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Saturday, December 8, 2012
Looking back on my last few blog posts it makes it seem like all I'm doing is eating hahaha but for some strange strange reason I've been splurging and buying a lot of make up recently too. At least it's a lot for me. I think it was because Sephora kept sending me all those discounts! I still have that 20$ off 50$ offer I haven't used yet......

~ joe fresh lipgloss set ~
This set was only 10$ and with so many nice colours it seemed to be a great way to try out a range of their lipglosses. I did have one before but didn't use it much.

I haven't been able to try out most of their colours but I did try the clear one and really like it, especially over a lipstick. It seems that the clear gloss has a different consistency than the coloured ones. With the clear gloss it wasn't sticky and glided on really easily, it also had a cherry flavor to it. With the coloured glosses they are much more sticky and I don't recall a flavor to them.

From what I recall their full size lip glosses seem to have a brush applicator instead of this doe applicator. I'll have to double check on that though....

Go ahead and check out their website here!

random* I'm wearing my most favorite nude polish here also by Joe Fresh and am hunting down another bottle but can't seem to find any T_T

~ fresh - sugar chapstick ~
The first time I tried this was from their birthday gift this year and I really loved it! I never thought I'd be repurchasing it because it's just so expensive for a chapstick type product which I go through quite fast but I guess the 20% discount got to me because I got the full sized one lol

Overall I really like this product but be warned, it's fairly soft and can break easily. Just go easy with the application and you'll be fine. There is also a heavy lemon candy taste/scent to this product for those who are sensitive to smells (or hate lemon flavored candy).

~ tarte maracuja lipgloss- blissful ~
My first Tarte lipgloss! I was really eager to try this because I heard such good reviews about them.

They have a minty feel when you first apply it and the gloss is more pigmented but the down side for me is the packaging....

It's one of those clicker tube pens type of packaging and the product tends to just squeeze out from the middle and not evenly through the brush. So I have a hard time trying to apply this product because it doesn't distribute evenly throughout the brush! Basically the brush splits into a "V" shape with the gloss oozing out from the middle, I find myself having to dab the gloss on. 

I was planning on grabbing the limited edition christmas set of these Tarte glosses but now I'm double thinking it. I still might get it because it's such a great steal and I probably wouldn't be tempted to buy more of these Tarte lipglosses for a long time.

I've also bought some blushes and other products here and there. I finally finished my current face cleanser + new make up remover and am so so excited to write about those! Especially the make up remover which works miracles!

P.S I find the hardest part of writing "reviews" is to have a photo of me wearing every single product, which didn't even happen once in this post.

PP.S When I write these "reviews" it's really just my two-cents on the products themselves.

PPP.S Can you imagine how chapped your lips would be from all that scrubbing to wear all the different lip glosses to take photos of them? I honestly applaud those ladies who do this!
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  1. You can always post the makeup you are wearing with OOTD/FOTD posts :) I loved the sephora coupon....finally got Nars Orgasm blush hehe

  2. Nothing wrong with eating! :D I love eating! I haven't been spending on any makeup lately…I think I'm doing really well keeping my makeup to a minimal :) I actually gave my Sephora discount away haha I'm not a huge fan of lip glosses, but I like sometimes I like to wear pinky tones :)

    I really like the nude polish here. It's probably the best looking nude color I've ever seen! I must check this brand out XD


  3. Wahahha love your last sentence! too funny =P totally agree! cute lipglosses! and wow you have great eyes that u can see my last post was in the IKEA! i have also finals & deadlines this month! good luck with yours =D xx

  4. great haul and deal! looking forward for your other make up review!

  5. The 'Joe' lipgloss line are so cute!
    What a huge range of colors c;
    I am a huge fan of chapstick, I would
    love to try out that Fresh Sugarstick
    with lemon c:


  6. I love the Joe Fresh set! It looks pretty and is priced perfectly as a stocking stuffer. Excited to try it out.

  7. Oooh, the Joe lipgloss set packaging is really cute! I hardly wear lip gloss anymore, just stick to lip balm because of pure laziness. That sugar one sounds interesting!

