~ disney on ice 2012 & baby pink 3DS XL~

Saturday, December 15, 2012
(disney ice after this explosion of gaming happiness)
*random * Distraction after finals....

OMFG! Baby pink and white 3DS XL!!!! OMG!

       The other day when the bf and I went Christmas shopping we stopped at the games store. I looked around and didn't see any new colours for the ds. The bf said he'd ask the sales associate but I told him there's no point since I haven't heard news about new colours and besides the model just came out. But the bf persisted and asked the SA anyways and what do you know, they just received some in pink!!! AHHHHH! I'm so so so happy since many of the newer games they make only come out in the 3DS which I don't have. This was my early xmas pressie to myself~

-end game talk lol-

I've been so busy with finals but it was finally over! So glad and can finally get back to blogging properly~ A while ago I went to see Disney on Ice with my sister, the theme this year was princesses, I think it was called Dreams come True. The featured princesses were the newer ones including Tiana and Rapunzel and of course Cinderella. Bah, I wanted to see Ariel, my favorite!

Don't these look like Mickey brains? My sister kept making that remark which made me want to get one.....I think I bought one of these before but I totally lost the cup lol 

Stage! The seats are fairly small and uncomfortable...

I think cotton candy was 10$ or 12$! Insane but then again there are fools like us who bought it haha

I think when Tiana turned into a frog they changed the actor to an Asian girl and a little girl in the crowded noted it and shouted: "but she's not brown she's pink!"

Cinderella makes her appearance, I felt that her step-sisters really put on a great show and were able to portray their characters really well.


There were a few parts where Rapunzel and Flynn were hanging up in the air by this yellow fabric.

The floating lanterns...

At the end they had all the princesses come out onto the stage which I thought was fairly sweet (since I finally got to see Ariel)

Loved Mulan's outfit.

Overall the show was really nice. I felt that they had more "sophisticated" moves this year instead of just skating around the rink. There were more jumping, twists and stunts however I also noticed that they focused mainly their attention to the front of the stage where as last year they would go around the stage and even out the attention. This meant that everyone got a good view but this time only the people sitting front and center were able to get really good views. Most of the time the characters were facing that way but all in all it was a wonderful show and I'm looking forward to next year's Disney on Ice already!

I'll reply to comments soon and I hope everyone is having a great holiday! I still need to get some Christmas shopping done and presents to wrap and cards to write omg lots to do still!