pass on my way to school, it's just so darn cute!

The dog dragged in his toy off the balcony -.-

Delicious papaya soup! It was so expensive, but we indulged and I'm so glad we did, it was  really yummy and a great way to end the summer =3

Woke up at 6:30 in the morning, turned on the hall way lights and this was the first thing I see. Not creepy at all.

Simsimi is so fun! I only recently discovered it and was obsessed for the first few days. But obviously it can be quite inappropriate at times!

Omg this made me laugh so hard! We also "sang" the song "Part of your world" together and at the end simsimi put *epic wave crash*, it was awesome~

My Megu is adorable again! It recently just evolved into an ugly one though T_T

My school trying to suck my money. They even have Hello Kitty t-shirts! The stuffed Hello Kitty's were only 12$!

The store display at American Apparel, my friend literally jumped when I pointed it out hahaha

Stay away.

Starbucks finally released their Verismo for you coffee addicts out there, if it could make a pumpkin spice latte, I'd buy it in a instant even if it was three times the price!

Dinner at Kinemi's Kitchen with my sister! It's a small hole in the wall sort of place and a husband and wife team runs it. I read the reviews on Yelp and they seemed good so we decided to give it a try!

My sister had the smoked salmon linguini that is on their menu and it was yummy too! We both ate till we were stuffed and still had some leftover to pack home. The pasta was more delicious the next day!

Tiramisu for dessert! I'm not sure if it was homemade but it tasted great! It was light, fluffy and most importantly not too sweet! The sweetest thing was probably the cantaloupe lol

All in all October was a great month! I also want to see Cirque de Soliel this year, it looks amazing though the ticket prices aren't >< If I have one thing to complain about is the weather and I don't mean the rain but more the humidity that comes with it, I now have to put hair spray on when I curl my hair =( I didn't have to in the summer but now my curls are dead in a few hrs if I don't put hair spray on, boo!

I hope everyone had a good October and are looking forward to the holiday season as much as I am!

Till next time~
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  1. Your dog's so cute!

    We used to have a German Shepherd probably 15 years back and she used to freak my mom out like crazy from her 'random appearances'. The worst was during a very stormy night where our dog got scared and hid under my mom's vanity table. She sat down to dry her hair and didn't noticed our dog at all. After like 10mins, she caught something black moving under the table and SHE FREAKED OUT GOOD! Imagine how scary it was during a stormy night and something black started to move under your table. Not a good experience at all. Lol!

    ♡ M.May

  2. haha, the store display is creepy! A funny way to make promotion :)
    *omg* a giant lobster! ^___^ It looks so delicious~
    Maybe I should download the simsimi app too, the jokes are funny xD

  3. Haha~ I couldn't stop laughing at those texts >,< Too cute~
    & I think I need that card for everyday -_- I tend to be a huge ditz most of the time~ *sigh* & you look so pretty in that beret! Great choice <3

    Can't wait for more iphone photos~



  4. Ugh I don't like The Ring :P
    I would have my heart jumped
    for a moment when I see that lol!

    Tehehe what kind of game is this
    'Simsimi'? Looks like a Watsupp
    messaging thing on the phone!

    Ahhh what a cute dog you have! And
    ahh such a cute little house! The
    food again looks great c:

    /Reply: Yep I do edit like 60%
    of the pictures!
    I use Photoshop Cs5 and I still
    using the Olympus Pen c:


  5. i love your monthly photo updates :) it's like a peek into your life! and i obsessively look over each of your food photos hahaha.. the bread w/ the garlic i'm assuming underneath and the giant piece of cheese looks sooo nommy.. and that's a giant lobster.. and you know what's funny.. i found that often when i'm at a restaurant eating specifically pasta and it's just ok.. when i eat the left overs the next day it's always BOMB!!! i think it's like had time to marinate in its own saltiness or something hahaha.

    your doggie is so cute hahahaha his "toy" i like that. OMGGG the hello kitty winter caps are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! SO CUTE!!!

    you're so funny i've never heard anyone describe shoes as "angry" before.. but i oddly enough understand what you mean hahaha.

    and EW. you have the most amaze bags ever... sooo ew to you!! and i actually understand what "yeet hai" means! my husband is canto.. and his mom says that to me a lot hahahah. ANYWAYS.. i'm excitedly counting down the weeks until i visit home so i can get my pumpkin latte & gingerbread latte fill!! ::EXCITED:: and i promise when i'm drinking my pumpkin latte i'll think of you too :p

  6. is it just me or does it feel like we write each other bi-monthly love/hate letters HAHAHA.

  7. wuaaah that's pretty clever strategy your school has! the hello kitty caps are so adorable! The meal in the basket looks really interesting and delicious too and your dog is not creepy at all! in fact I think it's kind of nice to wake up with such a sight ;) I love animals!!

