~ iphone photos - november 2012 ~

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
I finally got this post up! I had trouble uploading photos because I've actually reached my limit and am now paying for extra storage T_T Anyways here are the photos in my phone! I've cut out boring/unrelated photos since more than half the month I was focused on school.

The first coach bag I've been lusting for for a long time, I think it's called the Willis bag and looks perfect! I can't wait for it to come into stores so I can actually try it on.

Also loving this bag too, how much you wanna bet I'll end up getting both of them?

I guess Lancome is trying out a different sample packaging....

Yay! Finally number 12, I was starting to read this on the bus and a page full of nude figures/sex scene popped up -.- 

The samples Sephora gave me when they sent out their emails for their "vib" gift bags. I did purchase something though.

Lusting after this lotion but it's 24$! So expensive for something I'll probably finish in less than a month.

My megu was a cute one!

I tried the bar version of this soap and hated it. It felt like it stripped my skin of everything, it was soooo squeaky clean in a bad way. I also bought a huge pack of the bar soap and feel bad my dad has to finish it up now LOL

One of my dog's ultimate favorite snacks. The sales person also told me it promotes a healthy fur coat and gives your dog essential oils.

Ice balls available at the disney on ice this year. (I'll blog about that later...)

My dog ran under my desk when I attempted to put that princess band on him.

Pumpkin spice latte....

snowman cookie....

pumpkin spice latte....again hahaha

Adorable headphones!

Mentaiko udon and green salad with sesame dressing at Marulilu cafe again!

Obsessed with this chocolate bar and justifying my purchase because it's only available during Christmas! I've spent a small fortune on these, they were 5$/bar!!! UGH! 

Also the highlight at the end of November, I tried bikram yoga!

You know who you are.

That's it for November, December just started and I'm excited/nervous. I have some great activities lined up but also have to study my butt off for finals! I hope everyone is looking forward to the holidays and get your Christmas shopping done early! Also I've been shopping a lot and must must stop soon!!! 
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  1. Nice Pictures ,the Food looks so yumm :) ,love also your cozy Outfit ,cute!
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ,kisses

  2. I love the first bag c: it has a
    pretty unique design I think!
    Ah! I want point system too with
    Starbucks and I want to try the
    Pumpkin spice latte one but we
    don't have that :c
    (The toffee nut latte was good!
    So creamy as well!)
    I don't like when soap leaves a
    squeaky feeling on the skin either..


  3. omg coach! that bag actually looks good! I remember wayyy back Coach was the "thing" and then their bags started to go downhill but that one looks nice! It kinda reminds me of the mulberry bag! (which i want but ... not willing to pay for haha)

    okay you sold me im going to try that cafe soon.

    I've always wanted to "go to the gym" went once and tried those spinning class.. nearly fainted LOL i should perhaps get into shape first haha

    Re your comment:
    I love le crocodile (it's a splurge) but very worth it. It's one of my favorite restaurants!! I would say for 3 course you're looking at around $60-$70 per person, pricey but well worth it!! The dessert is sooo good and looks so pretty as well :)

    I think ill be trying Miku this weekend with the bf for anni. Haha sometimes I wonder how people go to all these crazy expensive restaurant every weekend!!

  4. yay i love your photo updates! omgosh i feel like when posted the PSL you were talking directly to me!! muhahahah!! i'm going home soon woot!!! i'm going to totally OD on PSL's!!!!

    omgosh the same thing happened to me.. my husband wanted a wii SOOO SOOO badly talked about it incessantly for a year.. and i refused to let him get one because i think it's a waste of time.. well i decided to get him one for christmas.. and he never EVER plays it -___- UGHHH!! so irritating.

    anyways i'm sure you will be a super amazeballs wife :) i can tell how sweet and loving you are through your blog posts!! :)

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO similar.. i get TOTALLY freaked out in mall and even restaurant bathrooms.. AND omgosh i FREAKIN' HATEEEEE hospital bathrooms.. and it doesn't help that my mom always has to talk in chinese about how things are always 'flying' around in hospitals.. UGHHH makes me SHUDDER.. it freaks me out so bad.. in germany it's awful because all of their restaurant bathrooms are in the basement. ALL OF THEM. like restaurants.. cafe's EVERYTHING.. and it's always down some long dark corridor and then there's the bathroom FML everytime i'm going to the bathroom here i run downstairs pee and run back upstairs.. and i try to bang as many doors and make as much sound as possible because i dunno what the does HAHAHAH because now that i think about it doesn't do anything but it makes me feel slightly better hahahahahaha.

  5. suuuuki dear!!!

    omg i reached my limit for pictures too, thats why i haven't been posting in so long since i got back, but don't pay for their plan silly girl! use photobucket!!! cancel! go go!

    That's a really nice coach bag. I'm really liking their plain and solid colored bags. I used to like their logo bags, i can tell now that my mind has aged lol.

