~ Marulilu Cafe ~

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
I pass this adorable cafe on my way to school a few times a week. It looks so cute from the outside and the reviews of the place wasn't bad so the bf and I decided to try it out. I went for breakfast/brunch, around 11am and the cafe was pretty packed. 

They don't have an official website but here's a link to yelp's review on them: here!

~ Exterior ~
It's situated at the Broadway and Cambie and I believe it's beside Coast Capital and one store away from The Mongolian Grill. The Canada station is right cross from it, the stop is City Hall I think, so it's easy to get to by public transit.

~ royal milk tea latte ~
It was nice, foamy, light and tasty at the same time. I really enjoyed this latte and am excited to try more! 

~ japanese style breakfast ~
 I think it was 6.99 for the basic and you can also have it come with croquette for a little extra. It's light on the stomach so probably a good idea to have for those mornings where you don't want to gulp down heavy oily foods.

~ eggs benny with hash brown ~
I chose the eggs benny with hash browns, the salmon kind. You could choose from bacon, ham or salmon and with either no hash browns, one hash brown or two! 

This was delicious! It was tad too salty for me but still good. The hash brown wasn't too great, it tasted like Mcdonalds hash brown plopped onto the plate.

Over my experience here was very pleasant and I really want to come back soon! They also have an afternoon tea special that starts at 3. They serve mini cakes, mini ice cream and tea or coffee! So excited, can't wait to try it!

Oh and another plus: All day breakfasts!

12 comments on "~ Marulilu Cafe ~"
  1. What a cute cafe!
    The Eggs Benedict looks delicious!
    Post the mini cakes and sweets when you go again!

  2. Such a cute little cafe<3 I adore tiny & cute places >,<
    Maybe because I'm mini too~ Haha~
    & the breakfast looks amazing! I wish I could roll out of bed and have someone serve this type of yummy-ness to me every morning<3
    By the way, you look gorgeous! Totally loving your hair too^.~


  3. Hey Suki! I'm back to read another one of your lovely posts :) I would love to visit the Marulilu Cafe, the food looks delicious! Your bf's breakfast looks very healthy (my kind of food) and yummy at the same time. But I was salivating the most when I saw your eggs benny, I'm a BIG eggs benny fan! I like their simple presentation of the food :) As usual you look really pretty, Suki! :)

    re: thanks for replying my question (both the prawn shells and the name for the shoe featured in my last post)!:) I think they're loafers too :P I think you'll look great and cuteeee in a beanie! You should definitely get one, maybe get your bf a matching one too? I bet you too will look super adorable with matching beanies this Christmas, hee hee! :)


  4. SUKI !!! still remember me ? =P I AM BACKKKK !!! and will blog more often from now on! wahah hope you are doing well! xoxo

  5. This cafe looks cute - actually the name is so cute. Marulilu.
    How come that Japanese breakfast didn't include natto?? Isn't that like a japanese breakfast staple?


    You should've definitely tagged along with your BF to Toronto!! I think there's only one more place I haven't been to for afternoon tea (Ritz Carlton)- in terms of like hotels and stuff. There's probably little cafes in the suburbs that offer them too...

    And lucky you for having the wizard outfit for Duffy, it is adorable. PS have you seen the winter Duffy?? Super cute. Also, I got my hands on the Christmas Duffy - it's smaller than the one they had before.

  6. oo suki, food looks so yummy! i've been loving milk tea like crazy lately, addiction!!!
    i love benedicts, i've only tried cora's haha
    how have you been?

  7. Yumm...everything looks delicious! Milk tea looks amazing, too. Afternoon tea sounds like a great idea :) Beautiful curls btw~!

    nyuu | lolitium.net

  8. Hello (=゚ω゚)ノ hehe I like shops without an official webpage :) You look so sweet and happy in the last pic and the jumper looks so cosy! The food looks delicious indeed! I think I would have chosen your bf's meal... it looks so light a little Japanese with the salmon, tofu and miso soup! But your looks so delicious too! ♥

  9. omg those eggs and hash browns look so good! Ah, I miss all day breakfasts! Used to have them every other weekend when I was still in the UK. We can find them here of course, but it's more expensive and not just your common weekend brunch sort-of food

  10. Milk tea latte?!?! *mind is blown* I don't think I've ever heard of it before. That's really cool that they have wide variety of breakfast, from Japanese to traditional western breakfast. I'm so jelly you have a place like this nearby!

  11. yes! another new place for me to try :) I think my bf and I are like repeating restaurants now... literally. Glad you shared this!
    Have you been to Miku? I'm thinking of going there but the menu..so pricey.. haha

  12. cute cafe!!
    wow I don't know of any cafes here that serve an Asian style breakfast lol. it all looks so good :D