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Sunday, December 23, 2012
I bought this bag when I was in Paris but never got a chance was a bit lazy to take photos and blog about it till now. It's the Louis Vuitton Lumineuse PM (yes I had to google the spelling) I got it in the ivory colour but I had a hard time putting down the red! Sometimes I wish I bought the red one since it looked so nice with the gold detailing but then again everything looks good with gold in my opinion. I really enjoy using this bag but I'm careful if I'm taking it out in the rain. Though the leather won't stain like the untreated ones it will turn hard and crack if exposed to rain, so I usually carry a cloth and wipe off the water as soon as I can. I also use a larger umbrella to avoid getting it wet.

It has shoulder handles as well as a longer strap to wear across your chest. There is a little pocket in the front as well as a little hook for you to hang whatever your hearts desire. Personally I don't use the outer little compartment since there are so many compartments inside the bag.

I love love love the navy stripped interior~ It's so nautical and oh gosh,the pockets!!!! I LOVE POCKETS! I wish the neverfull had more pockets/compartments =( This is pocket heaven or if it came with a middle zipper compartment (like the parda saffiano totes that I'm lusting over right now) I'd faint! The inside is made of sturdy fabric material. Did I mention how much I love the pockets? The bag is quite large and can easily fit my textbooks, it also fits my 13" laptop but it gets a bit snug.

However I find the size a bit misleading, I don't know if it's just me but I can't seem to fit as much stuff as it looks like it can, in fact it gets full quite easily. It's been noted by others that it's a heavy bag, personally I don't think it's too heavy though there is more weight vs. a canvas bag, but I think any bag can get heavy depending on what you're putting inside it. To relieve some of the weight you can always take off the longer strap. Also when you're wearing it the bag can look stressed, like the handles are pulling hard on the body of the bag. There have also been issues of the glazing cracking but I've yet to experience that.

This is another way to wear/shape the bag to give it a more boxy, speedy look. I think it looks adorable but in order to do this you can't have anything too large inside since you need to tuck in the ends and make sure your zippers are in the middle like my photo above. (I love my laudress charm and sometimes wish I bought a backup, I know it sounds crazy ><)

Overall I love this bag. I like how it's so gorgeous but understated. The leather is rich but sturdy. The gold is just gorgeous and I'm sure it will be a lasting staple in my closet =) (also the bf really liked this bag, he sided with it when I was leaning to get the prada tote lols) They also came out with a speedy in this material and it is drop dead gorgeous, I would be all over it if I didn't have a speedy with a strap already!
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  1. omg it's gorgeous!!! I really love the colour! love the lining and Laduree charm too..so cute. & it's always special buying LV straight from Paris :D

  2. the bag is so cute!! i love the lining on the inside too! adorable!

  3. This bag is hot<3 I'm totally drooling over it! Lucky<3


  4. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! The color + the gold hardware is just perfect. Love love love.

  5. OMG I love this! I love how it's so different and unique than the usual LVs. Gorgeous.

  6. i love the design!!! such a gorgeous bag!
    so glad you received the christmas card. I still have nothing planned for that day haha.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmygod LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    i was about to say.. i couldn't believe you went all the way to paris and didn't bring some LV back muhahaha!

    this bag is gorgeous and i love that you went with the ivory.. i think that was the best choice! the ivory just seems like you! you're always in pretty creams, whites, blush pinks.. very japanese doll-ish and i think the ivory matches a lot better :)

    btw - i've been in the US for 5 days and have already have 3 PSL's muhahaha! a

  8. Lovely bag~ I love white ♥ It also should be one of the trend colours of 2013.

    Pastry Chef, I would love to become one ^^ bake impressive sweets and make other people happy ♥ *dream*

    Have a nice christmas time, Suki. Hope Santa brings you many presents and surprises ★

  9. you are very good at shopping! i love this bag XD

  10. lovely bag!
    i love how your bag is not "typical LV", if you know what i mean. it's not over the top or showy. it can be accessorised casually and in a dressy way-- it's very chic!

    to answer your q: i'm not a big make up person, but i did buy make up in NY. :o) most of my purchases were make up- just too cheap and so easily obtainable! i think if i wasn't so strict on myself- i would've bought so much more! my little sister likes the tarte lippy set alot- she likes the original colours/finishes more

  11. wow the back is amazing, totaly beautiful and elegant <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  12. Gorgeous bag Suki! I love how its different from all the 100000s of other LV bags that other people are carrying :)! Great choice!

  13. such a pretty bag!! :) do they sell this one in Vancouver? :D

    Btw Merry Christmas!!! <3

  14. Do I see macaroons attached
    to your bag? So cute!
    I would probably bought the
    red version of this bag :P
    I've been looking for a red
    bag for awhile...

    Anyway, Happy Holidays Suki!!

  15. This is so pretty! I love the color of it <3 Great review! Merry Christmas!!!

    High-Stitched Voice

  16. OMG, I love your bag, it's so beautiful *___* Hope you're spending wonderful holidays :) Happy New Year in advance ^.^



  17. The charm is what makes the bag!! (in my opinion)
    Where can I get it?