    What's number 12 about? That's a funnyname for a book

    Ohhh starbucks holiday specials=) i tried the eggnog one with soy, it was really bitter. The pumpkin one is really good =) Ohhh how is yoga? I've gained weight during vacation, i'm thinking of doing yoga

  6. Heyyy... I didn't know they placed a limit on the amount of photos you're allowed to upload onto blogger! I love your taste in those bags though... definitely something I'd also go for as I'm really into the satchel style at the moment! They both look gorgeous so I wouldn't be surprised if you got both of them!

    Awwh, I wish we had pumpkin spice latte here in U.K it sounds so nice! We always have the same Gingerbread latte, eggnog latte and praline mocha every Xmas. Although I do love the gingerbread latte hehe.

    Also thanks for asking about the renovations... our kitchen is almost done now... its taken so fricking long... the cabinets and floors were all in about a month ago and we had to wait to find a good tiler & plasterer to do the walls so we'd been rocking a 'bare, exposed' wall look lol. I'll be blogging and uploading the before and after pics in another week or two when its FINALLY done.

    Also, I had boy hamsters in the past as well and both of them managed to jail break and just disappeared without a trace! I don't know how they managed to get out the house because we never managed to find them =(
    And yes I would love to get a pet cat but don't think I'll have the time and effort to look after it! I'll be worried about letting it out in case it never comes back or gets run over or CATNAPPED (you never know). Although I had been thinking about getting some Chinchillas because they're like a cross between a giant hamster, rabbit and squirrel? LOL

  7. ugh i hate it when i find something i like but its too expensive :(
    maybe you'll find a cheaper lotion somewhere else. or maybe a christmas gift :)


  8. Are those anchovies? If so, it's good for us, too. You can make soup with it :D

    Those ice balls are mad cute. Ahhh so much Xmas cheer! :D

  9. Hey sweety ♪ Aww thanks, I guess everybody has these photos that they don't like too much though haha. You're absolutely right about the value-thing hehe and its such a shame that you don't have muji! But you have many other nice shops that we don't get in Europe T.T
    Wow Sephora gave you sooo many samples. Nice ♥ And I like your cozy outfit, I have socks similar to these. How was yoga? I remember doing it when I was 17 but I only went to a few lessons haha xD No clue why, but I guess I didnt like it.

    Ahh and thanks for solving my macarOon mistery xD I also like the ones with one o better!

  10. lol i eat that fish you give to your dog too xD

    visit my blog ^^

  11. I love that coach bag. It's so cute!

  12. Ah that's Coach??! I love it! It's not what I would usually expect.

    I really want to go to Starbucks now :X

  13. Happy December Suki! :)

    I tried out the app Megu and I was a bit puzzled as to how to function or play this app thingy. My Megu pet was UGLAY, which I was disappointed because at first I thought you could customize and create however you want your pet to look like xD I sucked at raising my megu 'pet' too :P Oh why didn't my Megu pet look as cute as yours? xP
    Haha, I cracked up when I read the part where your Dad has to finish the big bar of bad squeaky clean soap xD I like to push anything that doesn't work out for me to my dad too, which is very bad of me but he doesn't complain so...haha xD OMG, I sound so mean xD (sorry dad, I love you xD)
    Your comfy/cosy outfit is so pretty and cute :D I recently got long comfy Hello Kitty socks from H&M too, can't wait to wear those out! :)
    I got my eyes on those Mickey iceballs, why don't they sell it in Disneyland? D:

    RE: Disneyland was filled with Christmas decorations, yes! IT WAS SO PRETTY THERE! :D Best place to celebrate Christmas in my opinion :) I completely didn't know Ariel was supposed to have blonde hair!!! Yay, I learned a new fact thanks to you! Thanks for letting me know :D But yeah, she looks so much prettier in red hair. Its a good thing they made her hair red because I like her because of her red hair and green tail (come to think of it, she has all the Christmas colors in her xD Minus the purple shell bra thing xD). Without her red hair, Ariel wouldn't be Ariel, like you said it's her signature thing :D

    I hope you and your boyfriend and family have a wonderful month and Christmas! Can't wait to read your next blogpost about the Disney on Ice!


  14. ouwww, the snowman is so cute!
    I love random posts ^^ Can't wait to see your December iphone photos :D

  15. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)


  16. Hi!
    I haven't had the chance to read the blog post yet (super busy lately) but just wanted to know if you could send me your address! I'd like to send you a Holiday card this season.

    anndrea [ @ ] gmail.com

  17. Love / want / need that bag!!!

  18. hey Suki!! ah I'm so behind on your blog..
    hahah love the mini Crystal Head!! I tried looking for it at the LCBO here but every location I've been said they're sold out..
    nice photos - I love these random photo posts!
    those ice balls are too cute :D
    & your bf is so lucky he's in Vietnam..weather seems nice and hot there!