~ happy christmas & vandusen garden festival of lights ~

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
H a p p y     C h r i s t m a s 

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far~ I just spent 5 hrs chatting away with one of my closest friends then I'm off to the traditional family dinner. So just before that I wanted to post this up, going to see the garden was pretty much the only festive activity I've done this year lol No complaints though, it was really pretty and lucky for me it snowed just the day before which added to the Christmas feeling. ( I don't get snow in my city much and if it comes it's usually past Christmas)

My mini excuse of a christmas tree but it lights up and is pretty~

The lights at the garden were gorgeous and I believe the admission go to charity as well. If you go wear shoes that you don't mind getting a little muddy though and it's cold so dress warm! Path's are also quite narrow and slippery at times, I nearly sunk into the ground at one point!

The lights looked so pretty among the snow.

Love the tulip looking lights.

They had a lego exhibition in the lobby area and there were lots of characters such as Disney ones and marvel characters. 

I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and a great new year!!! 

~ louis vuitton lumineuse pm ~

Sunday, December 23, 2012
I bought this bag when I was in Paris but never got a chance was a bit lazy to take photos and blog about it till now. It's the Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM (yes I had to google the spelling) I got it in the ivory colour but I had a hard time putting down the red! Sometimes I wish I bought the red one since it looked so nice with the gold detailing but then again everything looks good with gold in my opinion. I really enjoy using this bag but I'm careful if I'm taking it out in the rain. Though the leather won't stain like the untreated ones it will turn hard and crack if exposed to rain, so I usually carry a cloth and wipe off the water as soon as I can. I also use a larger umbrella to avoid getting it wet.

It has shoulder handles as well as a longer strap to wear across your chest. There is a little pocket in the front as well as a little hook for you to hang whatever your hearts desire. Personally I don't use the outer little compartment since there are so many compartments inside the bag.

I love love love the navy stripped interior~ It's so nautical and oh gosh,the pockets!!!! I LOVE POCKETS! I wish the neverfull had more pockets/compartments =( This is pocket heaven or if it came with a middle zipper compartment (like the parda saffiano totes that I'm lusting over right now) I'd faint! The inside is made of sturdy fabric material. Did I mention how much I love the pockets? The bag is quite large and can easily fit my textbooks, it also fits my 13" laptop but it gets a bit snug.

However I find the size a bit misleading, I don't know if it's just me but I can't seem to fit as much stuff as it looks like it can, in fact it gets full quite easily. It's been noted by others that it's a heavy bag, personally I don't think it's too heavy though there is more weight vs. a canvas bag, but I think any bag can get heavy depending on what you're putting inside it. To relieve some of the weight you can always take off the longer strap. Also when you're wearing it the bag can look stressed, like the handles are pulling hard on the body of the bag. There have also been issues of the glazing cracking but I've yet to experience that.

This is another way to wear/shape the bag to give it a more boxy, speedy look. I think it looks adorable but in order to do this you can't have anything too large inside since you need to tuck in the ends and make sure your zippers are in the middle like my photo above. (I love my laudress charm and sometimes wish I bought a backup, I know it sounds crazy ><)

Overall I love this bag. I like how it's so gorgeous but understated. The leather is rich but sturdy. The gold is just gorgeous and I'm sure it will be a lasting staple in my closet =) (also the bf really liked this bag, he sided with it when I was leaning to get the prada tote lols) They also came out with a speedy in this material and it is drop dead gorgeous, I would be all over it if I didn't have a speedy with a strap already!

~ disney on ice 2012 & baby pink 3DS XL~

Saturday, December 15, 2012
(disney ice after this explosion of gaming happiness)
*random * Distraction after finals....

OMFG! Baby pink and white 3DS XL!!!! OMG!

       The other day when the bf and I went Christmas shopping we stopped at the games store. I looked around and didn't see any new colours for the ds. The bf said he'd ask the sales associate but I told him there's no point since I haven't heard news about new colours and besides the model just came out. But the bf persisted and asked the SA anyways and what do you know, they just received some in pink!!! AHHHHH! I'm so so so happy since many of the newer games they make only come out in the 3DS which I don't have. This was my early xmas pressie to myself~

-end game talk lol-

I've been so busy with finals but it was finally over! So glad and can finally get back to blogging properly~ A while ago I went to see Disney on Ice with my sister, the theme this year was princesses, I think it was called Dreams come True. The featured princesses were the newer ones including Tiana and Rapunzel and of course Cinderella. Bah, I wanted to see Ariel, my favorite!