  8. JOE has really stepped it up ever since they started appearing in Superstore. I find myself looking at their products more and more.

    I use to use lip glosses so much, until my hair got this long. ;__; Calgary is so windy, all of my hair just sticks to my lips! So annoying...

    Good luck on exams. As you can tell, I'm in the middle of fighting procrastination right now, haha.

  9. Hey Suki ♥ Aww these lipglosses look gorgeous and I think you picked a nice set. All colours look wearable in my opinion. I only have very few, I think the one I use most is from Clinique because theirs are sort of moisturizing (they are called superbalm ;) at the same time ♥ Highly recommend it.
    Ohh since you bought blushes, which ones? If I may ask hehe I am so curious.

    Because I bought a blush/contour kit today and I am excited to use it and see what blush other people use ♪


  10. i heard that sugar chapstick is really good! i think there are other flavors too. maybe not. maybe i'm thinking of something else lol but i can't bring myself to spending that much on chap stick either! only if theres a discount :)


  11. I'm definitely a huge fan of chapstick but not lipgloss. I just can't get over how sticky it is. However, I never learn about I keep buying lipgloss because they're so pretty but end up never using them. Q.Q

    BTW, have you received my email requesting your address? If not, can you send me an email back (taskii7 at yahoo)?

  12. ooo i got that birthday gift from sephora today, haven't tried it yet. i have such dry lips in the winter, hope it works

  13. I wish we had a Sephora here! When I went to NYC I was amazed on how cheap make up is in the US compared to AUS and you guys have awesome deals!

    I bought my sister the Tarte lippy set :o)

  14. ahh I can't wait till I pick up my Sephora gift this month! I loved the original lemon one but I always wanted to try the rose one as well haha!

    How are the joe fresh lip glosses? I like the color variety!
    ... and
    I tried the marilulu? cafe place and its goood! The matcha latte too!! thanks for posting about it!!

    and went to minami over the weekend..... and..it was expensive.... lol... i think to be completely full.. you need to spend at least $200... for a couple :|...worth a try though! U can drag ur bf to go on a special day or go with girls haha I don't think guys will get full from that place! haha

  15. (Thanks for sending me an email! That is so sweet about sending me a Christmas card c: I've tried to reply your email but for some reason your email address does not seems to exist.. I'll try to send with another email) xx

  16. these are beautiful suki! The Tart lip gloss is so adorable! love the design :) So excited to see your blushes as well! It's been ages since I last bought myself a blush..

  17. Hi Suki!

    The Joe Fresh lipgloss set seems so cheap and worth it for so many lip glosses! I'm a girl who just dislikes the sticky icky feeling of lipglosses thats why I don't wear them often but I always like lip glosses that feel smooth and glides on well. I've seen quite a number of YouTube Makeup gurus rave about the sugar chapstick. I went to Sephora a couple of days ago and saw that they were selling these chapsticks, I was so tempted to buy and try one out but it was just too pricey for me :/ I'll just stick to my EOS Chapball :P I like the packaging of the tarte lip gloss although I'm not a fan of blush applicator, I have a tendency of squeezing out too much product, yuck! But the color looks really pretty <3 Oh! Have you tried out Tarte's blushes. A lot of makeup gurus seem to like them a lot.

    I know what you mean about the pictures of you having to wear the product when you write a review. I recently tried out writing a review of a couple of lip tints. I took a shot of myself wearing the product but it just didn't turn out nice, made my lips look weird :P I salute and applause the beauty bloggers out there who are able to take pretty pictures of themselves wearing the product and posting them for the readers :P


  18. where do you get all the discount offers from Sephora?? lol
    I've used the Sugar chapstick before..I actually love the scent!

  19. love all the colours.

  20. Wow! I want all of those colors. I am loving your gorgeous blog.

    Stop by my blog sometime:


    <3 Paris