~ trattoria ~

Thursday, November 22, 2012
I tried a new restaurant called Trattoria in the Kitsilano area. From what I know this restaurant is part of the Glowbal chain of restaurants which also includes Coast and Italian Kitchen. I've been to Italian Kitchen but was never blown away by their food so I was a little bit skeptical about this place as it also serves Italian food. I also forgot to bring my camera with me so these are all iphone photos hahaha They also had place mats with interesting fun facts on it like what trattoria means and hand gestures in Italian.

~ Cioppino ~
I believe this is the Cioppino ordered as an appetizer to share and it was amazing! The tomato sauce was creamy and buttery, just delicious! The next time I come here I just want to order two of these to make it into an entree! Yums! 

~ ravioli ~
I had the squashed stuffed ravioli with gorgonzola cream sauce. The pasta wasn't bad and the cream sauce was really creamy, however my stomach tends to get tired/sick of these sauces fast and I had a hard time finishing it because 1.) I was full quickly and 2.) the pasta sauce was so rich-- not a bad thing! 

The waitress also informed me that this dish wasn't too large and was around 5-6 pieces but it is filling. I thought that was very nice and helpful of her, I guess some customers have complained about the size of this dish but personally I thought it was more than enough and most butternut squash ravioli dishes I've had were the same amount as this.

Till next time!
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  1. Mhmmm~ Spaghetti *yum yum yum* It reminds of my lunch yesterday >w<

  2. Yumm yumm


  3. omgosh suki this all looks soooo delicious! I love butternut squash ravioli!

  4. I'm also reluctant to go to Italian places because it has to be outstanding otherwise I could have just stayed home and made it myself for a fraction of the price.

  5. Haha cream sauces always tend to fill you up faster XD
    but that pasta looks so good! I can always use some squash ravioli =9

  6. Hey Suki thanks for the comment on my recent blog post! You can stay over any time lol. Actually as we were decorating the guest room, I was beginning to think, dang this looks better than our master room now! I wanna sleep in it! But obviously our bed is better because its newer otherwise I would sleep in that room. And yes the new Macbook Air we share, but its mostly to replace my old Macbook so I guess its mostly - MINE? Lol he has his desktop iMac too you see AND we have an iPad mini, but we're trying to get rid of it because now that we have the Macbook Air... the iPad mini is kinda... like unnecessary.

    I lurrrrv Italian food - except for pizza! I usually go for the creamy sauces rather than tomato based ones.