Don't these look like Mickey brains? My sister kept making that remark which made me want to get one.....I think I bought one of these before but I totally lost the cup lol 

Stage! The seats are fairly small and uncomfortable...

I think cotton candy was 10$ or 12$! Insane but then again there are fools like us who bought it haha

I think when Tiana turned into a frog they changed the actor to an Asian girl and a little girl in the crowded noted it and shouted: "but she's not brown she's pink!"

Cinderella makes her appearance, I felt that her step-sisters really put on a great show and were able to portray their characters really well.


There were a few parts where Rapunzel and Flynn were hanging up in the air by this yellow fabric.

The floating lanterns...

At the end they had all the princesses come out onto the stage which I thought was fairly sweet (since I finally got to see Ariel)

Loved Mulan's outfit.

Overall the show was really nice. I felt that they had more "sophisticated" moves this year instead of just skating around the rink. There were more jumping, twists and stunts however I also noticed that they focused mainly their attention to the front of the stage where as last year they would go around the stage and even out the attention. This meant that everyone got a good view but this time only the people sitting front and center were able to get really good views. Most of the time the characters were facing that way but all in all it was a wonderful show and I'm looking forward to next year's Disney on Ice already!

I'll reply to comments soon and I hope everyone is having a great holiday! I still need to get some Christmas shopping done and presents to wrap and cards to write omg lots to do still! 

~ lip products - november 2011 ~

Saturday, December 8, 2012
Looking back on my last few blog posts it makes it seem like all I'm doing is eating hahaha but for some strange strange reason I've been splurging and buying a lot of make up recently too. At least it's a lot for me. I think it was because Sephora kept sending me all those discounts! I still have that 20$ off 50$ offer I haven't used yet......

~ joe fresh lipgloss set ~
This set was only 10$ and with so many nice colours it seemed to be a great way to try out a range of their lipglosses. I did have one before but didn't use it much.

I haven't been able to try out most of their colours but I did try the clear one and really like it, especially over a lipstick. It seems that the clear gloss has a different consistency than the coloured ones. With the clear gloss it wasn't sticky and glided on really easily, it also had a cherry flavor to it. With the coloured glosses they are much more sticky and I don't recall a flavor to them.

From what I recall their full size lip glosses seem to have a brush applicator instead of this doe applicator. I'll have to double check on that though....

Go ahead and check out their website here!

random* I'm wearing my most favorite nude polish here also by Joe Fresh and am hunting down another bottle but can't seem to find any T_T

~ fresh - sugar chapstick ~
The first time I tried this was from their birthday gift this year and I really loved it! I never thought I'd be repurchasing it because it's just so expensive for a chapstick type product which I go through quite fast but I guess the 20% discount got to me because I got the full sized one lol

Overall I really like this product but be warned, it's fairly soft and can break easily. Just go easy with the application and you'll be fine. There is also a heavy lemon candy taste/scent to this product for those who are sensitive to smells (or hate lemon flavored candy).

~ tarte maracuja lipgloss- blissful ~
My first Tarte lipgloss! I was really eager to try this because I heard such good reviews about them.

They have a minty feel when you first apply it and the gloss is more pigmented but the down side for me is the packaging....

It's one of those clicker tube pens type of packaging and the product tends to just squeeze out from the middle and not evenly through the brush. So I have a hard time trying to apply this product because it doesn't distribute evenly throughout the brush! Basically the brush splits into a "V" shape with the gloss oozing out from the middle, I find myself having to dab the gloss on. 

I was planning on grabbing the limited edition christmas set of these Tarte glosses but now I'm double thinking it. I still might get it because it's such a great steal and I probably wouldn't be tempted to buy more of these Tarte lipglosses for a long time.

I've also bought some blushes and other products here and there. I finally finished my current face cleanser + new make up remover and am so so excited to write about those! Especially the make up remover which works miracles!

P.S I find the hardest part of writing "reviews" is to have a photo of me wearing every single product, which didn't even happen once in this post.

PP.S When I write these "reviews" it's really just my two-cents on the products themselves.

PPP.S Can you imagine how chapped your lips would be from all that scrubbing to wear all the different lip glosses to take photos of them? I honestly applaud those ladies who do this!