~ glenburn soda fountain and confectionery ~

Monday, December 30, 2013
For the past few years, my neighborhood has really been growing. Older buildings are being torn down for newer ones, shops I've walked by countless times have closed to make way for the new low rises. My friend and I were taking a walk one day to eat at some of the new eateries. I've passed by Glenburn a few times but never got to stop in. I wish I had done so much earlier because the place is amazing, a blast from the past, the 50's to be exact.

The space is small but the retro theme they have going is awesome! If you're planning to go on the weekends, avoid the afternoons because that's when it got really busy! They only have a few seats and half the customers there had to eat their treats either standing up or on a small bench. I do appreciate their late hours, most nights they close at 9.

The menu was on these chalkboards, a clever idea because it's easy to add or change items on their menu. The prices are reasonable and they even have gluten free options. I also noticed they used organic milk in their shakes.

On the left: Candy cane ice cream sundae with hot fudge drizzle (and no peanuts), whipped cream and maraschino cheery.

This was my sundae and it was delicious! It was definitely my sweet treat for the week! Usually I only like to eat one scoop of plain ice cream so this was a nice change.

On the right: A peanut butter ice cream sundae with hot caramel drizzle, whip cream, nuts and a maraschino cherry.

This was my friends sundae and she really really enjoyed it! In fact she's been bugging me to come back.

The retro counter is candy for the eye. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into the decor and everything was spotless as well! My friend and I had loads of fun sitting by the counter watching them make all the sweets.

They also sell organic syrups, candies and other goodies.

Again the place is fairly small so try coming on weekdays at odd hours to be able to really enjoy the atmosphere. 

I really enjoyed my sundae and though I don't often crave ice cream I am more than excited to bring friends here to enjoy all the amazing ambiance.

~ christmas afternoon tea at the fairmont 2013 ~

Wednesday, December 25, 2013
 Merry Christmas!

My friend was able to accompany me to afternoon tea on Christmas day! I felt so lucky since I was able to enjoy afternoon tea and Christmas together! Three hours passed by quick and we headed home to attend our annual Christmas family dinner. The only place I know of that is open for afternoon tea is Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, though I wasn't expecting the "special" menu, meaning the afternoon tea service that day was 50$ instead of the usual 35$.

We started off with (what I remember) a panna cotta, it had cinnamon inside and was topped with poached pears, it tasted very festive. I liked it!

Next was a spinach quiche and sausage roll, I enjoyed both and appreciated that they were served warm.

 ~ our tier ~

 ~ savories ~
Everything on this plate was good, not mind blowing super memorable good but I enjoyed all the sandwiches. 

My friend enjoyed the scones very much. The further ones were regular scones and the closer ones were gingerbread. Both were yummy and are softer in texture than other scones I've had, more similar to a sponge cake. The devonshire cream was divine.

~ sweets ~
The chocolate layered cake was really rich, I enjoyed it but the candy cane shortbread was much too dry and tasteless for my liking. The tart wasn't bad and the macaroons were yummy. I always find the sweets to be a bit disappointing here, I think their strengths are their sandwiches.

All in all the afternoon tea was lovely, especially since I believe it is the company that makes it quality. I don't think it was worth the 50$ price tag though so I would take that into consideration before coming here again next year.

I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas, the new year is just around the corner too!

~ christmas in vancouver 2013 ~

Saturday, December 21, 2013
A friend and I decided to check out the Vancouver Christmas Market we have downtown at the Queen Elizabeth Theater. The entrance fee was 3$/person before 4pm and I believe 6$ afterwards. The market is fairly small, I think we were done after 30mins there. (It also started to rain a little) Afterwards we wandered around downtown  and we even checked out the Gingerbread displays at The Hyatt.

Soirette had a pop-up store at Holt Renfrew.

~ Gingerbread Lane at The Hyatt ~
The entire lobby smelled of gingerbread, it was so nice.

Most were submissions from schools though some were in the professional category.

I thought these snowmen were kinda creepy but they're growing on me now.


This is probably the most "Christmassy" thing I've done all December! From tomorrow till Christmas day I'll be working so I was glad I got to spend a day doing all the Christmas related activities before then. I hope everyone has had a good week!

~ afternoon tea - patisserie fur elise ~

Thursday, December 19, 2013
I have been putting off going to Patisserie Fur Elise for far too long! I got the chance to try it on a nice (dry)  but cold day last week. The tea house is located in an easy to reach part of town, fairly close to the Vancouver Public Library and just across the Cambie bridge. I made our reservations using their online system and it worked fairly well, I received a confirmation email the next morning. Afternoon tea is 30$ per person and reservations are highly recommended as I had a reservation on a Wednesday at their opening time (1pm) and the place was packed.

The tea house was located within a heritage house which really added to the charm.

The large light box was helpful in locating their tea house and all the waitress wore that adorable apron dress you see through that window!

When I went in there was no one by the counter on the right so I just helped myself up the stairs where the tea rooms are.

I was promptly seated in a room with four other tables, given menus and I waited for my friend. The tea came in cute teapots and we had different tea cups too. 

Right about now I should probably note that it will probably take you two full hours to finish tea here as the service is a bit on the slow side, it seemed at the time there were only two girls running the whole place.

My friends pretty mango tea! I had the Latte Macchiato tea myself, it wasn't bad but just tasted like a caramel black tea to me.

 ~ our tiers ~

~ savories ~
The sandwiches and quiche were of the standard variety (doesn't mean they were bad). The prosciutto and brie croissant was the biggest disappointment for me. The prosciutto was too salty, I could hardly taste the brie and the croissant itself was toasted far too much, it was hard and too crunchy to enjoy. The scone was tasteless so I had to smother it with jam. I enjoyed all the other sandwiches though.

~ sweets ~
I liked everything here besides the German Christmas bread. The coffee macaron was good, sweet enough to even out the bitter coffee taste. The pecan tart was nice and I enjoyed the tiramisu and strawberry mousse cakes. (Although I do think that the tiramisu tasted more like a light cheesecake)

They have a bakery counter downstairs where some goodies are for sale.

The stand had some jewelry and knick knacks (that I presume) were for sale.

Overall my experience at  Patisserie Fur Elise was quite positive, the waitresses were all very sweet and the ambiance was perfect, that is if you're looking for the ultimate girly princessy tea room. The food was not the greatest but I've also had worse.