  8. Hello Kitty capsssss <3 *__* Omg, that house was just too pretty, it looked like Snow White and the 7 dwarves one xD Where do you live? America?
    Love these photos updates, I always look forward reading your new posts. ^_^


  9. Cute pics!


  10. I love your iPhone photo posts! :D I'm someone who just enjoys viewing random pictures @@ Hey, I'm curious about something, how do you eat prawns with the shells on? I just can't understand how people eat prawns with the shells on! xD Aren't they crunchy and hard to chew? :p I always have to remove the shells off my prawns hehe :P

    That card is a good idea, I think all couples (or basically anyone) should have one just in case :p
    Omg, your SimSimi conversation cracked me up good xD I like talking to SimSimi when I'm bored but sometimes I get the weirdest and randomest answers xD I should try singing Part of Your World with it too someday and see if it adds the famous *epic wave crash* effect xD
    OMG, Hello Kitty goodies O____O I went insane for a moment, those Hello Kitty beanies, mittens and t-shirts are EXTREMELY CUTE. I need one! Especially that cap/beanie, I have my eyes on that beanie! xD Did you leave school with any Hello Kitty items? I'd give in to temptation and spend all my money on all that I can grab xD

    As usual, your food pictures never fail to make me drool :P


  11. P.S Thanks to you, I now know the app Megu and I'm so excited to play it and try it out. Before reading your post, I didn't know such an adorable app existed! xD

  12. Ooh, so much yummy food! That lobster pasta looks divine - but too bad it was only ok :(
    Hehe, your dog is gorgeous - though that sleeping position is a little odd ^^
    And I want those Hello Kitty hat/beanie things!
    That white beanie looks cute on you - but yeah $35 is a bit much.

  13. I love seeing/doing these random photo posts as well! lol actually I'm just about to make my next post like this..ah I can't believe Christmas is already gonna be here so soon. This year FLEW by :s
    hahaha your dog is so funny. That would scare me too (if my dog was as big as yours!)
    the beret looks so cute on you!! Totally suits you
    your bf is in Toronto right now?? you should've came along!! It would be funny if I pass by him on the street & we don't know each other lol. The dinosaur bones photos in my post were of the ROM/Royal Ontario Museum - they're permanently there :)

    1. oh & you should take a photo of your mom's alcohol bottle collection next time ;]

  14. yesss I tried the Ciate Caviar nails... worst product ever I think... I think if you were to stand and just look pretty and not touch a single thing then it would be great :) otherwise stay away! haha omg that first dish looks so cool where is it at? Btw i love your dog so adorable playing with the broom haha.

    tis the time for... peppermint mochas at Starbucks!

  15. I'm alive. For real this time!
    The lobster pasta looks really good though. I think just shoving the lobster shell is a genius idea haha.

    What is simsimi exactly? I thought you were texting someone those inappropriate things!!!

  16. Lovely blog! I adore it! Follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? Let me know in the comments, I will be more than happy to follow you back!

  17. I loved browsing your blog...esp all the food pictures! Being a huge food fanatic myself I just cant help myself drooling over some of the food piccies :)

    Feel free to stop by someday here: http://suprajen888.blogspot.co.uk/

    Would love to see you there and support each other?

    Jen xoxo

  18. Hey Suki :)) I am writing this comment while I am having a little break from studying hehe. And I also read your entry of course. The lobster pasta looks sooo nice but maybe it wasn't "mind blowing" because it is a very common dish and I believe it tastes more or less the same whereever you eat it? ~haha ;D

    Thank you so much! Yeah studying languages is one of the most enjoyable things in life (at least for me) because I love talking to people hehe :3 Oh you're right, I should probably try to get a newspaper in French to keep up to date & practice some more. Thanks for the advice ♥ (mabye French Vogue is also an option though? haha :D)

    Ahhh you saying that the LV was limited edition nearly made me cry T.T On the other hand, I will from now on keep an eye out for those limited editions. It's a shame I cannot buy this particular bag anymore but as it is LV there will be loads of other nice bags I assume. Also, I think I will soon come very close to buying one because I found a job ♥

    Hope you are fine xxx

    ps: you're one of my favourite people on here because your comments actually make sense and are worth more than those "pretty xoxo" comments if u know what I mean ♪

  19. So much good food! Omg I want that tiramisu

    That conversation is so funny hahaha Love it that it knows the lyrics to Part of Your World

  20. Hi Suki!! omg love that your school has HK stuff, and that "The Ring" decoration is like so scary! I thought the movie was released a long time ago though! Love your photos! Looks so pretty! :)

  21. They're selling berets with pearls at H&M right now for about $13 each. I was thinking of getting one, but it's hard to find a hat that goes with my hair color.

  22. OMG...I cannot look at the food anymore!!!! It look so yummy....all of them, sushi, lobster....!!!!!Ah.....I miss all of these:((....and I really love your post..always so cute and fun:)

    have a nice day dear:)